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Create a WordPress Website for freeyougetthemoney-wp


Creating a WordPress website is becoming more and more popular. It is not so strange when you understand that, these days, you can make money from your own online business using a WordPress website. To promote your online business, showcase, your art, setup an online shop or test out new ideas is not so difficult. You can use the best SiteRubix website builders to create your very first online business, for free. You can create your own website, store or blog using a simple method. No HTML or coding skills are needed. WordPress has a simple-to-use editor and many off-the-peg “Themes” already built in. You can customise the Themes once loaded into your website.


2 Free WordPress Websites


Creating a WordPress website takes only a few steps. The SiteRubix site builder is very easy to use and you can try it for free. They also provide web hosting, spam protection free and 24/7 support services. 2 free WordPress websites are available to you when you join as a starter member. A free SiteRubix website builder is suitable for small businesses or startups. With it you can create and build up your own successful online business. The SiteRubix also has professionally designed free WordPress website themes and templates for you to choose from. The Templates vary the shape and layout of the “modules” in WordPress to give you a flexibility of choices. It is like buying clothes “off the rack,” with a wide choice of styles and colours available.

Even large companies like Bacardi utilise WordPress now. Whenever you see a website that impresses you, look down the bottom and see if it is “Powered by WordPress.”


How to Install a WordPress Template


WordPress has become the FIRST choice website building platform for many people. This is because of its versatility and ease of use. With WordPress you can have a nice looking site up and running in minutes, without a graphic designer or a web master. You not need to know HTML code, you just need to follow the SiteRubix simple instructions, choose your favorite theme and CLICK it to install the theme, job done. It is a simple and easy method that anyone can do. WordPress was initially a blogging platform, but has a lot of free themes and plugins for you to choose from. These themes and plugins can be used for many types of business or web sites. It is highly adaptable and very stable.


Create Your Website in 30 Seconds


Creating your website using SiteRubix is so simple and easy that it will only take you 30 seconds to set it up. Maybe you do not have any intention to build an online business? You can also build your own personal website to stay in contact with your family, friends etc. Perhaps you would like a hobby website or you would like to share some information about your interests, collections or specialties you would like to share with other people.


Small business online training course


Fortunately, the SiteRubix website builder is part of the Wealthy Affiliate small business online training course platform. When you join as a starter member of WA, they offer you 10 free lessons to enable you to get started. Can 10 lessons seriously get you rolling? It certainly can. You will learn from interesting DVDs about:

  • How to used keyword tool?
  • How to choose your domain name?
  • How to create your website?
  • How to set-up the pages and posts?
  • Etc.


Free Training


These free training lessons will open your eyes to understanding how the online business model works. There is some study time needed but nothing can be gained without effort, can it? If you are not sure you have squeezed every last drop of knowledge from the lessons, watch them again. Take notes as you watch and see how much knowledge you gather in a short space of time.

There is a wealth of support and an amazing community of like-minded people who will support you and answer those questions you might find a little difficult. Remember that all those successful people helping you have learnt in exactly the same way as you are doing now.

You can save years of hard work learning from people who have done it, understand it and mastered the techniques necessary to make money online through business.

One thing I would like to mention: You will NOT be asked for a card or any form of financial membership etc. There will be no automatic charging of any kind unless you decide to become a full paid up member and enjoy the benefits of even more lessons and further facilities. No card, no charge, unless YOU decide you want to go further.

This has got to be the best offer of its kind anywhere on the net.

Here are the free lessons they will give you to study below:








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