Cute things to say to your boyfriend

Cute things to say to your boyfriend


1. Money Can’t Buy Me


There is no job in the world that could pay the price that happiness costs. There are no houses, boats or planes I could buy, or islands to retire to, that can begin to compare with the happiness I feel with you. No gift can replace the gift of love and friendship. No money can buy what I feel for you.


2. I am grateful


I wake up in the morning and smile and say “Thank-You.” I drift off slowly to sleep, chuckling and saying “Thank-You.” I turn over the page in my book and whisper “Thank-You.” I see the trees rustle in the wind and hear the birds chattering to each other and my thoughts are  saying “Thank-You.” I pick up the phone and call you up, and say “Thank-You for being you and for being with me.”


3. You are my inspiration


Life often throws curved balls and everything seems to be piling up and pushing against me. My mind gets stuck in a rut and I cannot move on and sometimes I need that little acorn of hope that turns the grey into purple, the black into rainbows. There is always a way and you are my inspiration and my light in the darkness.


4. I love you the way you


It is a cliché, but please do not change. In a field of flowers there are weeds. On the road to heaven there are potholes. In the smoothest of skin there are wrinkles. We need the imperfections to show us how good things are. If it never rained, would we enjoy the sunshine? I know you are not perfect, but you are perfect for me. I do not want you to be me. I want you to be you, because that is who I love; you.


5. Let’s make some wonderful memories


The present is made of the memories of the past. We are, now, creating our memories for the future. If we have some special experiences now, that is what we will have to remember in the future. Let’s make some exciting, some peaceful, some gentle and some passionate memories to take us through into the future we will share together. Remember, once we have made those memories, no-one can take them away.


6. How can I make you happier


You may not know it, but you make me happy. I feel kind of guilty about that and want to share all of that happiness with you. I would like you to feel the absolute joy I feel. Share with me, tell me now, how can I make you happy so that we can share that warmth and fun between us. I love to see you smile, so tell me and I will do my best. I want to give you what you give me.


7. Thinking of you makes me hum


Being with you gives me the buzz.

There are things in life which light my fires, things that inspire me to do more, to be better and to take on challenges. You do that to me. It is like someone throws the switch and I hum all over. I get a desire, for life and living, that only changes when I meet you. Then my system goes into overdrive and I rock. How do you do that? Then do it some more.


8. Without you my life is a shadow of the bright lights I see when you are there


We all need to know where we are going and be aware of what we are doing each and every day. Though often we pass through our humdrum lives like ghosts, leaving little evidence we were there and ending the days with little inspiration and sense of well-being. My life is like that and only changes when I am with you. Then the spotlights flash on us and the greys disappear. Flashes of excitement and fun and passion fill my senses. I can see a purpose; I know where I am going and why I am here. You do that to me.


9. When you hold my hand there is music in the


When you kiss me there is a carnival all around us.

Do you know why I smile when we meet and laugh when we kiss? It is the music you bring around you. Is it just me who can hear the drums and pipes and see the dancing costumed people? The fun and happiness, the joy and excitement, the dancing and whirling, are all here. In Rio there are carnivals: here I have you.


10. I sometimes wonder who I was before I met you


It is almost like I woke from a long sleep when I met you. I wonder; what was I doing? Where was I going? What was I thinking? What did I want? Who was I. Being with you has changed me in so many ways that I am not sure who I was before. I do not recognise that person. Now I know who I am and what my life is about. It’s you.


11. When I leave there is always a part of me I leave behind


And I take a part of you with me, when I go. I feel complete when we are together and not lonely when we are apart because I know it is only temporary and we will soon be together again. There is a part of you I cherish and adore and I feel that you are the same when I am not there. There is that part of me, with you, caring and loving you. The feeling of completeness when we are together is wonderful.


12. Imagine your favourite meal with your favourite drink in your favourite place, every day


Meeting you is like that every time for me. The anticipation of meeting up with you is like going to my favourite place; no matter where we meet.

Whatever we do is like doing the best thing in the world at that time. When we talk it is like the best therapy in the world and the best conversation I could wish for. When we eat it is like the tastiest meal served by the smartest waiter in the most exclusive restaurant in the world. You do this for me.


13. Your smile warms me and your laughter infects me with the desire to live


Did you ever imagine that you could live for ever? I see you and I smile and I want that to go on and on.

We talk. You laugh, and I cannot resist it, I laugh from deep down inside like a fizzy drink that bubbles up and affects me all over. No TV comic or clown in a circus could change my blood into fizz like you do. Your fizz overcomes me.

14. Just remember, when you tell me you love me, I like it


You think you know what I like. You believe you know what to say to make me happy, yet, the best of all is when you whisper in my ear, the private words, only for me, and you tell me you love me. That’s what I like. So remember that no matter what happens, good or bad, you can always make me happy.




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