How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything 2018

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything 2018


How to make money online without paying anything, 2018? Yes. This is true. You need to know the way to make money online in 2018. You need knowledge and the right information. If you don’t know how, you can learn how to make money online, free, with no scams.


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Make Money Online Without Paying Anything


To be honest, you can make money online without paying anything. You just need an internet connection, computer of some kind and a willingness to learn how to do it. There are many legit ways to make money online without paying anything.


Internet money making attracts a lot of college students, stay at home parents and retired people. People who need a second income, thousands and thousands of people looking for second job or even an alternative career.




People have many reasons for wanting to make money online:


  • Replacing a main income
  • Retirement boredom
  • Additional income needed to support self and family.
  • Improve own and family’s condition.
  • Pay for college or university.


Thanks to the internet, you can make money online at home. Sounds good and you could have some fun.



Make Money Online Without Paying Anything,


Let’s deal with this first because I hope you are naturally sceptical and saying:

“Oh Yeah! How?”

So here are a few home truths.


  1. You can learn what you need to know and make money online. Other people, who have studied and practiced for years, have solved a lot of the problems about how to do it. If you want them to teach you, most of them want some compensation for that. It is the way of the world.


2. Doing it yourself means taking time, making mistakes and learning from them. The mistakes can cost money.


3. Between these two is a middle way without paying anything. That is to make use of the genuine free offers and try things out for yourself. It is good to know if you will enjoy making money online, before you start investing in it. Then, when you are sure that this kind of business is suitable for you, when you feel that you are ready, when you can see how to make money online, you can look at investing and becoming a professional business person.



Make Money Online – Catalogue


When I was young I reveived a catalogue came through my mail box, explaining how I can make BIG money from the internet. That amount of money they claim you can make will make your heart beat very fast. All the words can make you start to dream you also can make that kind of money very easily.



How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything



Please note, they are only asking you to join and never let you know what you need to do and what knowledge you need to have or learn. They do not explain what benefits you would get and what is the price you need to pay. They want to make money out of you.


I think quite a lot of people get tricked this way. After you have joined, they keep asking you to pay more money and up sell products to you. They make money, you do not, in fact you will lose money.


From your point of view, it seems you have to keep paying money and do not get any results. In the end you quit. I heard about a lot this kind of thing happening to people online. It is too common. You want to make money online, not line a conman’s pocket.



People Want to Make Money for Different Reasons.


In this world some people have fairly low incomes, so they are


  • looking for the chance to make BIG money.
  • Some people want to make more money.
  • Some want to make money to build their business empire online.
  • Some want to make money for family members to have a better life.


The reasons people want to make more money are psychological. Because of these psychological reasons, it is easy to lose the ability to analyse, they can more easily be fooled or cheated.


Becoming too emotional can cloud a person’s judgement. You want to make money? Choose wisely.


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Make Money Online – Skills, Knowledge and rules


No matter what you are doing, there are skills and knowledge needed to succeed in anything, even playing games. You must know how to play, follow the rules of the game, or you might lose or quit.

In the same way, if you want to make money online, then you must know it’s rules of operating.



How to choose Your Profitable Niche


Choosing your profitable niche is the most important starting point for a new business beginner.


Her, you will begin to tie everything together. Your niche and domain name are connected and link to your business plan. Some thinking may be needed although there are countless possibilities and only your imagination will help you.


Some people begin with an interest they have, a hobby or, even better, a passion. This is because you will find it easier to research and write about something you have an interest in.


There is another view and that is: as long as you can write good content or reviews, the subject does not matter too much. You can simply research your subject well before writing.


Whichever way you go, you want to choose a profitable niche because you want to earn money.


Again there is software tool that can help you and give you some useful tips/ More on that later.


How to Choose Your Domain Name (Your Brand)


Your domain name = your website name. It is a good idea to choose a name that suits the business you are planning. (Another good reason to have a plan.)


Do your best to avoid hyphens and cryptic names that mean little to the majority of people. is not a good name because people will forget the hyphens and end up on another site.


It is also going to look old fashioned and out-of-date in 2019 and 2020. You want your website to be active for some years, don’t you?


You also need to find out if your name has already been taken, since only one person can have that one name.


When you choose your domain name, it needs to reflect your niche as closely as possible. It should be as relevant as you can make it.


The suffix at the end “.com” is also something to consider. There are many suffixes and some are meant for specific countries and some for specific purposes.


“.org” is for large organisations and “” for the UK. There are many others. Some are quirky or specific and may cost quite a lot more to buy; “. London” for example.


Generally, a “.com” is the most common for online businesses and no longer special the USA.


Remember your domain name is also your “Brand” and reflects the nature of your business.


There is software you can use to help you find an appropriate name for your business. More on that later.



Building Your Making Money Blog (website)


Having decided on your niche, chosen your domain name and planned an outline of your business, you need a website.


More websites are built using WordPress than any other format. It was originally intended for blogging so is really suitable for building a money making blog site.


WordPress is a modular website construction system designed to make it easy for people who are not programmers, i.e. most of us mortals on the net.


It is like the difference between buying a tailor made suit or one off the peg and having a few modifications made to it. This off the peg website gives you a choice of styles, colours and fonts and you can adapt the website along the way – adding your text, menus etc. as you see fit.


It is used by amateur bloggers and multinational companies alike. You can take courses in how to do this.


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Content marketing to gain visitors


There are techniques to writing your content and reviews which will cause your website to pop up on page 1 of the search engines. This is good for attracting readers, i.e. potential customers. This comes under the umbrella of “S.E.O.” which means “Search Engine Optimisation.”


You can get help and advice in how to do this. More later.


Writing good attractive content that gets people to read and appreciate what you have written is a skill to be developed. Gaining more visitors is the aim.


Help is available in this as well.



Make money online when you get more visitors


The more often your website pops up on page 1 of the search engines, the more people will click on and read your blogs. The more visitors to your website, the easier it is to make money online.

It is a simple numbers game. A certain percentage of your visitors will take things further and buy your product or service, so you can make money online by getting more visitors to your website.

More on this…..



Find best Business Online Learning Platform to get started – Beginners or get your online to the next level


I have given you the “bare bones” of this business. Thank you for reading this far and I hope your interest is tickled.


I have promised to give you more information on every stage of this process and this means recommending the best online learning platform to get started on your business, no matter if you are a beginner or want to take your existing business to another level.


Nothing that is real quality is either easy or cheap, however, you can make money online without paying anything. You can really “try before you buy.” You CAN learn enough to get started by following the basic training and utilising the free software within the platform.



Making Real Money Online


When you find you are getting the hang of things and having fun, you might like to expand and become a “pro” user. This costs a little money and there are a couple of bits of software that help to do some of the donkey-work for you and vastly speed things up. You choose without and false promises, without any compunction.


Making real money online is not only possible, it is possible for most people willing to do some hard work and dedicate themselves to their own business.


Whatever you decide, I wish you both good luck and hope you enjoy your journey into the world of the internet business as much as I am enjoying mine.


Please feel free to ask any questions and make constructive suggestions if you feel the information here could be improved.


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  1. zeall ass

    Other free ways to make money online do exist. Be careful. Many are scams, unlike this one.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      There are very few opportunities on the net to build your own profitable business. This one, W.A. is free to start. This means you can really get a feel of what the business is about and get used to it, before buying anything at all.
      With over 2,000,000 members, and growing, there must be a genuine opportunity for you here.
      Now is a time of massive growth in online business. You can part of it if you want to.


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