Increase the Traffic to My Website

Hyper FB traffic2

Increase the Traffic to My Website


Hyper FB Traffic claims the secret to increase traffic to your website. Getting traffic to my website means more visitors and more money, lots of it.


Using FaceBook, Hyper FB Traffic has a program to follow to shoot your traffic, (followers,) into the stratosphere. Your website will be flooded with traffic.



Product Name                  : Hyper FB Traffic

Hyper FB Traffic Website:

Price                                  : $79 / $39 / $29

(The last being achieved if you threaten to close the page.)

Owner                               : David Blaze and Simon Adams

Ranking                            : 15 /100


Hyper FB traffic2


  1. Hyper FB Traffic Overview


Marketing through FaceBook is not complicated but there are certain restrictions. Sometimes it is necessary to set up several accounts in different names to run the campaigns. If the account gets very busy, FB may shut it down.


Hyper FB Traffic is about promoting Hyper FB Traffic. You will be presented with series of links and videos, swipe files and audio clips to sell one product, Hyper FB Traffic.




  • Create an account in ClickBank
  • Promote your link to Facebook,
  • Post videos (they supply,) to Facebook with descriptions and tags
  • Use Twitter to promote your affiliate link.
  • Use Fivver to buy traffic.
  • Use Solo ads to get someone else to promote you through their mailing list.
  • Submit articles (supplied by Hyper FB) Traffic to article directories.
  • Distribute their audio file wherever you promote Hyper FB Traffic.
  • Use their banner ads and
  • email swipe files.



The idea is that these 10 steps will produce a lot of traffic, but there are a few really serious problems.

Google does not like duplicate content and will quickly find it and you will get no rating success from it.

Facebook does not like affiliate links or duplicate content.

Readers do not like over-hyped articles with little or no real information about what is being sold.



  1. What is Hyper FB Traffic


Some serious self-promotion. There are a lot of out-of-date parts to this program and it appears as though it was launched in 2010. Maybe more of Hyper FB Traffic was viable back then but it isn’t now.


All this information and basic training you can get on the internet for nothing, yes FREE.


There are several products around with very similar promotion methods and almost identical names.


In my opinion, they are simply rebadging old material and marketing it as new.


There are much better and more up-to-date ways of getting traffic and making sales today.


my recommended program


Self-promoting programs like this are often sold with a lot of hype and promises up-front. They rarely explain what they are selling and what you will have to do to make money.


They are simply a means to get people to pay an up-front fee and then promote the program on to other people.


Do you know that you can do all the useful things here yourself and promote your own products?


Do you know that you do not need to promote just one product?


You can become an affiliate and promote any one of millions of products sold on Amazon, thousands which are sold on ClickBank etc. etc. etc.


You can learn a lot of this free.


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  1. Increase the Traffic to My Website, How?


Traffic is the name we give for all the people who go to your website or Facebook page and read it.


The more traffic you have, the more likely it is you will sell something you are promoting.



  1. Increase the Traffic to My Website, The Good in Hyper FB Traffic


This is difficult because there are only 2 good things, in my opinion.


There is a product with training.


There is a 60-day Money-Back guarantee, (Standard for all products bought through ClickBank.


Hyper FB traffic


This is their own guarantee and I am doubtful if you would get your money back directly from them. If you should try this program, please claim back from ClickBank.


  1. The Bad in Hyper FB Traffic


Where do I start? This is all my opinion. I have been in the business for some years now and tried many of these Hyped programs and they all have one thing in common:


Is Gold Opinions a Scam


60 Minute Profit Plan


They make more money from their customers than you or I ever will. Especially self-promoting ones like Hyper FB Traffic.


  • It is years out of date.
  • It encourages expensive techniques that just do not work anymore.
  • Above all else, I believe it will lose you more money than you ever make.
  • They are dishonest with their potential earnings claims so I do not trust them.



  1. Who is Hyper FB Traffic For?


Absolutely nobody. Stay away and find something genuine that is transparent, that gives you a free trial to really see how this business works.



  1. Who is the product Not For


Absolutely everybody.



  1. Hyper FB Traffic, Tools and Training


There are 3 “cores,” stages of training. Followed by 6 or 7 videos covering the aspects of marketing listed above.


Hyper FB traffic4



  1. Hyper FB Traffic, Support


You can email them.



  1. Pricing and upsells of Hyper FB Traffic


There are several totally unrelated products they offer which appear to be just affiliate links elsewhere.



Product Name                  : Hyper FB Traffic

Hyper FB Traffic Website:

Price                                  : $79 / $39 / $29

(The last being achieved if you threaten to close the page.)

Owner                               : David Blaze and Simon Adams

Ranking                            : 15 /100




  1. Balance pros and Cons of Hyper FB Traffic


There is little good to be said other than you do get some training and products.


The other side of the coin is that it is unlikely anybody could successfully use this program to build an online business of any substance.


You would simply be promoting Hyper FB Traffic.



  1. Hyper FB Traffic, Scam or no Scam


In my opinion, this worthless as a program because of the extensive and over hyped product sale. The promotion bears no resemblance to the truth, once you have paid your money.


That makes it a scam in my eyes.



  1. Verdict: Hyper FB Traffic, Recommended or not


Definitely not.



  1. Increase the Traffic to My Website


There is a way to build a real business online with no scams and no hidden upsells or deceptive hyped up promotional videos. I have belonged to this community for several years and have learned so much that I feel I am in a good position to judge if it is any good or not.


It is free to join and test.



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