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Defraggler Review 2018


Files on a hard drive get stored in bits and pieces. Defraggler reconstructs the files into single chunks which makes the hard drive faster. Defraggler can boost your computer performance. It is safe and secure. This review is about the Piriform Defraggler.  It is easy to use and keep control of your hard drive. It will always streamline and speed up your computer to have tidy “cupboards” on a hard drive and not bits and pieces spread out in different fragments.


Name:               Defraggler

Website:            https://www.ccleaner.com/

Owners:            Piriform (CCleaner.)

Price:                Free, Defraggler Professional, Defraggler Business Edition.

Overall Rank:    95/100


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Piriform Defraggler Overview.


Let’s look at what happens when your hard drive puts files away: it is like putting your groceries away in your kitchen cupboards by just finding a bit of space and chucking things in. Each cupboard will have a mixture of bits of things in one place: tin cans, plates and frozen sausages in one cupboard, forks, mugs and frozen peas in another etc.

It would make it time consuming and kind of irritating when you want to make dinner and have to get out all the saucepans, spread out in different cupboards.


It can be the same on your hard drive with the files spread out in chunks all over the place.


By defragging, we bring all the bits of one file together and put it in one place. It is faster and also saves space on the hard drive. It saves time because if the file is split up into 20 parts, the hard drive has to pick up all the bits, put them together and only then can you use the file.

Defragging is like housekeeping or spring cleaning of your hard drive. It will boost your computer’s performance, safely.


The Defraggler can analyse your hard drive and tell you how many fractured files you have and how much disk space you will free up by defragging.


Defraggler review


The first page you see tells you how much space your total files take up and how much free space you have on your hard drive(s). (At the top.)

If you have several hard drives, it will give you a breakdown for each drive.


You can see on the picture that this drive has 30% used and 70% free space.


This also gives you an indication of potential problems because if your hard disk is almost full, Windows might struggle to operate correctly and your computer may slow down.


Analyze Button in Defraggler


By pressing the “Analyze” button, you will get a more precise report on what % of your hard drive is fragmented.


Defraggler Reviews


Here you can see, bottom left, how many fragmented files there are and the % of fragmentation on the drive(s.)


This drive has 12% of its files fragmented and there are 2,264 files involved.


The pretty boxes in the centre are colour coded and you can see what they mean in the “Drive Map” tab.


The picture is a pictorial representation of the hard drive “compartments.” These are like the cupboards in your kitchen.


Basically, the red/orange ones are fragmented files. The blue and yellow ones are ok. The white squares are empty space. This is a really good “picture” of the file spread on your hard drive.


The “File List” Tab in the Defraggler.


In the centre are some tabs. Clicking on the “File List” tab will show you a list of files and how fragmented they are; how many bits they are broken down into.


Defraggler review 2018


You can see each individual file and how many fragments it is split into.


Defragment a single file by highlighting the file in the box on the left and Defraggler will defragment that one file.

To Defragment the whole hard drive, go to “Drive” tab and press “Analyze” then “Defrag.”

Warning: This can take some time, defragging the whole hard drive. You can start it, pause it and continue but most people set the Defraggler to run either at night or during the day while they are not using the computer.


Piriform defraggler free download


This is the same hard drive after defragmentation. A small amount of fragmented files is always going to be present. It is natural for that to happen. The drive has gone from 2264 fragmented files to 24.


It is possible to Defrag individual files and also the boot sector on your hard drive.


It can be very fast and useful to defrag single files if it is something you use a lot.


The boot sector is something I would be very wary of. If it goes wrong, there is little you can do about it. Be sure your system is backed up if you are going to defrag your boot sector.


The space available has gone up from 325.8 to 338 GB. This has freed up some space on the hard drive.


Statistics in Defraggler


In the “Health” and “Statistics” tabs you will find a wealth of information about the state of your hard drive. It is the equivalent of having diagnostics done on the engine in your car.



Boosting Performance with Defraggler.


Making it faster and easier for hard drives to function does boost the performance of your computer. How much it does this depends on how many fragmented files you have.

The Good and the Bad of Defraggler.



  • A very good help in speeding up your hard drive.
  • A good diagnostic tool to warn you of impending problems and ease your mind when things are actually going well.
  • You can defrag single files which means that if one particular file or group is very fractured; you can sort it out.
  • Works on all forms of Windows from XP upwards.
  • It is easy to read and very logical in the layout.
  • There is plenty of support and instructions on the Piriform Defraggler site.
  • There is no malware.
  • No Spyware
  • No Ads.
  • It is Free. No time limit on using it.




  • You need to play with it a bit if you are a beginner to get to understand what it can do.
  • Some of the actions do take hours to run, although Defraggler is faster than the general Microsoft one and more detailed. Most full defragging software is slow anyway. It will depend how badly fragmented your files are.



Who is Defraggler for?


  • Beginners
  • Advanced Techy types.
  • Serious computer users who want to analyse and speed up their machines.
  • Computer users with problems. Defraggler does nothing to delete or modify files, it just reorganises them.
  • Absolutely anyone with a computer.



Defraggler Tools and Training.


You will find the instructions and tips for using Defraggler.


The instructions are very clear and I am sure you will find it more and more useful each time you use it.


There is an “online help” button at the bottom right hand edge.


You can set Defraggler to run a regular defragmentation of a specific drive on a regular basis. In most case, this would be weekly or monthly.



Defraggler Support.


As above, there is an online help button and excellent documentation which you can access using the link.

There is a community forum you can join.



Defraggler Price


With no spyware, upsells and no ads.


I always remind people that it is possible to donate whatever you can afford but there is no time limitation on using the free version.


It is possible to buy a bundle of the Piriform software, get automatic updating and other useful add ins, but it is not necessary.


If you are a multiple computer user or a business owner, it might be worth looking at the bundles on offer when you discover how good these products are.



Defraggler Professional Version   – Bundle Deal


There is a professional version; Defraggler Professional, which adds in


Automatic updating

Full time support


If you would like more information about the Professional version, please click on the link here:

Buy Defraggler Professional today!



*Note: CCleaner Professional Plus is the 4-in1 tool and contains: CCleaner, Defraggler, Speccy and Recuva (Professional Editions). If you would like to see all the advantages of running the Professional Plus version of CCleaner, check below this link for the Bundle Deal:


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Defraggler for your Business


The good thing about this company is that they are always thinking about business people who also need this tool to help their business to be more efficient. You can check here to see it is suitable for your business or not.

Buy Defraggler for your Business today!

Piriform Defraggler Video Walk You Through

My final Opinion of Defraggler.


It is so good to experience such professional software that does exactly what it promises and does it so well.

The Defraggler together with Piriforms other business software:


are a pleasure to use. I recommend them to everyone.



Defraggler at a Glance


Name:                  Defraggler

Website:              https://www.ccleaner.com/

Owners:               Piriform (CCleaner.)

Price:                   Free as long as you like. Defraggler Professional, Defraggler Business Edition.

Overall Score:     95/100


Verdict:   Legit and superb.


Please leave any comments or helpful suggestions. We welcome feedback.






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  1. Jordan

    This sounds fantastic, thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    I’ve been having a lot of trouble with a slow running computer. I’ve even been considering just replacing it, because I work online and it’s been a huge headache.

    But this review does give me some hope. The consolidation of files to help processing speeds makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks again!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Jordan

      Have a look at Piriform’s Ccleaner too.

      It does clean out a lot of unnecessary temporary files.

      Run Defraggler first, then Ccleaner.

      That clears out the temp files and then re organises the hard drive. You should notice a spring in the step of your PC.

      A good idea is to finish up by checking the general health of your pc in Speccy. It will give you a clear idea if something is going wrong and where it is.

      The bundle of all three progs is free but you can buy the three quite cheaply, getting an even more enhanced product.

  2. jack

    This tool caught my eye, as my PC is only about 3 year’s old, It has definitely already been slowing down, as of about 6 month’s ago I was very unsavvy, with technology and my PC upkeep. Then I ran into this WA platform, and my skills have certainly increased, so I believe I will look into the Piriform-Defragger, the simplicity look’s like it will be workable for even myself. great digestive content within your article, Happy B, and I will see you soon, Jack

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment Jack.

      The Defraggler is one of three that Piriform produce.

      The other two are Ccleaner and Recuva.

      What I love about their software is

      1. They work

      2. There are no Ads at all.

      3. They are constantly updating and improving, often monthly.

      If you are experiencing slow down on your PC, try Ccleaner first, then Defraggler.

      I run Ccleaner daily and Defraggler monthly.

      they certainly help unclog my PC and laptop.

  3. Cem Ozturk

    This is definitely one of the tools that is overlooked by most PC users. Most people have no idea when it comes to overall PC maintenance and care, what to do and how to take care of it. I like how this piece of software looks so easy to use where anyone can just pick it up.

    Does defraggler have any alerts system in place to warn you of any potential Hard drive issues?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Cem.

      Yes it is amazing how people will maintain their car but never think of maintaining their computers. 

      Yes Defraggler has some alerts when it is scanning for fragments. 

      Defraggler is very easy to use, just as all Piriform products like Recuva and CCleaner.  

      Of course, it helps that there are free versions of all three. 

  4. Doug

    Thank you for the this information about defragmenting hard drives and this wonderful free program to help us with this problem. Disk fragmenting is definitely something that can greatly slow down your PC and I don’t think many people know about it. I would definitely be interested in other programs that would help speed up my computer. So thanks again for the info.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment Doug.

      You are right, it seems not many people realise how the file allocation works. It looks so organised and neat when looking at a list of files.

      The reality is that when windows saves files it shoves bits of the files in any available space, thus fragmenting them. This does physically slow the hard drive down picking up all the fragmented bits. It also leaves some storage parts of the hard drive partly filled. That results in partly empty storage space and fragmented files.

      Tidying all these up can creates more storage space and faster retrievable files.

      Other software to keep things moving are Ccleaner and Speccy.

      Ccleaner clears out unnecessary temporary files and, if you want to, stored temporary files of recent usage. It can be used for sorting out your registry, start-up programmes and a variety of other “maintenance” jobs.

      Speccy tells you what you have in your box, the hardware and software, memory levels and all kinds of useful information about your computer. It is more for when things go wrong and you can trouble shoot the problems yourself, even if you cannot actually fix them.

  5. Tony Spagnolia

    So, does Windows automatically do a horrible job at placing files everywhere? I have noticed if I wipe my PC, it runs great for awhile. Then, after a while it starts to run very slowly. Is this due to the automatic hard drive storing? Would defragging solve my problem or am I looking at another issue?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Tony. Thanks for your question. (One which is often asked, I might add.)

      Obviously, I am not sitting in front of your PC and I am not aware of how you work on it.

      I cannot guarantee this will work for you, it works for most people.

      I can offer these tips:

      Use CCleaner to empty your “Internet Explorer” /  “temporary internet files” and under “system”, tick: “Empty Recycle bin” and “temporary files.”

      Untick everything else.

      Windows and browsers (like Internet Explorer) store a lot of temporary files which are largely unused once you close down and then reboot for your next session. they are often still there. those temp files are useful to a degree but can really build up on your hard drive.


      Run Defraggler on your main hard drive and look at the “Freespace” that is available on your Hard Drive. If the amount of free space is very low, windows will be slow and maybe even unreliable in operation. You may need to consider backing up some of your files to another drive, thus freeing up some space and rebooting your PC..

      Finally: Reboot your PC and see if that makes a difference. Run CCleaner again to see how many temporary files there are on your drive.

      If you do what I have recommended here it should be completely safe for your PC, but, for obvious reasons, I cannot give any guarantees.

      I am assuming you have a good Firewall and anti-virus in place.

      Hope this helps.


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