The Best Free Website Builder

The best free website builder

The Best Free Website Builder


The best free website builder for beginners. It is simple, easy and free, for beginners, to get you started building a website based business or for a hobby/interest website. This best free website builder platform also provides free training courses to show you how to do it, the best choice for all website builders.


More than 800,000 people have used this Website Builder, partly because it is genuinely free and partly because it is so supportive and helpful.


This is why so many people use and enjoy the free website builder. The biggest reason is simple; it is easy to use and free for beginners to get started. You do not need to know any coding or HTML. You just need to follow the steps I will show below.


Start Your Online Business

Why You Need to Use a Website Builder


Website Builder


Maybe you will think: “Why do I need to use a website builder?”


If you are a beginner and do not have any website coding or HTML knowledge, you will struggle to set up your website and will need a professional website designer to do the job for you. It could easily cost you $2000 to $3000’s to set up your website.


You will then have to pay for maintenance and troubleshooting when things go wrong.



 WordPress and Theme


“WordPress is a free and open source content management system (CMS.)” That is the definition of WordPress.


I know it looks complicated but that is because it deals with complicated things to make life easier for us. It is very easy to use.


“Content” is the things you write on a website. This may be:


  • Information, personal or business
  • Blogs
  • Reviews


Free and open source means you do not have to pay for it.


That means you can use WordPress to build your own website, quite quickly.


Just like “off the peg” clothes, you can download “Themes” which form the background and shape of your Website.


WordPress is easy to use and edit and a lot of free themes are provided. You just need to choose the layout (theme) you like most and the colour you like and “Bingo!” you have a basic website ready to be filled with words and pictures.  


Wordpress theme

Even this can also be quite difficult for beginners to do. That where the website builder comes into its own. The website builder helps all beginners to build a WordPress website in just 30 seconds.  Then you can add the content of your choice.


If you are still a bit worried about all this, then relax, this website builder platform also offers free training courses on how to build a WordPress website. They help you to build the website you want, make it look like you want it to be. That is why this is the best free website builder platform I have ever found and I would thoroughly recommend it to you.


WordPress is not just for amateurs and beginners; it is used by many of the biggest names in the business.


Who Needs a Website?


Actually, almost everyone can use a website. Some people own a few websites and some maybe have just one. Some people have different reasons why they would prefer not have a website.


Most of the people who own a website, do it for


  • Business reasons, supporting and promoting
  • A hobby or interest they have
  • To present information, personal, business, official
  • To Build a new business around


Thanks to the internet, this gives a lot of people the opportunity to build their own small online business. I think this gives a lot of people, who do not have money, an opportunity to build a business of their own.  


This online business opportunity gives them a chance to use small money and start part-time on their own website based business. They can use their home space and time and build their own online empire. This small online business helps a lot of families to create their own online business and make a very good income from it.


An online business needs a website to get started. When you want to build your website, use this website builder to help you get started.



Why Do You Need a Website?


Doing online business and making money, you can have a website and you can also do without one.  


If you do not have a website, it means making money is a bit like a hit and run. You only do one-time business with your customers. You do not have the foundation for your customers to come back to you and do repeat business.


Start Your Online Business


If you have your own online business website, you can make money again and again for the long term. If you have good relationships with your customers, they will come back to support you again and again. That is why you need to build your foundation right at the start. Otherwise, you may waste your time. In the end, you will still need to come back to this way, to build your foundation. Repeat business is worth more than first-time business.


Have you heard of “Passive Income?” That is when the business is up and running and earning you money, even when you are sleeping. That means automating the business as much as possible. A website is at the center of this kind of business.


That Automation is almost only possible with a website.



SiteRubix – Free Website Builder


Use this SiteRubix free website builder to build your website, for free, including free hosting. Let me explain what free is:


Every website you set up needs to be hosted. For example, once you have built a house, then you need to give this house an address.   That means when you have your domain name (website name), after that, you need to have it hosted (give it an address.) When your website is hosted, you can see your website show up in the search engines.


That means the whole world can find your website.


 Let me show you this simple, easy, free way to get started to create a website in just 30 seconds. Only 4 steps are needed: Please click below this link to get started and follow the instructions below. I will show you, step by step.


Start Your Online Business


After you have signed up and logged in to this platform, you can see all the tools available. See the image below.


On the left-hand side, you can see this image. Click on it.




After you click on the image, it will open up another image, click on the image shown.




And it will open up another page, and show you the image below. In this step you have 3 options:


  1. “on a free domain” – if you want to create a free website you can click it.
  2. “on a domain I own” – this means you have your own website, you can move it to here if you are a premium member, then your website will be moved here and hosted here for free.
  3. “Register a domain” – you can register a new domain here using this platform, but only premium members can host here free. You need to remember this.




And then you click on the image shown; it will open up another page showing you 4 steps.


You just follow this, step by step, telling you what to do. If you want to get more understanding about how to choose a niche, please click this link.




And then you have created your WordPress website and you can start to fill in your website content, following the free training course. It is easy, I promise, do not be afraid.



Ask for Help


You not only get a free website and free hosting, you can also get help from me and other members. You will need to ask for help within the member’s community area. You can ask any question and get help any time you need to.


One little tip here: follow the courses and do everything in there. This is because the courses are very thorough and complete and if you ask questions which are already answered in the course, people will tell you to go back and watch the relevant video again.


If there is something you do not understand, explain that that is the problem.


$0 Risk to Get Started in an Online Business


A fee website is an awesome way for you to get started, especially if you know nothing about online business. You have nothing to lose and 0 financial risks at all, you only need to invest your time and effort.


Start Your Online Business


Most people find it is easier than they thought.


When you feel that this is working for you, and you decide you want to put more time and effort into it, you will, at least, have learned all this for nothing. If you decide it is not for you, well good luck to you.


Your website needs content, articles, reviews blogs, pictures etc. This takes time to build up, it does not happen overnight. The Romans could not build Rome in one day and it is the same in an online business.


One day, when your website has lots of content, related to your niche, it will begin to make money if you are doing it in the right way That way means you need to follow the right training platform.


For the long-term plan, you must also be able to afford to pay the cost you need to. What I mean is, if you are serious and want to build a really good, long-lasting business, it is a good idea to invest in becoming a premium member. This is the point where you should consider doing a business plan and deciding what you want to do in the future.


This is the basic cost you need to put in your budget because no one can write their website contents in just one day or one month. It takes time and hard work to build it up. If you have a budget then you can build it up quicker than other people, but it is important that you know exactly how to do it. Otherwise, you can very easily get scammed by others.


There are no scams in Wealthy Affiliate.


You see, ideally, you learn the business; all aspects of it. You do all the different parts yourself and then, when you begin to earn money, you pay someone else to do the bits you dislike.


You need to understand what they are doing to be able to judge if they are good enough.  



Turning Your Free Domain Website into Your Own Domain Website


After you have joined, got the free website and the training, then you may feel this is what you want to do, become your own boss. You can then transfer your free website contents into your own domain name, (and free hosting.)


To do this, you will need to upgrade to premium membership. Once you become a premium member, you can search the platform member’s area and find out how to transfer a free domain website to your own domain website. The result will come up and you can follow the training course, step by step.



How to Turn Your Website into a Making Money Website?


This won’t happen overnight. As the time goes by, you will follow the training and build up your quality content constantly. You will have a lot of hard work plus you must do it in the right way; follow the training. Your website will start making money.


At this point, you will be doing a lot of hard work and it will pay off. All the online business stuff gradually becomes easier and better for you, if you work at it.  


Support and Services


Support and services are very important for users (you and me). Your online business website is secure and protected and website content is backed up. When your website has a problem you can ask technical support, 24/7/365 any time and get help fast. This support and services, to keep you and me in business, is always there. They are superb at solving problems fast.  


Sitehealth – they provide a monitoring tool for you to check your website’s health at any time. If your website has any issues, ask for help they will respond, very quickly.  


  • Publishing Frequency
  • Visitor engagement (comments) and you can request website comments here
  • Plugins
  • Google Ranked – is your website indexed in google?
  • Site Trust
  • Your Engagement
  • Content Quality & Variety
  • Website feedback



Some Things You Need to Put in Your Budget


Now I will explain exactly what you need to spend your money on for your website basic costs.


  • Domain name – If you want to own your online business you need your own domain. (about $13.99)
  • Theme – You can use free themes, they also work very well or you can buy your own theme if you have a specific theme you like to own and enjoy to work with. The prices range around from about $17/- upwards.
  • Hosting – this is very important for an online business owner. Good hosting saves you a lot of time dealing with problems and having a fast website loading speed. Bad hosting would cause your website speed to load slowly and visitors will get bored and go to other people’s website. (Cost-free in this training platform, if you are a premium member. If you want to know more about what benefits you can get. Please check this link)
  • Website builder – Setup your WordPress website using the site builder saves you a lot of time and headaches. To use site builder just needs few clicks as you follow the training walkthrough.  
  • Website Content – You need to build up your content for your niche audience. That way, content is KING. Good content = high ranking = more visitors = more money.
  • Keywords tool – you want your content to reach your niche audience. This is where the Keywords research tool comes into play. The Keywords tool will help you to find the right keywords within seconds. You can save time, write more content, gain more visitors.

The Keyword research tool also helps your content SEO (Search Engine Optimization) It is to help your content URL show up on the first page of the Google search engine, Yahoo search engine, Bing search engine and more other search engines. This keyword tool is used for content marketing.


  • Training course – We all need to continuously learn and update new online business skills. So the training platform and community are very important to us. We need help sometimes and we also can help others along the way. We can pass on our skills and experience as we also get better.
  • Email marketing tool – When your website visitors count climbs above 200 people you may start to struggle to manually send emails to your visitors. At this time, you can start using an email marketing tool to help you manage and automate your emails. It will help to keep in touch with your potential customers and existing ones. You can set up your campaign to collect emails and create a listing. There are a few top email marketing tools online. Many business marketers choose to use: Aweber, MailChimp, ConstantContact, and Getresponse. There are different package and costs for the different email marketing tool companies. Please check it out, see which suits your budget. Many of them offer a very low-cost start, sometimes free and you begin to pay more as your email list grows.


I hope this has helped you and given you a taste of what a Free Website Builder can do for you. 



Start Your Online Business


There is no replacement for hard work but you do not want to spend a lot of money in the beginning, then find it is not for you.


Nothing Ventured, nothing gained, so give it a go.



If you have any questions or would like more information, please leave a comment here and I will get back to you.






The best free website builder



  1. Nixie

    Thank you so much for such a thorough review of WA program and website builder, much appreciated! I actually recently signed up for WA as well and going through the training process, slowly, but hopefully surely.

    I remember learning Dreamveaver platform in the college years ago It took a while to create a website with it. So easy with WordPress nowadays!

    I’m very new to the internet marketing though so wondering about ROI (return on investment) – considering the time spent and expected revenue – can it really replace a full-time job?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Nixie,

      Amazing how technology has leapt forward in giant steps.

      Word Press makes the construction of a website easy. Writing content, (reviews, articles and blogs) for a website is still best done manually. It is like good fruit and good wine. Writing content improves with practice and attention and over time.

      Building a sustainable business on the internet presents a lot of challenges and they will seem easy or difficult depending on the individual person’s own background, experience and how much time. they are able to devote to the training and the business.

      Factors Affecting R.O.I. for Affiliate Marketing.
      Prior experience
      What experience of internet and business you already have.
      Time available to study
      This can vary depending on circumstances.
      Ability to study / learn and put into practice.
      Some people find this easy, others have to really work at it
      End goals.
       (How much you need to earn / want to earn.)
       (Some things can appear difficult until you get used to them.)
      Sometimes the niche you choose turns out to be a poor one.
       You may have to change.
      Do you enjoy this kind of work. To many it is hard but fun.
      Willingness to accept help
      Believe me, some people find it hard.


      Willingness to learn from others.

      Mimicking others people’s strategies,


      There are so many factors involved. I know people who are making good money after a few months and others who have taken a couple of years.

      There is no limit to the amount you can earn, it depends on how much work you are prepared to put in and the other factors above.

  2. Erick

    Thanks for pointing out a part-time job because of literarily building a website. It’s simple but also requires good time to build quality content on the site.  It might also feel a slow at the start, in the beginning.

    Not everyone has the same level of success and achieved goals in the same time frame. Some people will do it faster than others. The main point is to keep going, like a marathon, and not try and sprint.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Erik

      Yes. If people follow all the training and do what the trainers show them, they will be successful.

      There are always factors which affect the individual and there are many of them. Follow the training and keep working at it and it is only a matter of time before you will succeed and have your own internet business.

      As you say, there are no shortcuts.

      There is plenty of support in Wealthy Affiliates and you can join now, free, and try it out.

  3. Craig

    Great review of of how to operate and maintain a website with WA. I am led to believe there are a lot of people making money with their program. The training is second to none. It is very in depth and shows how to get rankings and traffic. I just hope that I am as successful as the people I have seen. My website was indexed in google two days ago, so I am definately heading in the right direction. So far I can’t fault the training. I am just about to start level three.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Congratulations Craig.

      I can promise you this:

      Do ALL the training.

      Practice what you learn, I mean actually do what they advise you to do.

      Keep building your content on your website, doing good quality writing.

      Use the SEO and Keyword tool and

      you will succeed. It is a fantastic formula and does work. It takes time and hard work but all that gets easier as you get used to it.

      there are some smart cookies in W.A. and they create additional training on specific issues. Use them as well and ask questions.

      Good luck and keep up the good work.

  4. Denise

    All businesses, brands nowadays need a website, even artists or people trying to promote themselves need a website. In wealthy affiliate you will learn how to build a website from scratch in less than a month, They teach you step by step what to do, and you get help from a big community in Wealthy affiliate all the step of the way.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Denise.

      That is true. we tend to focus on websites for business but many people simply want to express themselves or promote clubs and organisations.

      The skills needed to build and maintain a website are the same as for a business.

      A website has little value if no one knows it is there, so using the skills taught in Wealthy Affiliate’s courses, people can reach out to their contacts and get a thriving communication hub going.

      Good point.

  5. Dave

    Hallo there,

    I have been doing a lot of deep research on the best free website builders on the web and I have heard this one mentioned quite a number of times so that I am beginning to think it’s the best.

    But a few things I would like to know which would I like you help me with:

    1. how much traffic can a website it builds hold? And

    2. do you get the abilities to add your code to the websites?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment Dave.

      1. There is no limit to the traffic.

      2. You can add your own code, embedded code and HTML because the websites are built in WordPress.

      You are slightly limited in the free websites to only 2 with free hosting. If you want to have a full professional site with free security, backup and full technical backup for 25 websites, I strongly recommend you join as a free member first and immediately upgrade to premium membership.

      The hosting and security would probably cost you more than the premium membership elsewhere. Plus you will have the benefits of the many inclusive trainings and community backup.

      If there is anything else you would like to know, do ask.


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