Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Updated: 2022

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Wealthy Affiliate University Review


Make yourself some money the proper way. The Wealthy Affiliate University has all you need and more. Get yourself trained and build your own legitimate business.





Prologue to the Wealthy Affiliate University Guide


Before reading this Wealthy Affiliate University review, please add my site to your favourites otherwise, you may miss out on this opportunity. You do not need struggle; Wealthy Affiliate University is here.


Once my site is in your favourites, I would like you to search for more information and compare Wealthy Affiliate University. with as many other sites as you can find. That way you can find out which one is the best.


  • Our Wealthy Affiliate University service is the best, no. 1. It is especially good for beginners. You can grab the 7 free days of personal coaching.
  • You can ask any questions and get help straight away from the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University, (Kyle and Carson) and professional success coaching.
  • You can login to the 10 free courses, follow the instructions and start building your business.


A Guide to The Wealthy Affiliate University Way


Please leave your credit card in your wallet. You do not need to register any form of payment to get the free courses.

I will tell you the secret of the success of Wealthy Affiliate University, later.


To get any business started and make a success, i.e. to make profits from it, takes one of two things:


  1. A lot of money and expert help from experienced people. Or
  2. Time, patience study and support from good people.


At Wealthy Affiliate University, we teach both ways


If you have a lot of money to build your own business; then there are a lot of very experienced and clever people in the Wealthy Affiliate University Community who can help you achieve your goals.


It is a good idea, though, to understand the business you are in, to keep control of the business’ direction. You can use your own business plan and hire in the expertise you need.


If you are prepared to study, practice and take advice then there is room for you at the Wealthy Affiliate University. You can build your business step-by-step.


Once you have tasted the absolute integrity and honesty of the courses and videos, you can get basics of building and hosting your own website. The first two are “on the house.”




Who is Wealthy Affiliate University For?


You. If you are reading this, it is because you are curious about how to make some money, perhaps a decent living, from the internet.


If you are rich or poor, clever or not so clever, a waiter, a dancer, a Tinker, a Tailor or even a Candlestick Maker, you can learn and succeed in this business. You do need to have some patience and persistence because it is quite hard work.


Anything really good takes some hard work and patience to achieve.


How Can I Help You in the Wealthy Affiliate University?


I can assure you that Wealthy Affiliate University is genuine and that if you follow the advice and take your time to study and put into practice what you learn from the videos, you will succeed.


What you get from it will depend on your effort and ingenuity.



Finding a Niche in Wealthy Affiliate University


People need to find a niche and that may seem difficult. It isn’t.


A niche is simply a product or interest you are interested in or have some experience in. There are ways to figure out what you personally know about and like and take some small part of that to make your own personal niche.


There is plenty of help in the Wealthy Affiliate University courses and community members will share ideas with you. Usually it will be a product or service which may not seem too exciting, but if you make money from it, do you care?


Once you have established one method of working which suits you, you can repeat it with another similar product etc.


If your first niche does not work out, you will be able to apply what you have learned in Wealthy Affiliate University to any other area or niche that you choose. The principles are the same.



What Does Wealthy Affiliate University Cost?


Nothing to start things off and learn the basics. This includes mentoring and support from experienced members.


Later, you may wish to speed things up and become more professional. There is a lot to the business and the good thing is that you will find yourself improving all the time as you take action on the things you learn.


This means collecting data to help you in the business and automate some repetitive processes.


For more advanced people, who have tried the courses and have started their business, they can sign up for the advanced membership. There is no pressure, no hard sell and you can choose to continue as a free member as long as you wish.


There are no upsells or irritating adverts.



Do The Owners of Wealthy Affiliate University (Carson and Kyle) talk to You?



Oh Yes! They, and the members will help and guide you. For the first 7 days you can have direct access to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. After that you can still get advice on analysis of your website and content to help you achieve your dreams from other members.


B.T.W Wealthy Affiliate University has over 1.4 million members. Free members can take a lot of courses and earn some money while studying.


I Know Nothing, is that a Problem in Wealthy Affiliate University?


Well, you know SOMETHING. You are here on the net asking questions and, I hope, reading answers.


The basic courses are exactly that, basic and will walk you through


  • How to select a niche,
  • How to set up a site,
  • How to get traffic to your site and
  • How to earn money.



What IS a Niche?


A niche is a narrow field of interest or expertise. Most of us have knowledge of things in life without realising it. We have interests which we can specialise in.


  • For Example: You may have a hobby or an interest.
  • You may be into slimming, sport, science or juggling.
  • You might like golf or fast cars or reading maps.


There is always something you can use as a starting point to focus your business on.


There are plenty of short tips and tricks that other members have used to help find your niche.


Remember, you can always change later on. The skills you learn can be applied to making money in any niche.


Amazon alone has millions of products relating to almost everything under the sun. There is bound to be some product or service you can market for them.



Can Wealthy Affiliate University Make Me Money Quickly


Sorry, Wealthy Affiliate University is probably not for you if you need money tomorrow. It takes time to build a sustainable business and Wealthy Affiliate is NOT in the business of getting rich quick.


The Secrets of Wealthy Affiliate University


  1. Their aim is to help people. Help members, help customers.
  2. You can see for yourself what goes on and the quality of what they offer, before you go professional.
  3. If you study hard and put the training into action, you will succeed.

Does Wealthy Affiliate University Offer Money Back Guarantee?


Yes – of course, the cost of a free membership is $0 or £0.

Full memberships can be cancelled at any time with 1 months’ notice. In my experience, the few people who do quit without getting a benefit from Wealthy Affiliate University, almost always come back.

The Wealthy Affiliate University has carved out a niche in quality, honest teaching.

The technical support is amazing and the extras that others charge for, are included in Wealthy Affiliate University.


Any Good Advice on Wealthy Affiliate University?


I have tried many things to earn money online and I have learnt the hard way that it is like any other job or work we do: It takes time to learn the basic skills.


Sometimes things may seem complicated and having someone to guide and support me is the biggest advantage of Wealthy Affiliate University.


I am not a guru on the internet. It has been hard work and I know I still have lots to learn, so, like me, you will need a little patience.


The Chinese say that the longest journey starts with the first step and I have taken the first steps.



How Long can I Stay a Free Member of Wealthy Affiliate University?


How long do you need? You can stay a free basic member as long as you want to. There are considerable benefits from the paid membership but you can make money with the free membership.


It is an education that you get at Wealthy Affiliate University. What you learn stays with you. The techniques and skills are the same for any internet business.


The internet is constantly changing. This is a challenge to anyone trying to keep up with these changes and developments.


In Wealthy Affiliate University, you will find that, as soon as a new development pops up, Kyle and Carson get training videos out to help members make the most of the new situation.



Is Wealthy Affiliate University a Scam?


You can find hundreds of programs on the net promising overnight wealth without telling you how they do it. If they ask for money without informing you what their program is about, it is a scam.


You can take some of the courses, build your own website and have it hosted free in wealthy affiliate University; without paying a penny.


If it was a scam, I cannot see it and I have been a member for years. The other 900,000 people would not continue if it was a scam.


I Do Not Know What to Sell in Affiliate Marketing


You do not need your own products or services to sell with Affiliate Marketing.


The Wealthy Affiliate University courses explain the detail and how to do it. It is also possible to sell products or services you do not actually own. Old Mail Order systems like “Drop Shipping” can still be used online. There are many ways of making money online and there may well be one for you: something that suits your own circumstances.



How long will it take me Wealthy Affiliate University?


Everyone learns at different speeds and it depends a lot on how much time you are able to commit to learning each day. The Wealthy Affiliate University courses are almost all videos and can be watched as many times as you need to. You can pause for a coffee or look things up.


As I have said before, if you are in a rush to earn big money, this is not for you. If you would like a business which you can run at home in your own time, then consider this business.


It also depends how much previous knowledge you have when you first start.



Do I Have to Take and Pass Exams in Wealthy Affiliate University?


No. When you have put into action a few things from the Wealthy Affiliate University courses, you can ask for a review and get positive suggestions about how to improve things.


You can get advice on improving your website or on the reviews you write. The advice comes from Wealthy Affiliate University experienced people who know what works and have done it themselves.


There is always help and support to be had, though, most things are covered in the training.



Do I Have to Sell Wealthy Affiliate University Memberships?

Absolutely not. Wealthy Affiliate University is not an MLM system of over-riding commissions. There are no “Buy-ins.”


B.T.W. most of those get rich quick systems which depend on recruitment and over-riders, are scams. I say “most,” the truth is; I have never found a good one, and I have tried many.



Why Are You Writing this Wealthy Affiliate Review?


When I started out, I knew next to nothing. I received and am still receiving a wealth of analysis and support from the Wealthy Affiliate University community. I am never alone when I need to improve or correct something that is not beneficial.


Remember, the aim is to build a sustainable business which you can run from home. The business must produce an income to support you and your family.


You will want it to grow over the years so that you can set your own levels of income.


I like the ethos of help and helping others, so, in my turn, I am offering help to you.


There is plenty of room in the world of e-commerce for all of us. Retail shops are dying and online business is still expanding. It is a real growth industry.



How long Will Affiliate Marketing Last?


Well, the world is changing and more and more people are buying online. You can buy almost everything online. The online banking systems and PayPal arrangements make financial transactions easier and safer.


  • Food,
  • Clothes,
  • Cars,
  • TVs,
  • Education,
  • Advice and
  • Knowledge


can all be bought and sold online.


What Do I Have to Do in Wealthy Affiliate University?


  • Study the courses and take action.
  • Learn how to build a website very fast and fill it with exciting reviews.
  • Make money from Affiliate Marketing or Social Media or other forms of marketing.
  • Share your progress and ideas with the community as they share theirs with you.
  • Help people as you get to be more expert yourself.



Is There Mentoring in Wealthy Affiliate University?


Many companies want you to take a course of a day or two and then, having paid good money, you are as lost as you were before. You end up knowing how much you do not know. The secret to getting the most out of modern short courses is MENTORING after the course.


Mentoring is one to one attention being paid to YOUR situation, to solving YOUR problems, not in a large room full of people all clamouring for attention.


Wealthy Affiliate University gives you this, so I like it.


A good friend once said to me: “You Never Know What You Can Do, Until You Try.”


For me – trying it was free so I could take my time, make my mistakes and gradually improve my system.


I hope I have given you a taste of what is here and if you are unsure, perhaps you may want to try some videos and see what you can learn.



What are the Costs in Wealthy Affiliate University?


Here are the costs of Wealthy Affiliate University, no hidden prices or upsells.


Free for Starter  (Free Membership) $0 $0
Join within 7 days – first-month bonus offer (Premium Membership) $19.00 $19/30day=Cost $ 0.633 per day
Continue Monthly Payment (Premium Membership) $49.00 $49/30day=Cost $1.633 per day
Yearly Payment (Premium Membership) $359.00 $359/365day=Cost $0.984 per day
Yearly Premium Plus+ Membership Black Friday offer: $499/year


As you progress and your business grows, there may be other pieces of software you will need. This will depend on the type of marketing you decide on.


Getting the right words in your reviews will have an influence on where you are in the Google search pages.


You get a short version of Jaaxy, which is the best Search Engine Optimising Analyser. To get the full version does cost, but you do not need it at the start, you can use the free version that comes with the Wealthy Affiliate University pro membership.


If you end up doing email marketing, which is highly effective, you will need some help organising 1,000s of emails. GetResponse or Aweber are two pieces of email software which price you according to how many emails you send.


These only become necessary when your business is really growing.



With Wealthy Affiliate University: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


You have read this far so you are interested in Internet Marketing, so I wish you good luck with your endeavours and hope to see you online. I sincerely hope I have helped you and you can contact me using the “Contact” page if you have further questions.


If you have enjoyed or learned something from this review, please leave a comment below.


We welcome questions, criticisms and compliments.






Wealthy Affiliate University Review


  1. Norman

    Knowledge is power and people will pay you for your knowledge and if others are using their knowledge to make a good living while living the dream so can we. Wealthy affiliate has that kind of knowledge that you can combine with your knowledge and make a sucess. There traing is just awesome, the tools are awesome and the community is just great. I would encourage anyone too become a part of wealthy affiliate and start living the dream.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Norman. I agree, the Wealthy Affiliate Training Platform is superb, up-to-date and relevant to becoming a successful online business person., Even more than that is the support you get from other members. We all get similar problems and face similar issues on our path to success. Finding solutions to problems we have ourselves then sharing the knowledge with the community can help other people and vice-versa. there is a lot we canlearn from each other in the community.

  2. Chris Towers

    Wow there is a lot of information here and it looks like the place to be.

    I am doing some research at the moment as I have my own websites already and am looking to increase them in the way of attracting traffic.

    I looked at your other pages earlier and also the one where you are talking about the Jaaxy Platform.

    Are Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate all operated by the same people?

    If so it really looks like an in house product which appeals to me.

    If everything you need is here, it is better than having to search the internet for further training!



    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Chris.

      Yes JAAXY Keyword Tool and Wealthy Affiliate are both operated by the same people.

      This means that they are tailor made to function together and get the best possible results for you.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers training at all levels to assist people to become internet business people.

      No matter what your background is or experience, it is possible to develop your skills and techniques to become successful.

      You are right, to find the same training and technical analysis elsewhere takes a lot of searching and studying. Here, in Wealthy Affiliate, the whole business is integrated and already supplied, all in one place.

      Apart from the training and JAAXY Keyword Tool, there is also a wealth of support and encouragement from the community of members.

      There is a lot to learn so why not have it all under one “roof?”

      I am really happy and excited by the potential in Wealthy Affiliate.

  3. Ibrahim Basma

    Great site, explaining exactly how wealthy affiliate helps in reaching for the goals you create when wanting to open a website. As a wealthy affiliate user myself, i definitely think you’ve made a convincing page. You have broken it down one topic at a time, which really in itself makes it much more readable.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Ibrahim, Thank you. I felt the need to organise my thoughts to make sure I didn’t leave anything out. I hope it is easier for a reader to understand. I really like this Wealthy Affiliate community and would like to get across to a new reader how supportive it is. It is difficult for newbies to understand how much there is to learn and experience.

      The business is exciting and the members helpful and hopefully profitable for us all. There is plenty to go round for everyone.

  4. BikiniBadass

    As a current member of WA, I’m proud of what you have done here. So many people get bogged down with too much information. But, what you did with this post is make everything clear and concise. Thank you for being a member of the community. Don’t forget to add some video as a real life testimonial. You seem like someone a lot of everyday folks can relate to.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi BikiniBadass, Thank you for your complements. You are right, there is so much information that it is necessary to organise it. It is a good idea to summarise the basics on to paper or text and keep referring back to it to remind yourself what you are doing and where you are going.

      Perhaps there is a tendency to try and run before you can walk and leave out some basic steps. The foundations of this business are really important so if you want to be successful it is vital to make sure you have all your foundation blocks in place.

      We are all impatient to succeed and it is easy to take short-cuts and miss important steps.

      Once we have a good, solid process that works, we can repeat it to make more money. The first process is the important one.

  5. David

    hey this sounds really good, the fact that you can do the trial for 7 days without any cost is a major plus. I am always weary about these things online as there are so many scams out there. I have enough exams done in my lifetime so thankfully as you say there are no exams, cheers for all the necessary information outlined, I think I will give it a go (for free)

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment David. As you can see from the article, there is no need to use a credit card to join for free. The first 7 days you can get a lot of help and support. After that you can continue taking the free courses and build your 2 free web-sites.

      This gives a lot of experience and a real opportunity to see how you like the community.

      When you feel ready to take things further, and it is your choice, you can join WA as a premium member and get even more training and support. Only then will you need to pay the membership.


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