When You Get the Money, Your Life Gets Easier

When You Get the Money, Your Life Gets Easier


When You Get the Money, Your Life Gets Easier


First, you get the money, is based on you having a job. When you get your job you will get money. You need money in your daily life, (wages or salary,) then you can live your life with more dignity. You can create independence for yourself.


I think most people agree that when you get the money, your life gets easier. This is my personal opinion, you may not agree. I know money is not everything but without money the going is tougher.



When you get the job, you get the money


Getting a job is very important for adults; we need to work. An ideal job will bring stability to a person’s life. So the governments are also very concerned about the employment rate in their country. This is because it will bring stability to families and to society as a whole. You get a job, you get money to live.


People have a lot of different opinions about the topic of “You get the Money.” There are different opinions because life is different for all of us. It depends on our individual circumstances. Sometimes this is because of changes in life situation and then also, differences in personal opinions. Some people really do not rate making money as highly as others. Do you agree?



When You Get the Money, Your Life Gets Easier

You get the money first or you get knowledge first


In my opinion, most of you get knowledge first. Because our parents paid for us to go to school to gain the knowledge we have now. Of course, how much people learn is not necessarily the same for everyone. In some countries parents do not need to pay for schooling, it is free for children, but in reality, this is already paid for in taxes through their wages or salary. Different families have different rules about studying. Different countries have different rules regarding education too. Differences in people make this world’s differences.


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When you get knowledge first, do you get the money?


When you get knowledge first, do you then get a lot of money? This question is often rattling round in my head. Sometimes you really do not know what kind of knowledge you have to acquire and how to make it create value for you?


You might have a lot of knowledge, but you still have to know how to promote yourself. This is the knowledge that schools never teach us. It relies entirely on how you learn from life experience and how you practice, to get it. Practicing until Perfect is important. It is possible to get some of this knowledge of how to promote yourself from books and courses.


For school students who have just graduated from school and have to find a job, to have some frustration is often a good thing. Challenges tend to make people think harder and help to focus our attention on the problem. In addition to having very good knowledge, you also need to have a humble heart, plus look out for good opportunities.


Life is limited. When will you know that you must begin to plan your future direction?


Leave planning your life for too long and life has a way of taking control and pushing you in a direction you have not chosen.


Will you rely on parents to plan your future for you or will you wait until you know what you want to be, what you want to do?


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What kind of knowledge will you need to learn?


What kind of life strategy will you use?


Where do you start?


What do YOU think?














  1. Norman

    With knowledge comes power and with power comes the money that is the way it is in this life. When we look at those who are successful, it is because they get knowledge, or know-how, and then they become empowered. The money comes once they put that knowledge to good use.

    We have to learn how to do things well and get that basic knowledge from others who have learnt and practiced it.

    We can then build on that knowledge and improve it.

    Your post is well detailed with good information.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for you comment Norman.

      I understand that some people think that having an ambition to be wealthy or even rich is “immoral” or unhealthy.

      I do not believe that. is true. Money is just a tool. It is just a complex form of bartering. Humans have exchanged things for mutual benefit for thousands of years.

      Of course the corollary is that money does not remove problems from our lives. It just changes the problems we get.

      If being wealthy or rich is going to give you the problems you prefer, then go for it.

      My only piece of advice is this:

      Whatever you do, do it well. Do it with passion and determination and never give up.

  2. ajones64

    Hey, Happy great posts. You have raised some good question about our life, the economy and how we view money and the importance of it. I believe that money does make the world function and without money, we would not be able to do the things that we do.
    The question I ask myself if I was able to acquire a lot of money what would I do? My priority list was changing every time. I agree that when you have an education first before the money. We will make better decisions with money.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks AJones. We cannot function easily in this world without money and people have different attitudes to it. To some it is very important and to others it is just a way to make a living and survive.

      Learning about business and how to both make and keep money is one part of the knowledge needed. It is rare to create an income without studying and practicing first. It would otherwise just be luck.

      You get the money when you understand the principles of a business and how it can be established and sustained.

      Earning a lot of money does not make life problem-free, it just changes the problems to different ones, hopefully some problems we would prefer to have.

      Of course you do not need to be a genius or qualify for Mensa: hard work and learning new skills will produce results for most people.

      I appreciate what you say about priorities changing as you make more money.

      Hope you are finding that things are steadily improving for you.

  3. John

    Hi Peony,

    Sometimes money is a taboo subject, you may be happy to talk about it others shy away from the subject. I found your post really interesting and you will have many varying opinions on it.
    We all need money to live but some will get by with very little, others will need a higher paid salary to live on. I suppose it is according to the lifestyle you lead, also we all start off equal in a manner of speaking.
    You could have had a great education, gone through university and not been able to follow the career you are qualified for due to lack of job opportunities. Others with a basic education may be “better off” with a good job and promotion to better pay.
    As you can see I really enjoyed your money topic on this post.


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks John.

      Yes it is interesting how different people’s needs are: some need to just survive and perhaps just want enough money to pay the bills. Other people have an ambition to be wealthy and able to lead a more luxurious life style.

      Some people are not interested in working hard and others are prepared to make the effort to get what they want.

      Money is just a tool to help us get what we need and want.

      Clear goals and a determination to succeed will get you a long way.

      I guess you are right, we all start off with nothing in life so what we make of it is up to us.

      Thanks again for your input.


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