Welcome to you get the money   Hello everyone,   Welcome to You Get The Money.   THANK YOU very much for visiting our website https://yougetthemoney.com/.

 In a world which seems to charge for everything, I want to give you some free help.   Yes! It really is free.   If you have an ambition to earn money online, I will help you.   Here, in You Get the Money, are a lot of answers to the questions you may have:  

  • How do I get started?
  • Do I need to pay anything up front?
  • How much do I need to know?

Working from home, on the internet is the new way to do business and it is ideal for you if you have little money and little experience.   You Get the Money is designed to help you get started and answer your questions.   Do you want to work from home and make money?   You get the money will guide you through the experience.   You Get the Money can show you how to get started with almost no cost at all.   Please read on.  

To me the world is a fast moving, quickly changing place and sometimes it is hard to know what is true and what is not. Do you find that sometimes?   If I am unsure of something, I often ask my family or my friends, people I can trust, what their opinion is. After that I ask the experts, the bank or insurance company etc.   It seems like everyone wants my money but I often feel empty-handed or even cheated afterwards.   I mean, which supermarket or store will let you try a product out free before handing over your precious money? I thought of asking them but I know what answer to expect.   My Mum laughed when I told her that, and my sister swallowed her coffee down the wrong way and went purple for a while. The cat was indifferent and purred louder, thinking the attention was on him.   Life is a challenge and I would like to help you with some of your challenges. I am not an international author, so please excuse the grammar and phrasing, it is just me trying to explain things the best way I know how.  


yougetthemoney.com-nicheSTEP 1 : Choose What You Like to Do? (Niche)

Before you start, ask yourself: ” what do I already like to do?” For example: I like “watches”.  That could be my idea to start my website and build my business. There are millions of different ideas. You should narrow them down to your niche. If you like it, do it all the time and become an expert, you can be very successful online. Make an income for you.  


Start Your Online Business

STEP 2 : Build Your WordPress Websiteyougetthemoney.com-Wordpress1

Build your own free wordpress website within Wealthy Affilliate. The process will take you through step by step. It’s also very important to build a strong foundation for your business.        





STEP 3 : Bring Traffic (People)

Having built your website, you need to get people to go to it. That is a very important step to success. Within Wealthy Affiliate you will learn techniques about how to bring traffic … more opportunities to help you to success.        



STEP 4 :  Earn Moneyyougetthemoney.com-money

Choose your niche, build your website, get traffic and at this point you can start to earn a regular income. There are millions of affiliate programs out there, which are free to join and allow you to promote their products. Some of them pay you a commission up to 75%. Now you can see the way Wealthy Affiliate will teach you solid techniques to build your internet marketing business, successfully, making money online at home.