Is “Profit With Alex” a Scam

Is “Profit With Alex” a Scam

Is “Profit With Alex” a Scam


 “Profit With Alex” Review


Is “Profit With Alex” a scam or legitimate? Read this review before you make a decision. Does “Profit With Alex” really work? The “Profit With Alex” owner Alex Goodwin claims anyone of you using his system can make $38K with it. Is it too good to be true? Let’s dig in to it and get to know what “Profit With Alex” is all about.  


Is profit With Alex a Scam



  •  “Profit With Alex” Program Name:    Profit With Alex
  •  “Profit With Alex” Official Website:    Profit With Alex
  •  “Profit With Alex” Price                :    $37
  •  “Profit With Alex” Owner              :     Alex Goodwin
  • Physical product                           :     eCommerce
  • Profit With Alex                             :     Legitimate or Scam 
  •  “Profit With Alex” Refund             :     60 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Overall Rating                               :     5/10



Is “Profit With Alex” a Scam - Stay Away From Scam


What is “Profit With Alex” About?


 “Profit With Alex” is a software program for Amazon and eBay affiliates. He claims that his software is free. When you make money, he makes money too. It is a win-win situation. Because of this, it is in his best interest to make sure you are a success. He claims that all of you include himself need to share a slice of the $150 billion big pie available from Amazon affiliate marketing.


The “Profit With Alex” software is free and he builds the e-commerce website for you. You need only just 14 clicks to set it up, with 5 simple steps and under 5 minutes, you are ready to go. You will become an Amazon and eBay affiliate marketer, making money without sending or stocking the product or service. Amazon carries the stock and collects the money for you. You make a commission for every sale you make on Amazon. 


When you login to your account in Alex’s software, you have 5 steps to go:


Step 1.  PWA welcome video, an introduction.


Step 2. Automated Product Analysis – that shows you which products, right now, are the hottest products you can choose.

The General Settings tool to set up your website name. The SEO settings tool is to help you to rank your website high up in the Search engines.


Step 3. Auto Website Builder.


Step 4. Auto Traffic Generator – To active your Xtreme traffic accelerator.


Step 5. Your website is done, you can sign up to the Amazon affiliate program and make money.


 “Profit With Alex” Review


 “Profit With Alex” Video Walk You Through




This is the “Profit With Alex” video to walk you through.



 “Profit With Alex” is it a Scam or Legitimate?



“Profit With Alex” is Legitimate and not a scam, because the Clickbank sales team approved him to sell his product.


In my personal experience, I do not want to recommend this product. Because I know building a blog or website needs some knowledge, skills and time to do it. If I do not know how to create and build my website or blog, and then when the website or blog has problems, how do I solve it?


Especially if you are new at online business.  The “Profit With Alex” software owner, Alex Goodwin does not mention anything about it. It is normally quite expensive to ask someone to look after your website or blog.


Even if you are an online business owner, if you know nothing about the internet, it is so dangerous to run your own online business. Even if you have money to employ someone to do it for you, you might not know what they are doing. That is very dangerous for an online business. One day your business might go bust, you may not even know what went wrong with it  


 ““Profit With Alex” software is for anyone to sign up to, without any knowledge and make money overnight.” That is a bold claim and it is too good to be true.


Sometimes, I wonder why all the internet geniuses and experts I know, need to work hard at the beginning to master everything they need to know. Until they are making a consistent income, that is, then they consider letting someone else work for them, outsourcing parts of their business. But, by then, they know every step of their online business and know how to assess each part. Having someone do some work for you means you have to be able to do it yourself, to make sure they get it right.



How Much Does “Profit With Alex” Cost?


“Profit With Alex”s software owner Alex Goodwin charges you $37.00  for website hosting, when you join. It is not clear if this is an annual fee. Best to assume that it is because all hosting is either monthly or annually paid for. You can use “Profit With Alex” software free.


If the $37.00 is a one-time payment, that means that at the end of the year, you won’t renew “Profit With Alex” again.


The Owner of Profit With Alex, Alex claims that if for any reason you are not happy with his “Profit With Alex” software, you can get a 60-day money back guarantee.


Is “Profit With Alex” a Scam - Stay Away From Scam



Is “Profit With Alex” Worth the Money


I would not buy this “Profit With Alex” software product. So I cannot say if it is worth the money to buy it or not. It costs $37.00 to get the website and the setup and products, after this he does not upsell you other things.


To be honest, if you ask someone else to set up your e-commerce online shop, you are paying a lot more money than doing it yourself. I learnt this online business the right way, so I know every step I need to take. The four most important steps are:


  1. Choose your niche (Include your domain name, also the name of your website or blog name)


2. Build up your website or blog. (Your website or blog needs a lot of consistent content, this will take some time and hard work.)


3. Bring traffic to your website. Traffic means visitors. (This is the biggest part of the job for all online business owners.)

Nowadays there are a lot of websites or blogs online. You want people to visit your website or blog. You need to know how to get people to visit your website or blog. The “Profit With Alex” owner Alex Goodwin does not show you how to get people to visit your website or blog, before you join.


4. Make Money (when you get a lot of people to visit your website or blog, you will make money when the visitors buy your recommended products or services. Good products always sell well, especially if there is a good write-up or review.




Does “Profit With Alex” Really Work


I have doubts that “Profit With Alex” can work for everybody. The owner of the “Profit With Alex” claims that anyone, when joining, will start making money on the second day. I have never known that and have never known anyone else that has done so, with any online business.  


This is too good to be true. Is “Profit With Alex” an MLM scheme? How can you make money without any knowledge? For long-term online business, this is not the right way for you to get started.


If you want to get started right from the beginning, learning the right way to learn how to build your successful business online, you need something more substantial and up to date.


I strongly recommend the no.1 online business training platform for all the online business owners and affiliate marketers. This is the platform for you to learn while you making money online. You can get the help you need within the community when you get stuck with anything about your online business.


You join free and try this out and see if it is for you, or not. The “Profit With Alex” does not offer you that.


This is free to join and you will get 2 free websites, 10 free lessons to walk you through the early stages. You can decide, in your own time if you like the training and the community. Try out the extended training program experience afterward. With this brilliant product, you will experience them putting the customer, you, first. There are no time limits to the free trial and they do not want your card or bank details.


You can experience the buzz and excitement of building your own business and see how it should be done. You can then decide, in your own time, if this is right for you, based on your own experience.



  •  “Profit With Alex” Program Name:    Profit With Alex
  •  “Profit With Alex” Official Website:    Profit With Alex
  •  “Profit With Alex” Price                :    $37
  •  “Profit With Alex” Owner              :     Alex Goodwin
  • Physical product                           :     eCommerce
  • Profit With Alex                             :     Legitimate or Scam 
  •  “Profit With Alex” Refund             :     60 day Money Back Guarantee
  • Overall Rating                               :     5/10


Is “Profit With Alex” a Scam - Stay Away From Scam


If you have any experience or opinion with the “Profit With Alex” software product, please leave a comment and your point of view, this can help me and others to get understand better and judge whether or not it is a scam.


 Thank you for reading my article. I wish you all the best.


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Is “Profit With Alex” a Scam



Profit With Alex










Easy to Use



  • Software
  • Training
  • Easy to Use
  • Automatic


  • Not enough Information
  • second day you make money


  1. Victor

    I’m with you on that I would not buy this software because buying into something without any knowledge is just a dangerous thing. If I’m going to dive into affiliate marketing then I want to make sure that I know the ins and outs about it. I appreciate your extensive description of this program because maybe others have heard about it and wonder if they should do it. It’s the first time that I’m hearing about this particular one. 

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Victor

      This is definitely a scam and I have just checked it out again. Thankfully, the website has been taken down.

      Unfortunately, it will probably rise again in a few months under a new name,

      So watch out for anyone promising you a quick fortune and asking for money before explaining what you have to do.

      Grab yourself some high value training with Wealthy affiliate and build a future for yourself that is honest and genuine.

  2. Chris

    I’m a little worried about the websites that this ‘Alex’ guy is offering his members (if that is his real name!). First off, they look pretty dreadful…much like websites used to look in the 1990’s. 

    On top of that – Amazon must have seen a few of these exact same websites coming through their doors to sign up – how long do you think it’s going to be before they catch on and ban them?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Chris.

      I am certain that the Alex name is an alias. The pictures are stock pictures and used in several different websites.

      You are right about Amazon because they check websites out and the method here is to pick up the reviews from the Amazon website. Once they discover this, they will shut you out.

      Also, you will not get ranked by Google using duplicate content.

      So I think the “Profit with Alex” is a complete waste of money.

      It appears that we have forced another scammer to close down his website by honestly reviewing them.

      “Profit With Alex” has been taken down.


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