What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

What is Wealthy Affiliate About?


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What is Wealthy Affiliate About?


  What is Wealthy Affiliate About? Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform for you to learn how to build your own successful business online. Wealthy Affiliate is designed for anyone who seriously wants to build a business online from home. Here is a detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate to help you decide about joining.  


Start Your Online Business  

Can Anyone Help Me to Succeed?

  Wealthy Affiliates has helped so many people. They have been helping people for over 10 years. How many can other businesses like this claim this length of time? When you are considering this kind of business, check out how long they have been trading and how many members they have. Then, compare with Wealthy Affiliate. What is Wealthy Affiliate About?  

Where Do I Work From?

  You can work from anywhere as long as you have a computer/laptop/tablet and internet/Wi-Fi connection. You can learn and create your business online using your hobby or other interests. Even if you have no idea or products to sell on your own, there are ways to make money, which I will explain later. This is the right place for you to get started and build your own long-term passive income online. What is Wealthy Affiliate About


 What is a Passive Income?

  A “Passive Income” is where you do not have to actively do anything to make money. You set up an automated system that keeps earning you money, even when you are sleeping. The only thing you need to do is update from time to time and maybe add new products or services to increase your income.  

Wealthy Affiliate, Scam or Not

  It is very hard for newbies to identify and avoid fake or scam websites online. When you see the online promotions about how you can join and make BIG money without putting in any hard work, it is easy to get drawn in. There are all kinds of adverts to attract you …please stop. Be vigilant and DO NOT be fooled. There is no such thing in the world as a quick fire, get rich quick scheme unless your parents and relatives leave you money or you are incredibly lucky and win the first prize in the lottery. This is an honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. What is special about Wealthy Affiliates is that it stands out from the crowd of scams so often found on the internet. One of the unfortunate consequences of people being scammed is that they often give up and have been cheated out of learning something new and building their own online business. It can be disheartening to find you have lost a lot of money to an online scam.   What is Wealthy Affiliate About



Is Wealthy Affiliate Real?

  There is so much negative information on the Internet, many people become very disappointed. Many people’s expectations are that they can very quickly get very rich. The only people getting rich are the scammers selling the “Get Rich Quick” schemes. This is not true of Wealthy Affiliates. In fact, the opposite is true. The information that I bring to you today will, I hope, will make you feel lucky and really feel good. Because you can, under the right guidance, find the right way to learn all the necessary knowledge for you to build your successful business online. When you are looking for a real, sensible, sustainable business. Here it is.   What is Wealthy Affiliate About    

Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate

  Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? No. Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate online business education platform. The community has over 800.000 active members and is the No.1 online education center for affiliate marketing. You can ask any question and get help from the community experts. You need never get stuck, suffer writer’s block or feel alone. The WA community is the #1 community in the world to get help any time. How does that feel? —It feels good! Yes. You also can get help from the owners Carson and Kyle.  

Let’s Do It Right

  Wealthy Affiliate is the platform for you to study about how to build your business online, the correct way. You will need to do a lot of hard work and it will take time to build your long-term business online. There are no short-cuts for most people, just a process of study, learn and practice what you have learned. If you want to make money quick and fast, this is not the place for you. Here are some feedbacks for you about what the Wealthy Affiliate members say about Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to read more about LynneHuy story please click on the image. What is Wealthy Affiliate About What is Wealthy Affiliate About


Wealthy Affiliate Complaints

  When I first see a new idea promoted on the web, I always do the same thing, I consider if this idea could be a scam. I have, in the space of 18 months only found 2 “complaints” and no real scam assessments, for Wealthy Affiliate. The business has been going for years and has over 800,000 members. I think it is, possibly, the least criticised of any business of this kind I have ever found. The first “complaint” was that W.A. “did not go far enough in the training.” He was already an internet marketer and wanted more advanced stuff. “The training was good but I wanted more.” The other “complaint” was that the customer was a little “bewildered” over how much there was to learn. They had expected to just join up and everything would be “supplied” on a plate, to make money. There is a lot to learn and W.A. takes you through everything you need, step by step. Of course, everyone is different and come to this business with different backgrounds and experience. The important thing is this: Everyone can benefit and pretty much everybody can learn how to do it.    

What is Wealthy Affiliate for?

  Wealthy Affiliate was designed to help people who have the ambition to build their own successful business online, in the right way. It is designed to give you all the basic training and support you may need to fulfill your ambition.



Who is Wealthy Affiliate for?


  • It might be mothers at home taking care of their children who want to make some money to help the family. Perhaps they are tired of their current work and want to create their own new jobs and find a way to make money online. They often look for online opportunities.
  • There are some people who would prefer not to see their manager’s or boss’s face anymore. Perhaps they are fed up with being told what to do.
  • Students wanting to help pay their tuition fees by making money online, this is an ideal choice.
  • There are maybe some retirees who could use their own work experience and knowledge to enrich their retirement life and earn some extra money online.
  • Anyone who has a real desire to create their own business on the internet. Although the focus is on affiliate marketing, the skills and knowledge are very useful in all online marketing.
  • We talk about transferable skills. What you learn here is useful in many aspects of Internet business. Anyone who has a little experience can acquire the rest of the skills they need to be a successful online entrepreneur.
  • Beginners or “old hands” at this business.

What is Wealthy Affiliate About    

Kyle and Carson Wealthy Affiliate

  Kyle and Carson are co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate. They are successful online entrepreneurs with several of their own online businesses. They hate scams on the internet and are unique in that they help people to learn how to build their own business online. Their ambition is to create an environment and software which helps more people to use the right methods to build a successful business online, regardless of whether they are a beginner or have been on the internet a few years (but have not made any decent money online.) All Wealthy Affiliate members can access these two guys if they need help. If there are changes or developments on the internet, they respond quickly with updated training to help members get the most out of their business. If a lot of people are asking the same questions, they produce training and advice to help and support them. There are countless other members, with years of experience, who can help solve technical and business problems. The Ethos of the community is to help and support others. What is Wealthy Affiliate About



Wealthy Affiliate Free Sign Up

  You can get the link from here to sign-up as a free member and 2 free websites for you to practice on. It is easy to understand and has a good user experience.  

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership?

  Wealthy Affiliate free membership is for you if you really want to build a good business online the correct way and you are a little nervous about whether you

  1. Can afford it or
  2. Can do it

You can check out that these lessons are really good. You can have the 2 free SiteRubix hosted websites for yourself to help you get started. You can also have lessons which walk you through the basics. I hope you will really enjoy it and love it. There is no card number or bank account to submit and no automatic billing. There is no time limit for the free trial. You can take all the time you need to make the most of the free courses and websites.  

How Can I do This?

  The Wealthy Affiliate training courses teach you how to make money online in a legitimate way. They also provide free SiteRuBix websites, help you register your own Domain (Website) name. They have:

  1. A boot camp,
  2. Live Chat,
  3. Video Courses,
  4. Classrooms,
  5. A Keyword Tool.
  6. Members questions


What is wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

  Wealthy Affiliate premium membership is for people who have:

  1. Already signed-up to become free members and want to take this business into the professional realm.
  2. Enjoyed the Wealthy Affiliate courses?
  3. Have got a taste of what it is all about and now want to really invest time in a sustainable exciting business?
  4. Have enjoyed and benefitted from the community support and enjoyed being in a community of like-minded people?

This is the paid part.  

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Program?


  1. In-depth online business training certificated courses
  2. Boot camp courses
  3. Video courses
  4. Classroom groups
  5. One to one support
  6. Community support
  7. Many more hosted websites
  8. Well priced domain Purchase

There is almost nothing the training does not cover within

    1. Affiliate marketing
    2. Website construction using WordPress
    3. SEO
    4. Keywords and Keyphrases
    5. How to get high rankings in search engines.
    6. Much, much more
    7. Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community support and how to use it.


Wealthy Affiliate Member Login

  You can Login if you are Member, the image show. As you can see next to it, it is Sign-up. What is Wealthy Affiliate About    

Premium (paid up) members enjoy:


  1. All the above plus:
  2. Free website hosting of a large number of websites, with
  3. Free spam protections,
  4. 24/7/365 website secure service,
  5. Daily website backup,
  6. Extensive training from community experts,
  7. Help from the community.

  It is an all in one platform, easy to access and importantly, avoids any scams online. What is Wealthy Affiliate About    

Wealthy Affiliate Website

  The Wealthy Affiliate website is designed for WA members to have a wonderful user experience. It is easy to use and very clear to understand. Even if you are a new member with wealthy affiliate you will find it very easy to figure out how to use it in their training platform. All you have to do is follow all the training courses and do what they teach you to step by step. There may be parts that make you feel daunted; no worries, repeat the course or part of it and ask for help on the blog. Ask for help by email and you will get helpful encouraging answers. you feel When you join you will receive a welcome letter and a video walk-through showing you all the functions. They will walk you through;

  • Getting started certificate course,
  • Boot camp course,
  • Live video classes,
  • Classrooms,
  • Live chat,
  • SiteRubix where you can build your free website,
  • Free WA keyword tool and Link tracking tool…etc.


My wealthyaffiliate com

  My wealthy affiliate com is for the members who want to help or share their online business knowledge with the rest of the WA community. Everyone can share their experiences, tips, and tricks, inside knowledge and so encourage other members who perhaps feel a little down or frustrated. This can be an enormous help, having this support and backup from other members.    

What is a Niche?

  A niche is a small specialist area of knowledge which you use to find products or services which fit into that niche. e.g. If you are a fisherman, perhaps you find little competition in special lamps for night-time fishing, anti-mosquito cream etc. It is better to find some of the specific niches that large companies are not competing in. There are thousands of them. The training helps you to find your niche.  

What is a Keyword or Key-phrase?

  This is a phrase that many people are searching for on the search engines like Google. E.g. Enter “How to Make a Million Dollars” into a search engine. There are over 97,000,000 answers. Enter “How to make a paper plate snowman.” About 2,500,000 answers. However, if you are trying to get your web-pages to show up on the first page of Google, you need a big number of queries and as little competition as possible.  

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

  The Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool is free and for all members to use. You can use it to help you find good keywords for your blogging and marketing. What is Wealthy Affiliate About


The Free Tool for Success

  “Wealthy Affiliate also provides you with a free keyword tool for you to use. It is very easy to use. Before you write any content you can use the keyword tool to help you find strong keywords. An analysis of keywords is vital to getting high rankings and getting people to read your articles. There are “low hanging fruit” which will help you to find your target audience. You do not need to spend extra money for a keyword tool. All this is explained in the training. Once you have selected your niche and built your first website, you will need to write articles based on your niche. You will post these on your own website. To get people to read your articles you need to understand about keywords or key-phrases. Keywords are words or phrases which people are looking for in search engines. Most people who search for something do not go beyond the first page of the search engine, do you? You need to get your own site links there on the first page. This is part of “Search Engine Optimisation.” S.E.O.) You also can get the first 30 searches free using the Jaaxy keyword tool. if you feel it is something you can use, after the free trial, you can update to the paid version. Jaaxy is a very advanced Keyword tool with many other facilities built in.  

Wealthy Affiliate Compare

  Right now, I have not found any online business training programs to compare with Wealthy Affiliate, especially with the price. Most competitors charge higher prices just for one part of the training offered in Wealthy Affiliate and the training here never stops. It is always available and constantly updated. This keeps you up to date in the fast-changing world of online business. Wealthy Affiliate is the best online business training platform. First, the price

  • annual premium membership costs $359/-, or
  • monthly pay $49/-, (new premium member first month offer $19/-)
  • They also offer high-quality free member lessons for you to enjoy.

As a free member, you can see that this is a serious online business training platform.  You can get all the services on one platform. Just about everything you need is included. There are no upsells or hidden costs. Included is

  1. registering your domain name,
  2. hosting your website,
  3. protecting your website from spam
  4. A free keyword tool
  5. …. A lot more

  What is Wealthy Affiliate About?


Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

  Yes. Wealthy Affiliate has some of the premium members running their online businesses successfully and making millions online. They also went through all the training they could get. You can make money with the wealthy affiliate. It does not happen overnight and it cannot be done without hard work. You need to follow the training and work hard toward your success. If you would like to read more successful people’s stories, please click here.  

Wealthy Affiliate Discount

  Good news for all free members and premium members: Wealthy Affiliates usually makes really good prices and offers on “Black Friday”. You will get the notification of the offers well before they are made available, well in advance. They often discount memberships quite substantially. Click the link here.  

Wealthy Affiliate Bonus


  • You can get the Wealthy Affiliate Bonus at the beginning by joining as a FREE member to know and understand exactly want you will learn about.
  • 2 Free SiteRubix websites and hosting
  • Free lessons for you to learn
  • First 7 days One to one coaching from Kyle (co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate.)
  • Free members and premium members can both enjoy “the black Friday offer”
  • Free WebsiteSSL (https)
  • …a lot more.


Wealthy Affiliate Provides

  Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the real training to learn and build a successful online business platform. You can also register your domain through their platform and your website hosting on their server (you do not have to worry about hosting your website).  

Best Free WordPress Hosting for all Wealthy Affiliate Members

  The best free WordPress website hosting is for all wealthy affiliate members, even if you are joining the free Wealthy Affiliate membership. What is the different benefits of Free membership and Premium Membership? The different benefits are shown below: Wealthy Affiliate Free membership        – 2 Free SiteRubix WordPress website’s hosting Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership – 50 (25/25) WordPress website’s hosting  

Video Coaching

  Jay does video coaching in Wealthy Affiliate. He is funny and has more than 10 years’ experience as an internet expert. You will enjoy his coaching, it is relaxing. You can enjoy and learn without pressure. I understand that, for beginners, technology can make you feel an invisible pressure. Jay’s video classes help everyone enjoy learning and have fun. What is Wealthy Affiliate About  

Wealthy Affiliate Support

  I consistently tell my readers that affiliate marketing is NOT easy and requires a lot of motivation, determination, and patience because earning substantial passive income will not happen overnight. The support from the business owners is uniquely good and there are so many active and talented members who will

  1. Support
  2. Advise
  3. Answer technical questions,

That you could not ask for more. They will not do the work for you, unless you pay them, but will support you all the way. The training will explain how to get the most out of this.  

Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community

  I touched on the community support above and it is amazing how so many people offer help and support. If you follow the training and get help when you really need, it, there is every reason to succeed. You can ask any questions about building your website and doing business online. You will get help whenever you ask. Most communities, I have experienced before WA, have been self-serving and the only object was to get upsells out of you. There are no upsells here. People just help. What is Wealthy Affiliate About    

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Program

  Can you make money through Wealthy Affiliate? Yes. You can focus on becoming an affiliate marketer and start, if you want to, with WA as your first programme to market. You do not have to do that. The training shows you how to become an affiliate marketer. Which company you choose to affiliate with, is up to you. Amazon, for example, sells pretty much everything except stealth bombers, so there is plenty of scopes there. The secret to this programme is to follow all the training.  

Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

  Because the skills and information you will quickly learn are so universal, you can apply them to any business on the internet. You are not limited to affiliating with W.A. alone. Much of what you learn, like Word Press web-building, can be used in any online business. Making money with Wealthy Affiliate is about finding your niche, developing the skills and getting traffic to your sites. If you have quality traffic, you will make money. The training teaches you how to get good quality traffic. What is Wealthy Affiliate About  

What Countries Are Banned from Joining Wealthy Affiliate?

  Currently, there are a total of seven countries that can’t join the Free Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Wait…you can join premium member and get started.

  1. India
  2. Nigeria (update, people from Nigeria are unable to join Premium account as well as the Free membership)
  3. Philippines
  4. Pakistan
  5. Vietnam
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Egypt


How to Succeed in Life

  There are many books and websites which can show you ways to succeed in life. It is true that a psychology of success will help us in anything we want to do. Motivation to learn and persist until we are successful comes in many forms. It can be from outside us, e.g. family or friends. It can be inside us: an ambition to succeed, a determination to continue even when the going gets tough. What can we do to help ourselves?

  1. Study successful people and learn from what they do.
  2. Believe in yourself and never give up.
  3. Set yourself real achievable goals and make plans as to how to achieve them


These are a few of the general success rules

  You can get all of this from Wealthy Affiliate. As well as the skills and support to build your own business online. You will get that external encouragement and knowledge of others who have walked this path before you. Many people have struggled and achieved and none will say it was a piece of cake. All will say: “Do the courses and implement what you have learned. It works.”  

Genuine Free Membership

  Have you ever signed up for a free membership and found:

  1. Your card gets debited after a month or so because you forgot to cancel?
  2. The access gets blocked after a period of time?
  3. Do you have to buy something expensive to actually get some real content?


This Does Not Happen with WA


  1. No card details are taken for free membership.
  2. The free trial has no time limit.
  3. There are several modules with real content to study.
  4. You can get a website hosted.

You could, in theory, learn enough to start your own business at this point. There is so much to this business that, if you are serious, you are much more to likely to create a sustainable and lucrative business by becoming a paid-up member. That is up to you and in your own time.  



  • Genuine Free Trial
  • Courses in all you need to start your own online business.
  • Support from the Founders of the Community.
  • Support from the members.
  • A genuine set of skills which can be used in any online business, although the focus in W.A. is on affiliate marketing.
  • How to set up your website
  • How to find your niche
  • How to drive traffic (visitors to your website)
  • How to turn visitors into paying customers.
  • How to “rinse and repeat” your business model.
  • How to grow your business by outsourcing.
  • How to apply S.E.O. to your website to maximize search engine rankings.
  • No upsells.
  • Encouragement

There is much more I could add but I will ask you to do one thing: See how much it would cost you for just one of these as an independent course, or even the secure hosting. I am certain you could easily spend thousands of dollars getting SOME of this training elsewhere. Getting arrange for structured tuition in how to be a success has to be worth its weight in gold. The community support, I do not believe you will find such support anywhere else. Most courses you pay for will not contact you after the course. You have paid, done the course, Goodbye! Here the support never stops. I hope you have found this article useful. Please post any questions or comments here and I will answer them.      



  1. Furkan

    I know that this platform has a hosting platform and people seem to like it. However I have a question about it.

    Firstly is it secure enough? For example I get spams all the time with my current hosting provider and as I know it is really bad for Seo. How is your experience with it?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Furkan

      I have older sites hosted outside of Wealthy Affiliates. I get more spam through them than the Wealthy Affiliate hosted one.

      Because so many people use it for businesses, it has to be secure and efficient.

      I would like to add that the tech support is second to none in speed and efficacy.

      Hope this helps with your question.

  2. Judy

    This has to be the best, the most comprehensive and easy to read article about Wealthy Affiliate as a legitimate and genuine way to build a business and earn money online.
    You have covered every question any prospective business seeker could want answered and presented a strong case for Wealthy Affiliate as the best option in which to begin building their online presence.
    Everything in this post from the images to the articles describing the program are convincing and credible. You have not glossed over the amount of work involved which people do need to be aware of but at the same time you have shown that it is possible to build a good online business with Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Judy.

      I try to be honest and be as helpful as possible.

      When I first began internet marketing I was like a rabbit in the headlights and really had little idea about what was going on. I remember that and try to write about things in a way that would have helped me back then.

      there are enormous possibilities with the training we get in Wealthy Affiliate and it only really depends on the effort people are willing and able to put in.

      Thanks again and good luck with your own projects.

  3. Reyhana

    I love how the free trial has no time limit and you can remain a free member for as long as you like with Wealthy Affiliate. And they even let you earn while you learn!
    There is no pressure at Wealthy Affiliate and you can always learn at your own pace. The community is great and so are tools at your fingertips. Definitely worth the investment.
    It is for people who want to really learn the ropes of an online business. It is not for people who want to get rich quick.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Reyhana.

      I believe you have hit on one of the difficulties with the internet is that so much of it is immediate. Google a query and the answer takes fractions of a second.

      Look for a You Tube clip and it is there in seconds with several similar recommendations.

      We have become reliant on high speed responses and when it comes to making money, well, we expect the same quick response.

      This results in a lot of hyped up scams on the net that many people fall for. It also means that planning a business that may take months to mature can be very challenging for many people.

      Wealthy Affiliate is wonderful, as you say, in that they allow people to go at their own pace and only become pro members when they are certain they want to make a serious business.

      A really good thing is that many of the skills learnt in Wealthy Affiliate are transferrable to other businesses.

  4. Glenys

    Thank you for this review on Wealthy Affiliate. I must confess that I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you that there really are no short cuts. It really is just a process of follow the training, apply what you have learned and then “rinse and repeat”.

    I am glad that you mentioned the Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community. For me, the community is my #1 favourite thing about Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t know where I would be today without the help, support and guidance that I receive from other members. I was just wondering what your #1 favourite thing was about Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Glenys.

      I have been very impressed with the training. Kyle, who makes most of the training videos, has a real sense of what we need to be successful.

      It seems that not only is the basic training very thorough and logical in its build up, but all the extra trainings he creates which are often  a response to common questions, are so good that they could be independent courses in their own right.

      I would also like to praise the technical support team. Every time I have had a problem in that area, it has been solved. the response from the team has been fast, accurate and supportive.

      I hope you are enjoying your membership and good luck with your projects.

  5. Dave

    Hallo there,

    I have been looking for a proper way to learn affiliate marketing but haven’t found any dedicated program that can really help with that.

    I had seen wealthy affiliate mentioned so many times in social but never thought it was as great and effective as a training as I now understand.

    I am definitely getting a premium account right away. Thanks.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Dave.

      2 years ago I had no idea

      what an affiliate was.

      What SEO really meant

      what keywords are

      what “content” means and how important it is

      how pleased Amazon and others are to take on good affiliates.

      How to create a business round a niche that will eventually make me an income.

      It is almost a degree in affiliate marketing with benefits of technology support.

  6. SJ

    wow thanks for this super comprehensive review Happy. I don’t think I’ve come across anything like it.

    I just wish I came across this review first to allay all my fears and explain to me what WA is all about. I had to do my own research in various places before I signed up for WA’s free starter membership. And then I’ve never looked back. Its truely a legit and great place to learn everything you need to know about running a successful online business!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks SJ. Glad things are working out for you.

      I think it is possible to use a lot of energy up sorting out the good from the bad and working out what direction to take.

      At least with Wealthy Affiliate the goals are clear and the steps to take are laid out for us. For those who really want to make money online, and are prepared to put in the effort, the rewards are there for the taking.

      Like you, I tried all sorts of things and made a few costly mistakes before finding W.A.

  7. Delois

    My goodness! Your blog post is so well organized. You could make an e-book from it about WA. So much detail and information. You left no questions unanswered and no stone un-turned. Anything someone would want to know about WA, you have covered. The material is presented in an interesting format. Thanks for all this information about WA. Makes me know even more that I am in the right place.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Delois. Glad to have been of help.

      I think when someone is embarking on a project as important as Wealthy Affiliate, it is really necessary to have as much useful information as possible. I often read several reviews online before I buy anything to get as much information as I need. One review should really be enough, I think.

      Will have to look at the idea of an eBook, thanks for the idea.

  8. Ken Vannortwick

    Excellent article explaining every thing you need to know about Wealthy Affiliate. Straight forward and a real honest explanation how their system can help you start an online home business.

    You definitely are right about finding complaints about this company. All we could find were positive comments and a tremendous amount of people that are having successful results.

    How can a company attract that many members? They must be providing solid training that is working. We couldn’t find another company with that even comes close. It seems to be the best value and is trusted more than any other company that we could find online.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Ken

      There are so many scams on the net these days, I think people are becoming wary of promises to make them rich. The truth is that overnight success takes some time and a lot of hard work.

      So it is difficult to sort the good from the bad. It certainly took us a long time and cost quite a lot of money before we found W.A.

      As you say, the numbers speak for themselves.

      I once calculated what the training courses would cost with other companies who offer them separately. It was thousands of Dollars to get the same training as Wealthy Affiliate offer for a few hundred. That is not to mention the extra support and reduced hosting fees etc…etc..

  9. James Underwood

    Hi Viyee,
    I can attest thatn Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great place to learn how to become an affiliate marketer. I have only been part of the WA community for a short time but already I have learned much more than I thought I would.

    It is work though. I think the people who are not successful don’t do the training. I can’t imagine why you would not complete the classes, they are easy to follow and they WORK. If it works for one person, it can work for every person.

    Add me to the long list of supporters!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi James. Thanks for your comment.

      I think you have hit the nail on the head. Do the training, all of it and practice what you have learnt. That will definitely give you the skills and tools to build yourself a profitable web presence.

      Many people want a quick fix and unfortunately, there isn’t one.

      We all work at different speeds and come with different background knowledge so it will take us  different amount of time to follow the courses. It all goes towards our own personal development.

      I am enjoying my time here on Wealthy Affiliate even though it can be challenging at times.

      I hope you continue to enjoy it and enjoy the learning.

  10. Dave

    hi there

    I would like to strengthen your point on wealthy affiliate, this system has lifted me up from nothing to the individual i am today, and all of the visitors to my four websites is all thanks to wealthy affiliate and not to mention they are all hosted there.

    I would definitely support advise a beginner to start there.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Dave.

      I’m glad you have found Wealthy Affiliate. I am still very much learning the ropes. Perhaps we never stop learning?

      Following the courses certainly takes anyone through the steps needed to make a success of being an online businesses person. It often amazes me how much I have learnt and how useful it has all been.

      You are right, this is the best place for a beginner to start. Hosting is one of the facilities that is not promoted much here but the hosting is excellent and very secure.

      Wishing you good luck in the future.

  11. Anne


    I am from the old generation, discovering internet lately, I mean more than just surfing a little bit and using Skype. It is quite scary considering all the scam and unhonest people on there.
    I was extremely lucky to find the Wealthy Affiliate University, trying something at no risk and discovering an incredible community. I felt welcomed and supported from the first second. This platform gave me the possibility to learn and create 4 websites by now from scratch. And as you see not even my English is good. So as you say, this is a real deal.


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Anne,
      Glad you are feeling good about the community. I think there is no better way to improve a skill than by practicing it.
      Developing websites, writing content and blogs are great practice in using the skills learnt here on the courses and from other members.
      There are people writing in English from many different countries and they are not all the same kind of English. English from America,
      Australia and the UK all have slight differences in grammar, spelling and background culture. It all adds to the colour and interest for readers.
      The French have a saying: “Vive La Difference.!” (Long live the difference usually applies to gender but English people use it in a much broader sense.)


  12. Mubs

    thanks for the in depth review of WA. I found it really helpful to make a decision to weather go for the premium option or stick with the free version. I think i might try it out because of the video training that happens every week. i learn better by watching things happen in front of me live.

    If i dont want to be a premium member can i go back to being a free member or is that not possible?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Mubs

      Thanks for your comment.

      There are a couple of points regarding your main question:

      1. If you decide to go “Premium,” you can always revert back to the free version.

      2. There are so many aspects of the pro version that are extra benefits. you will lose these if you revert back to the free version. This might include hosting of websites etc. etc.

      3. If you are serious about becoming an online entrepreneur, you will find so much knowledge and back up in the pro-system that, I believe, you will not want to revert back to the free version.

      4. Many of the benefits include things which are more expensive outside Wealthy Affiliate, so you can save a lot of money being a premium member.

      In the end, the decision is yours.

      With regard to the courses:

      1. They are very extensive and will enable you to do a lot towards building your own online business.

      2. The skills and techniques you will learn are applicable to any online business, not just to Affiliate Marketing.

      3. If you paid for just a few of these courses outside Wealthy Affiliate, you would have to pay a lot more, and the Wealthy Affiliate support is really good.

      These are my opinions based on experience within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

      I can understand your caution and you are right to ask these questions. The decisions you make about your future are yours and only you know your own circumstances and what you feel it is right to do.

      I hope this has been a help for you to make up your mind where to go from here.

      Have you enjoyed the free courses? Are you beginning to feel this is probably a business for you?

      Good luck, whatever you decide.

  13. Jack Taylor

    As a fellow Wealthy Affiliate, I can only imagine how long it took you to write such an AWESOME Wealthy Affiliate Review.

    You covered everything and more in your review. I have learned so much since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Obviously, you did too!

    Training outside the Wealthy Affiliate Courses from other members such as Jay, are outstanding and have helped me get to where I am today.

    I saved your website to my favorites and I’m sure we are following each other in Wealthy Affiliate as well. Keep up the great work and best wishes!


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Jack.

      It is sometimes difficult to second guess what people would like to know about Wealthy Affiliates.

      Making money as an affiliate marketer seems to crop up a lot, with the emphasis on “making money.”

      since W.A. is not a scam, but a genuine path to achieving your own business, things take time. It takes a while to master the ins and outs of building a website, writing articles and reviews, optimising the website so that people find it on the net and monetising the visitors.

      I know that some people are quite desperate to earn some money quickly and this is not the business to jump into.

      I do know that, once the basics have been learned and put into practice, there is a long term business with no limit to the earnings possible.

      Thanks for your support and encouragement.

      I wish you well with your own business.

  14. Chris


    Great Inforamtion on what is one of the best training platforms for learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

    Wealthy affiliate is a great community which will help anybody succeed with online affiliate marketing.

    I like the fact that most of the question I ask when im stuck with some of the training normally get answered within minutes.

    It is important that we are all different. We all have different ways of learning and all find different things hard or easy.

    W.A. s flexibility in adapting to their customers needs is really good.

    1. Technical problems get resolved fast – usually within hours.

    2. Questions about problems of understanding can be put in a blog or a “Question” and there is always someone else who has solved that problem. A colleague in the community or sometimes Kyle himself.

    3. Motivation can drop and things can seem slow at times. There are some really experienced people who can offer advice and support to help you carry on and make a success.

    Worth considering if you want to build a serious online business or just make a little extra income.


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Chris.

      It is as complete a course in “How to Make Money Online” as you can get.

      Remember also that a lot of what you will learn is useful in any kind of business.

      For example: building a good useful web-site that brings in customers and works efficiently.

      This can be used for any business these days. Almost all businesses in any niche need an online presence.

      Just a website on free hosting is not good enough. The website needs to:

      1. reflect the character of the business,

      2. be attractive

      3. supply the information people want

      4. lead to sales

      5. attract people to the website, i.e. potential customers.

      This is only a small part of what Wealthy Affiliate offers.

      Thanks for your comment, Chris. Hope your own projects are going well.

  15. Rico

    I have been researching affiliate marketing products for months now and I have seen them all – from “Get Rich quick schemes ” or programs that require thousands of dollars of money right up front. I am so glad I came to your site, because your breakdown has been absolutely down to the most minute concern or question, one could possibly have. Thank you for helping me make this decision a whole lot easier.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      You are welcome Rico.

      It is also easier to make decisions about what to do if we have enough information.

      I have attempted to give a detailed and honest explanation of what is on offer here in Wealthy Affiliate.

      I hope anyone considering this kind of business will not be put off but feel that they are going into a business with their eyes open.

      It is possible to make a living and eventually a very good one. It does take some work and dedication.

      Above all it takes some study and learning to apply what is learned.

      Good luck with your own decisions and remember to ask if there is anything else you would like to know.

      I will do my best to answer honestly and completely.

  16. los

    Hey, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative review of wealthy affiliate.
    I joined wealthy affiliate a few months ago and I really have to say that I truly am enjoying the membership.
    I have even earned some money up until this point.
    But WA is no free money scheme, you still have to put in the work.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Ios.

      There is so much to explain about Wealthy Affiliates and what members get out of the business, it is hard to stop.

      I hope that there is enough information for people to make a well-informed decision about whether to join or not.

      If anyone is in doubt, take the free offer. You will learn enough to help you understand what you really have to do to create a business online.

      to make money in the long term

      to maintain and increase your income.

      to become independent without being scammed out of a shed-load of your hard earned cash.

      to enjoy being part of a supportive community.

      Any real business needs time and energy for it to grow.

      Good luck with the future Ios.

  17. Dave

    I read your review of Wealthy Affiliate which is very in-depth.
    I noticed you’ve actually found 2 negative reviews about them over the course of 18 months. I found the same but felt I needed to check them both out to see if they were valid complaints or not.
    Interestingly one of them stated that it was a scam because they weren’t able to make any money after being hard at it for 3 months. That’s probably true, it actually took me 4 months to get my first sale
    Any members who are hesitant about doing 3 months here should just put a time frame out of minds and focus on work. That’s what I did and now my site and annual membership pays for itself.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Dave.

      You are absolutely right.

      The formula for success is in the training. It is all there. How long it takes people to learn and put it into practice varies from person to person.

      Remember that any new business can take months to get off the ground, especially if you are starting with little capital.

      Once you reach the point of making some money, you will find your confidence grow. You will realise that it is possible and you have only to repeat what you are doing and the money will grow.

      If you are desperate to make money quickly, then this is probably not the right place to pour your energy in.

      Many of the online scams are targeted at people who feel they need to get a lot of money quickly, so it is an emotional decision to join them.

      I would say that Wealthy Affiliates based businesses are more sustainable in the long run and there is no real limit to what you can earn.

      Sounds like you have studied well Dave.

  18. dreamgirl93

    Hi! Your article is very clear and helpful. Wealthy Affiliate has so many members and it’s difficult to find online complains about it (I’ve search that). Everyone seems to be happy from Wealthy Affiliate and everyone who works and applies what he/she learns on Wealthy Affiliate seems to make money. It’s an excellent products and such excellent products are easy to promote. People see its value

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Dreamgirl.

      There is no doubt that the courses in WA are superb and cover so much.

      There is a need to follow, study and put them into action.

      It can be difficult for some people to accept that there is a certain amount of hard work to put in, before the results begin.

      Sometimes we get things a little wrong and have to go back and repeat a part of the process to get it right.

      You are absolutely right though, take the courses, learn the stuff and do what you have learnt and you will make money.

      It is not quite the same as buying new clothes or furniture, where once it is bought, you have it there at home.

      With a business it is more like a garden. It needs tending, feeding nd watering and the weeds removing from time to time.

      Also like a garden it is possible to step back and admire what you have created.

      Unlike a garden or new furniture, it can make you money.

  19. John

    Wow, you have put together a very comprehensive article here. Wealthy Affiliate must be the real deal when it has been around for so long and so many members. They must have the right formula. I like your honesty about needing to put the effort in…as they say “you reap what you sow”. The owners seem like a great pair of guys wanting to help newbies learn the good habits of building websites.Thanks and I just signed up.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Congratulations John.

      They have an excellent formula which has been honed from experience and knowledge.

      These guys continually update and modify the training according to the changes in the business.

      It is often the case with formal college education that there is a time lag in what is “current.” Her, the whole community is kept up to date and can ride the market trends and fashions.

      I say this to all new signers:

      1. Take all the training and really study it.

      2. Leave nothing out. Do what they teach you. You can modify things when you have learnt the basics and can really utilise them.

      3. If you get stuck, ask for help. There is plenty of help to be had.

      4. Plan you days like a self -employed person. Allocating time to do various things and stick to your plans.

      5. Believe in yourself. You are greater than you think.

  20. NathanG

    Thank you for your information on Wealthy Affiliate, Peony. Knowledge truly is power and you can learn a great deal of it from the numerous training opportunities at WA. That coupled with the fact that there is a helpful community of people ready to help you at anytime makes is a great place to build an online business. By the way, your blog looks cool! Great job here!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for the compliment Nathan.

      There is always room for improvement and in this business, updating and refreshing is vital.

      I do believe that, especially for newcomers to this kind of business, there is nothing better.

      I have seen mentoring programmes that cost thousands elsewhere.

      Her, in WA we have our own mentors, technical experts, guides and motivators. I feel it is an amazing mixture.

      The Technical support is superlative.

      this does not have to end here, either. Once you are established, there is nothing to stop you expanding out into other means of building passive incomes, using the skills learnt here in W.A.

      B.T.W. I learnt how to build the blog / website / etc etc here in Wealthy Affiliates.

      Knowledge is Power.

  21. Haider Khalid

    I have been a member of WA for over a month now and I want to thank you for sharing all this about Wealthy Affiliate. You did absolute justice to what the site offers! Comprehensive review indeed.

    One thing I would like to suggest and that is if you could post something similar related to WA referral program as well. I think people would love to read about that too. Great work anyway, I’ll bookmark your site to my favorites.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Haider.

      There is so much to write about in Wealthy Affiliates that sometimes it is difficult to stop.

      I think you have a point about the referral scheme and how that works.

      Especially if you are going down the route of becoming an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate.

      there are many other opportunities:


      Click bank


      Most Large online businesses operate an affiliate scheme and part of the training is how to seek out and find ones appropriate to your own chosen niche.

      I have another project to finish and then will build an article round the Wealthy Affiliate referral scheme.

      Thanks again for the tip.

  22. Stephen

    Hello friend,

    In fact when I look at your review on Wealthy Affiliate there is no doubt that this is a legitimate program, I’m one of those who has fallen victim to online scammers and so I’m very careful about any offer online. I make sure I do a thorough review about the program or product before accepting it.

    The fact that I can join Wealthy Affiliate for free alone is a good sign it is something legitimate. And I like the idea of building my own business website, as you mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate will help me to achieve just that.

    Also, I like the fact that I can easily get help from members within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Online business without any help is so difficult to achieve any success, so if I will get help from Wealthy Affiliate then I’m going to sign up now.

    Thank a lot for sharing this review with me.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Stephen.

      Oh Yes! Like you, I have wasted a lot of money on schemes with no real substance.

      If you start off in Wealthy Affiliates with the intention of creating a coup[le of Word Press based websites and building some articles around your chosen niche, you can do it for Free.

      It is invaluable experience and the courses that teach you are really thorough.

      You can practice the basics of an online business and find out how straight-forward it is. Just follow the training and ask for help when you need it.

      I am not suggesting that you can make a fortune from the basics but given time it is possible to build a small business for almost nothing.

      This also gives a newcomer the experience of what is involved and to see if they can really do it.

      It is a real win-win situation.

      Good luck with your own business Stephen. Hope you enjoy Wealthy affiliates.

  23. Brian

    Wealthy Affiliate is just such an amazing place to learn to build a thriving online business. The fact that anyone at Wealthy Affiliate can contact the owners and get a response shows that this is not a scam and is a very legitimate place. What has been the best experience for you since you’ve been a part of Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thank you Brian.

      The best experience for me? There have been many, although, I have to say that there have been times when I have been really stuck with something technical and had NO idea what had caused the problem and how to begin to solve it.

      You know that scenario when you think: “Oh no! I am stuck with this and who on earth can help me?”

      Believing that it is a fault caused by my own ignorance or I have done something wrong but do not have a clue what it is. The world begins to crumble and I ask Technical support in WA for help.

      I expect unpublished giggles at my stupidity and a patronising response of: “Weeeell, you should have done this or that.”

      What I have received is a sorting of the problem within hours, sometimes minutes of asking.

      Bingo! The world is put to rights and I can get on with what I CAN do, write reviews and comments and sort out my SEO.

      The technical support is second to none and that has emboldened me to attempt things I would, otherwise not have done.

  24. JeffWA

    Hi! I must congratulate you on presenting such a thorough analysis and presentation on Wealthy Affiliate. Everything that one would need to know about this company, in business for 12-years, in allowing him/her to make an informed decision as to whether or not this program would provide him/her in learning how to create an online business.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the exact opposite of all the fake, bogus opportunities that still can easily be found on the Internet.

    The two co-founders of the organization Kyle and Carson make it quite clear that building a profitable online business takes TIME! WA is not a get-rich-quick scam like so many other junk business sites that promise you the world regarding earning and days after a person would begin his/her training.

    And, as indicated above, Wealthy Affiliate does NOT guarantee incredible amounts of income for everyone who joins the program.

    I looked at the two people who issued complaints against WA and look at what they stated as somewhat ridiculous.

    The one person, very advanced at Internet marketing thought that the company offered him, (or her) nothing else by way of training. I guess that this person already knew it all. In reality, the world of online marketing in a business continues to evolve. This person might have been successful already. But, if the individual still follows the principles in play regarding promoting a business as if it still was the year 2012, then quickly his/her profits will soon be reduced monthly. He will become outmoded in his business marketing practices.

    As to the second complaint, one that I’ve heard in a few other instances that was a bit phony as well. This person probably wanted to learn everything quickly as he/she wanted to start earning profits in a business yesterday. You have to go through the training slowly. A lot of info is presented. Then again no member is pressured from outside sources except for perhaps the individual himself who is impatient.

    WA, without question is the best training platform seen on the Internet that enables its members to learn how to slowly create passive income in an online business.

    Your review again presented all that one would need to know concerning the many aspects of this program.


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Jeff.

      I do agree with you regarding the “complaints.” They were ridiculous.

      Maybe people’s expectations are a little unrealistic these days

      We are very used to high speed gratification and everything handed to us on a plate, for the right price.

      Of course that is an illusion, since, at the moment, we cannot take a pill and immediately know all about Internet marketing or S.E.O. there is some hard work to do. Fortunately, a lot is covered in the training and by practicing what you have learned, it will remain in your memory.

      I have found that, with I.T., often, it is enough to know what can be done, what the possibilities are, then we can look up the details of exactly how to do it. W.A. is the perfect place for that since many members share their “secrets” with the rest of the community. Some real pearls of wisdom have come from members who have solved a problem or found good ways to make money, then they share the details with the community.

      Thanks again Jeff for your detailed and thorough comment.

  25. Minhaj

    This is a really comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate. It truly is an all in one learning center for affiliate marketers. Sometimes the amount of training can be overwhelming but if you follow the course as laid out by the owners you will hopefully see success.
    I didn’t know about the countries where the free training is not available, it is a shame but I am sure they have their reasons.
    Great review and all the best.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Minhaj.

      Yes there is a lot of training. It covers a lot of different topics relevant to internet marketing.

      If you want to become an internet marketer and run a successful business, it is a good idea to do all the training.

      Most other training companies break things down to smaller chunks and sell each part separately.

      In W.A. it is all there.

      It also means that if people begin the training with some prior knowledge, they can focus on “filling in the gaps.” They can do the bits they are not familiar with.

      Personally, I do not recommend that. I think it is better to get an up-to-date picture of what is vital in internet business. I think it is good to do all the training.

      For a thorough grounding in building and maintaining your own affiliate marketing business, there is nothing to beat Wealthy Affiliate.

  26. Ilias

    I like the idea of working from anywhere I want. It would give the option to make things in my life that I cannot make these days.

    In your opinion, how often does a regular person who works a few hours per day on his blog or website achieve a full-time income?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Lias.

      Yes, once you have established your business, you can run it from anywhere using a P.C. or laptop, as long as you have an internet connection.

      There is no need for stock or premises with affiliate marketing, a big advantage.

      Working a few hours a day on a blog is a good way to start, however there are other aspects of the business you need to complete:

      1. Building a website in Word Press.

      2. Learning and using Keywords.

      3.Writing content for your website.

      4. Identifying your niche.

      5. Learning how to get “traffic” to the website. (Traffic = visitors.)

      6. Refining your search engine optimisation.

      7. Monetising your “traffic.”

      8. Expanding the business.

      If a person follows the training and applies the techniques, you will earn money. Everybody finds some parts of the business easy and others difficult. What you can achieve in a few hours a da, depends on your own experience and how you apply the training.

      I wish you success in your own business.

  27. Karen Noone

    What a great and comprehensive overview of wealthy affiliate. You show everyone exactly what they will be getting and how great the wealthy affiliate programme is. You are absolutely right that this is no get rich quick scheme and that putting in time and effort is the key to success no matter what you are doing.
    How long have you been part of WA?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment Karen.

      I have been in W.A. for nearly 18 months now. I have to confess there are some things I am still learning.

      Some things come easy and maker a lot of sense. Others take a bit of re studying and practice. Whenever things go wrong it is usually because I have skipped something from the training so I agree that putting in the effort is well worth while.

      I am still building some parts of my business because I realised there were more opportunities for earning a living than I had dreamed of.

      A good base to the business is important and I have gone back and reworked some of my early website content. That is not completed yet.

      It is already having a good impact and things are looking very good for me now.

      You are right in that the lessons of how to build a business are relevant in affiliate marketing and everywhere else.

      There is always something to improve and update. I really enjoy what I am doing and making money doing what you enjoy has to be a pleasure.

  28. igorze

    I really enjoy reading this very comprehensive, useful and informative review of Wealthy Affiliate platform. I joined Wealthy Affiliate community about 10 months ago. I can confirm WA is not a scam but legitimate training program for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers.
    My question is about money. How long does it take to earn enough money to quit a 9-17 job?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for writing Igor.

      Ha! You have asked the magic question asked by many and lies in the forefront of almost all of us.

      How long does it take to earn money here. After al, that is why we start out building a business; to earn money.

      I will answer that although first I need to clarify a few things:

      1. Everyone who starts off in W.A. has a different start point. They have a different background. some are complete beginners and some come with skills, perhaps IT skills or business skills. Some people come as already experienced internet marketers. They come to top up their skills or update their knowledge.

      2. People learn at different speeds. Some people absorb things very quickly. Others, like myself have to repeat certain parts of the training to ensure I have completely understood. Sometimes we find that a particular skill pops up as a requirement in our business and we go back and repeat the relevant training or look up more specialist training sessions. (Some of these are developed and published by members themselves. (There are some smart cookies here.)

      3. Peoples ambitions vary. It is possible start off becoming an Affiliate for W.A. itself. Often people graduate to Amazon Affiliate or Click Bank or…well there are so many. Some people specialise in a niche and gain affiliate relationships with relevant companies to their own niche. I do not want to confuse people with all the possibilities, though, honestly, there are thousands. Many go on to market their own range of products and apply the same skills to affiliate marketing that they have learnt here.

      4. Our old enemy and friend: Time. Taking into account 1,2 and 3 it is necessary to consider how much time you can dedicate to your business.

      These factors all contribute to the answer: some people start making money quite quickly and others can take a year before things start clicking into place.

      One of the secrets we learn is how search engines learn to judge a good site from others. The factors can include:

      1. Good content (articles.)

      2. How long the site has been active.

      3. How relevant it is to the niche it covers.

      What it boils down to is quality.

      Do the training, all of it. Learn it. Put it into practice and devote regular time to your business and you will make money.

      How long it takes is dependant on you.

  29. Angel

    This is the kind of review I was looking for. Very informative and honest. I can imagine experienced marketers might not be keen to sign up for WA. It is like a training program, but as you mentioned technology always changes and I think WA does a good job keeping up with it.

    I like how you can try it for free and get started right away. This is one of the main features that I am attracted to. It was so easy to build a website and follow the instructions given.

    I noticed a lot of participation in the community and friendly people who are ready to help. This can be reassuring in the journey to an online business. Thanks for sharing!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thank you for the compliment Angel.

      I have attempted to cover as much as possible and answer as many concerns as possible that people may have.

      The training is very thorough and even the free part is enough to get started and give you a serious taste of what it takes to learn affiliate marketing and build an online business.

      The community support is quite remarkable. There are technical wizards and kind people who develop extra training and share it with members.

      If you get stuck there is a fantastic technical support and if you simply run out of ideas about what to do next, someone will have already posted help. If not, just ask.

      Solving other people’s problems often helps me to get things untangled in my own head. It can be like writing down a problem you are concerned about and when you see it on paper in front of you, it is so much easier to resolve it and feel relaxed.

      You would be surprised at how many experienced people sign up. The training is so thorough and complete in Wealthy Affiliate that many find they can expand and improve their existing business by doing the training.

      Wealthy Affiliate has some very clever members and some develop extra, detailed training, usually in something they are expert in.

      I have been very exited to get some bumps ironed out in my business by other members. If Kyle and Carson see a problem constantly cropping up, they develop a course to help people.

      It is a dynamic community and that makes for a learning environment that is quite unique.

  30. Arie

    Wealthy Affiliate is awesome!

    As someone who has been a WA user for about 3 months, I have learned quite a quite a bit from building a website, adding content, using keywords as well as learning how to promote products.

    What caught my attention with WA is that unlike most “make money” sites, it is free to join and does not promise to earn you thousands right away.

    The support there is also very good as you have access to the live chat feature for quick answers as well as using the search bar at the top and even having the option to message Kyle and Carson themselves.

    My question is, do you think there is anything in particular that WA could add or improve upon?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Arie

      I think there is little that should be added or improved. W.A. is dynamic and moves with the times. Kyle and Carson are very aware of what is happening and keep the training very up-to-date.

      The training teaches us what to do and if we follow the training, it works.

      Nothing is perfect and W.A. is a community with a variety of very different people. Many have divergent views so sometimes it is wise to step back and be analytical of what advice we take.

      Most of the problems people have are when they do not follow or understand the training.

      If they do not understand they can always ask the community.

      If they do not follow the training, perhaps they should try to do that.

      I have had several technical issues which have been sorted out within hours of reporting them. That is phenomenal.

      I have met people who have come to W.A. with experience and knowledge already learned. Some feel that  there could be more of the advanced training. Maybe that is true but by the time a newbie has reached that same stage, they should be able to research the issues themselves, or ask the community. There are some pretty smart cookies around, many of whom will help.

      I hope I have answered your question to your satisfaction.

      If you feel there is something that could be improved, tell Kyle and Carson. They do not sit on their backsides counting their money. They are very active in the community.

      Thanks for commenting and good luck with your own business.

  31. Phil

    Hi there
    Well done on posting such a great review of Wealthy Affiliate. I just like yourself was fortunate to find this great online income opportunity and I hav’nt looked back since.
    The training is superb, the backup is even better, but the great community is just awesome.
    There is a fantastic family atmosphere involved and it has been steadly building for the past number of years and is only getting better and better.
    Best wishes on your journey
    Cheers PB

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Phil.

      Good to see a familiar face.

      Thanks you for commenting. I know you have considerable experience within W.A. so your opinion carries a lot of weight.

      I agree that there is some self regulating going on and people are becoming sensitive to people’s needs.

      It is easy to drop into a kitchen table dialogue in blogs and important issues get lost. I have a feeling of being nudged and guided in good directions in terms of writing and training, in particular.

      We all need that at times.

      I do feel that the essence of Wealthy Affiliates is that the more you do, the more you put in, the more you learn and the better you become at building an online marketing business.

      Best Wishes on your journey as well, Phil.

  32. Chris


    Great information on what is a great training platform.

    As a keen user of the platform i have found that it has been fantastic for learning the best ways to succeed with Affiliate Marketing.

    All the tools and training are provided by a wonderfull online community. The best part is that if you are ever stuck and need to ask questions. Your question is normally answered within minutes.

    Definitely recommended.


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Really pleased that things are working out for you.

      The training in W.A. is also very useful for all forms of internet marketing.

      The focus on building your own unique business is based on developing your own specialist are, your niche.

      The methods used to develop that business can then be repeated with another niche or another website.

      In this way you learn how to build your first business and simply repeat the process again and again to increase your income.

      Even with minimal technical know-how, it is possible to learn how to do this through the extensive training courses.

      If you have some background or experience, you can extend and improve your skills because the training is constantly updated to follow the latest trends in internet marketing.

      Thanks for reading.

  33. GabeTheGreat369

    Great post!! Lots of awesome info!!

    It makes me happy to see word going around for WA. So far it has been one of the most helpful tools I have purchased and I only look forward to seeing what else comes from it!! I am going to share this article with a few friends who have been on the fence about joining

    Thank you for the write up!!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      I am sure you will find some incredible knowledge from joining W.A. and wish you all the best of good luck.

      The training offered is relevant to building an online business.

      Affiliate business is one way to get into internet marketing and make a long term income.

      There is no need for massive capital, premises, staff or large investments in stock. This makes it right for someone starting out.

      Once the principles have been learned and you have your business set up within your chosen niche, you can simply repeat the process, and it is much easier the second time around.

      Stick to the training, do it all and get help when you need it. It is all there for the asking.

      Hoping you do well, thanks for reading.

  34. Weston

    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate! I appreciate you also defining passive income and the benefits of it. I love the idea of being able to work from wherever I want. That’s what first got me into affiliate marketing. I’ve been a member of WA for a few months now and have learned so much.

    WA has everything you need in one place to start an online business. And they aren’t giving out promises that will never be fulfilled. They are real and upfront about how to make money and how it’s different for everyone. But it will take hard work and lots of time for each person.

    Thank you for promoting such a trustworthy opportunity!


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Weston. Yes, it is incredible how many scams there are on the net. There are a lot of very expensive courses as well.

      W.A. comes out as amazing value for money. The courses cover everything you need to know to get your internet business humming.

      Most of the training has just been updated and if people get a bit stuck, there are the questions and community blogs to get help.

      W.A. is the real deal.


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