CB Passive Income 4.0 Review

CB Passive Income 4.0 Review


The words “Passive Income” always send a shiver up my spine. They imply that you can pay a fee to an internet guru and suddenly this money will begin flowing in and you can be passive and do nothing. CB Passive income 4.0 therefore set me on my back foot for this review. I began skeptical but see the sense in it now.


Name                                    : CB Passive Income 4.0

Website                                 : www.cbpassiveincome.com

CB Passive Income 4.0 price: $47/per month, $97/one time

Owner                                    : Patric ChanCB passive income 4.0

Rank                                      : 5.5/10



“Passive Income.”


This is why “passive Income” puts me on my guard, and you are right to be wary too.


I have known many rich and successful people and two things have struck me about those people.


  1. They desperately wanted to be successful.
  2. They were prepared to work hard at it.
  3. They accepted failure as a learning process; something for them to do better next time.


I know, I am sorry, that is 3 things. The point is they had learned an important lesson in life; there are no free lunches. People will not just give you their hard earned money for nothing. You have to earn it. you have to give them something of value to winkle out their cash.


What I am getting at is this; I do not believe in a passive income, especially if you are starting from nothing.


I just needed to explain my feelings about making money.


I have also known a lot of poor people, (financially,) who believed that there were pots of gold at the end of the rainbow and they were just looking for some wizard or guru to tell them how to get it. they often pay a lot of money out the “gurus and end up with little or nothing.


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An Honest Review.


For me, an honest review is one that really points out the pro’s and Con’s and explains why, as much as that is possible.


What is CB Passive Income 4.0?


CB passive income 4.0 review

It is a programme designed by Patrick Chan. He appears to be an experienced entrepreneur, especially within network marketing.


This marketing programme is built around the sale of Click Bank products.


If you have no, or even few, of the required skills in building this kind of business, then CB Passive Income has done most of it for you; most of it. They leave one essential part up to you.


There are a range of products which are marketable in Click Bank and it can be a good place to sell because you can sell “on commission.” This means you do not have to buy and stock any products. ~this is generally called “Affiliate Marketing.”


This is all beginning to look quite good, isn’t it?


The marketing is done primarily through social media and You Tube.


Now I will let you into a secret. The heart of any online business is the same as any business where buying and selling are done: you have to get people to look at your website / shop / products etc. before any of them will buy. In internet speak, this is called traffic or visitors to your site.


I have to hand it to Patric Chan, he has cracked this one in a smart way. I will explain exactly how later.



What Does CB Passive Income Cost?


CB passive income price


$47 per month or a one-off fee of $97


I must stress 2 things though:

This does not include a “set up fee.” I have no precise idea what the setup fee covers but I think you can depend on it being essential to get the business started.


There are also upsells for “essential” add-ons to improve your business.


Now my feeling is this is very expensive, because, the business is not yours. Patric has access to all your “clients through the emails. You also have their email addresses, but not uniquely for you.


60 day money back

How Does CB Passive Income Work?


  • You offer a free eBook (supplied by Patric,) in exchange for their email address.
  • This gathers peoples email addresses.
  • Patric targets the potential customers with a marketing campaign to sell them things from Click Bank, using these email addresses.
  • You get commission on the sales he makes.


This means that the hardest part of the business is still down to you, the driving of traffic to your website. It can be costly if you go down the route of paid adverts. It is hard work whatever method you use.


The worst part for me, is that you have no control over what “offers” Patric sends out to your customers and he has your email list whether you succeed or not.


Personally, I would like control over my business and my customers. If I have an email list of customers I have gathered, I would like to decide what “offers” to make them, when to make the offers etc. Later I will tell you how you can achieve that end.


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Can You Learn Anything From CB Passive Income Programme?


Yes, I believe you can learn quite a lot from the videos and tutorials but maybe there are cheaper, more efficient ways of learning the same thing and more.


You would be learning from a specialist in the field of internet marketing. By the time you have learnt enough to feel at home in the business, I believe, you will want to start out on your own. This means going back to basics and doing everything yourself.


This is quite possible through a company such as Wealthy Affiliate.



Will I Make Any Money From CB Passive Income?


I will have to qualify my answer and say; I believe it is possible but I do not think you will be able to scale the business up without simply providing Patric with a larger mailing list. This does seem pointless, for you, since a good mailing list is worth its weight in gold. Why give it away and pay for the privilege.


CB Passive Income does teach a lot of basic stuff but you can get a lot of that free with other programmes. What it does not really teach you is the hardest part of the business; getting visitors to your website and getting their email addresses.


This is the core part of any internet business and it takes a lot of hard work. (Remember my feelings about “passive income?”)


I do believe that if you join CB Passive Income with your own email list and some experience in the business, you might get some benefit from it.


If you have joined Patric’s programme and made a success of it, please leave a polite comment here. It would be welcome and helpful.


Summary of CB Passive Income


Is CB Passive Income a scam? No I do not think so.


Can you make money from it? I think there are cheaper and easier ways.


May I remind you of my experience of successful people:


  • They work hard.
  • They learn from their mistakes.
  • They really want to succeed in their own business.


My own opinion is that there are no legal shortcuts to learning the trade, working hard and really wanting to be successful. That means that there is no such thing as a passive income in the short term.


How Do I Get a Passive Income on the Net?


Yes, it is possible by:


  • Learning the business.
  • Practicing what you have learned
  • Establishing a sense of trust and belief with your customers
  • Marketing by solving people’s problems.
  • Building up an income over time which allows you to outsource or employ other people to do some parts of your business.


This leaves you in a position of knowing your business and what is needed, so that you can find and build a team of reliable good people to do some parts of your business for you. Then the income you make becomes partly passive.


You are then in control of your business and especially your mailing list. You know your business because you have learnt and actually done every part of it.


Is this possible? Yes, it is.


Thank you very much for reading to the end. (I hope you did not skip to the end without reading?)


Whatever you do, I wish you luck in your enterprise.



Name                                     : CB Passive Income 4.0

Website                                 : www.cbpassiveincome.com

CB Passive Income 4.0 price: $47/per month, $97/one time

Owner                                    : Patric Chan

Rank                                      : 5.5/10


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CB Passive Income 4.0 Review


  1. Shubham Gupta

    Hi there,

    I just came across your review. That was a great review of the CB Passive Income. However, I do want to point out that it is actually a high converting product on ClickBank. Anyway, Keep up your good work continue to keep the people informed.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks, Shubham.
      I am sure you’re right, however, there are unfortunately a lot of poor quality programs marketed through ClickBank.
      Their promotions are often very hyped and emotional. They appeal to people without giving much information until you have paid the price.
      Finding genuine programs like Wealthy Affiliate is not easy.

  2. Chris

    I am with you on the passive income claims that get thrown around. Nothing is truly as passive as gurus make it to be.

    I have heard about CB Passive Income but I never really understood what it was about until today after reading your review.

    What are some better alternatives that I can try online that will generate me income? Looking forward to your reply.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Good Question Chris.

      There are some critical skills needed to make money online:

      1. Ability to do Search Engine Optimisation and

      2. Attracting visitors (=traffic) to your website.

      These skills are not black and white, i.e. you either have them or not. They improve as you learn more from study and practice.

      There is quite a wide spread of knowledge needed and some of it is evolving and changing through time.

      I do believe that premium members of Wealthy Affiliate have the best chance to gain the knowledge and skills to develop and sustain information or business websites.

      There are many approaches to monetising these approaches and there is never just one that works. there are often several different approaches that can be applied, one after the other.

      My belief is that a wide educational approach with hands on practice will equip people in the best way.

      Wealthy affiliate offers this. You then choose which method you feel comfortable with to make money. You can also vary and even change your approach and Wealthy affiliate is there with the training and backup you need.

  3. Alice

    Thank you for an honest review of CB Passive Income 4.0, I actually almost joined before. After all, who doesn’t want a passive income, right? When people say passive income, it is understood to mean that you will be making money even in your sleep.

    I just did not fully understand how CB Passive Income works that is why I was hesitant to join. Like any other business, I know that you would have to put in a lot of hard work and some cash of course, in the beginning before you start to see money coming in. But I didn’t know that the designer, Patrick Chan, will be having the “control” with your email subscribers.

    After reading your review, I know I made the right decision to not sign up for CB Passive Income.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Alice.

      I am sure that there are people who would suit CB Passive Income.

      Personally, I prefer to have control of my business and be able to change direction if what I am doing is not working.

      It means more hard work and knowing a lot more aspects of this business. That is why I chose Wealthy Affiliate.

      You get the training in lots of different aspects of internet business and can chose your own direction from a position of knowledge and experience.

      If you are a beginner, it is difficult to know which is the best form of internet business to follow.

      Some of the skills are the same, whichever route you take. For example, getting traffic to a website is hard. Wealthy Affiliate show you the different methods and how to refine them to your own business.

      I do hope you joined Wealthy Affiliate and that you are doing well.

  4. Richard U.

    For me passive income by Patrick Chan is built around Click Bank strategy and it is quite an old online marketing strategy. Now your post has put my doubt to a good reasonable conclusion with proof that it is what I thought it was.

    I even learned more about how they operate from your post more than I did before now. Thanks for that.

    I wouldn’t want to be sending out a blind email just in the hope that someone will open it and subscribe, only to end up doing the same thing to get paid.

    People need to be cultivated by trust and true connection. Change is current on the rise. Thanks for clarifying things out with this great article.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Richard.

      Glad to be of help.

      I have nothing against Patrick Chan. In fact I think he must be very clever. I just feel that his program benefits him more than the subscribers.

      I have learnt the same stuff he teaches from Wealthy Affiliate, at a much lower price, and it is all mine. I can modify it, change the target groups and so on, without sharing the customer details with anyone else.

      Good Luck with your own project.

  5. Otis Dube

    Hello 😉

    Knowledge is Power and that’s definitely true, Ms Happy. You have taken your time to really explain about the CB passive income 4-0, and that’s great.

    I like the 60 days 100% money back, that really shows you really know about your product, i will definitely get back to you about this product as i recommend it.

    Thank you.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Otis.

      I try to be as accurate and detailed as I can in reviews.

      This review of CB Passive Income 4.0 was quite challenging. It was  not easy to get detailed information about the product.

      Personally, I prefer Wealthy affiliate because you can learn so much about the business and take the time you need to act on it. It is certainly possible to develop an online business that will generate an income for years.

      Hope you found this helpful and do read some of my other reviews of similar products.

  6. Donny

    I have seen this product way back! Like 4 years ago or so. It wasn’t named “4-0” yet, but still. I never seen a lot of positive reviews about this one, because this dude claims you can make so much money with little amount of work. Well, I never trusted such claims and they are mostly scam. While this might not be a scam, it’s not the best either. Traffic is indeed the key component to any business and this product doesn’t seem to teach you how to drive massive amounts of traffic passively.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Donny.

      I think you have hit the nail on the head.

      “Driving traffic” to your website is needed and it takes energy, planning and hard work. If you have a lot of money you can shorten the time to making money, IF you know what you are doing. Either way, understanding what you are doing is essential.

      Anyone who suggests they will do it all for you, except drive traffic to your website, has left out the most difficult part of the business.

      I do not think there is any “passive ” way to drive traffic. If you find one, please do let me know.


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