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Aweber Email Marketing – Review 2018


Aweber Review



What is Aweber?


Aweber is the oldest email marketing service provider around. Started in 1998, Aweber created and developed an opt-in email marketing platform to help small businesses all over the world. You can use this tool and manage your emails to communicate with your subscribers worldwide. This review walks you through Aweber.


Name:                     Aweber
Aweber Website:
Price:                      Free 30 days trial
Owners:                 Tom Kulzer
Overall Rank:         85 out of 100

Aweber, Product Overview


What is Aweber used for?


If you are a blogger, a website owner, internet marketer, SEO professional or you have some experience online, you would know what Aweber is used for. If you are new to email marketing, please read this review through. I also hope it might refresh the knowledge of Aweber for people who are already familiar with it.


Aweber is a tool used for opt-in email marketing to help businesses to keep in touch with their customers and prospects through email. It helps a business to keep track of, remember and ensure timely contact with, new and existing customers.


Aweber is used for businesses to find subscribers or customers, build a relationship with them and sell them products through your email lists. Aweber helps more than 100,000 small businesses.   



Aweber Training – Walk You Through


Aweber provides new members with a good training program to help you to understand how to use their tools. They have:


  • live training webinars,
  • video tutorials,
  • lots of tips and
  • QA for most users’ frequently asked questions.


Aweber also provides a lot of professional-looking sign-up forms for you to choose from. They can be used to incorporate into your own website.


Aweber email marketing tools can help you collect and manage your subscribers.


You can send them “thank you emails” through the auto responder.


There is an excellent follow-up service.


You can set up your campaign, to your target audience, to promote your new products or services through email marketing. You can get some spectacular results from your email marketing list.



How Aweber Can Help Your Business?


Aweber Email Marketing


Aweber is a great and powerful email marketing tool for any online business. You can use Aweber to help set-up your campaign and build an email list from your subscribers or customers.


It also allows you to manage and monitor your subscribers behaviour and location data information.  This report will help you to make the right decisions about which campaign to promote and how to do it in a more efficient way.


Another function is you can set-up auto responders to send the follow-up messages to your subscribers or customers automatically. People really often appreciate this because many get distracted and forget that they meant to join your list. You can choose and set up which day and time you want to send your emails. Aweber does it all for you.


Aweber has hundreds of design-templates for you to choose from which are easy to use. This saves you having to build them up from scratch, yourself.


You also can grow your email list through mobile-responsive sign-up forms, integrations and API to collect subscribers.



Already Have Your Own Email List?


Should you already have your own email list, you can import you own list to Aweber, to set up your campaign. Obviously it can be added to with subsequent campaigns.


No Computer, No Problem


If you are busy and without a computer, you can download Aweber mobile apps to your phone. It can help you to check your campaign email marketing performance and new subscriber’s information.



Aweber Help


If you need help, Aweber’s email marketing team are available 7 days a week via phone live chat and email to help you.  



Aweber 30 Day Free Trial


Conclusion About Email Marketing Tool Aweber:


Aweber is a great tool for internet marketing. Aweber helps you run your business much more easily. Aweber is user friendly, reliable and has a helpful service team to support you should you get into difficulties or need information.


You can give Aweber a try, free, for 30 days and you can get all the help you need and access all the email tools while you are at it.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications



Aweber sign up



Before you sign up, here are the benefits which are in the free trial:


  • Exceptional email deliverability
  • Phone, chat, and email support
  • Unlimited emails
  • Automation and segmentation
  • Unlimited signup forms
  • Drag and drop email editor
  • 6000+ free stock images
  • Hundreds of integrations
  • Mobile apps and analytics


These are all available when you sign up and I hope you have some fun using them.



Aweber login


Once you have signed up with Aweber, each time you want to login, you can go to the Aweber website and click: “Sign In.” This will bring you to the login page. Use your login ID and Password and login to your account. This is the start of your Aweber journey.


Aweber pricing


The Aweber Pricing Plans Are Below:

Subscribers Monthly cost
Beginner 30 days Free trail
0-500 $19/-
501-2,500 $29.00
2,501-5,000 $49.00
5,001-10,000 $69.00
10,001-25,000 $149.00
25,001+ Get a quote



What are the benefits in your pricing plan?


  • Unlimited emails
  • Automation
  • Segmenting
  • Analytics
  • Customer Solutions
  • Sign up forms
  • Integrations
  • Image hosting
  • 6,000+ stock photos
  • 700+ email templates
  • Resources


Email marketing newsletters


You can create your own newsletters or eBooks for your audience. Use Aweber’s powerful email marketing and automation tools to start your campaign to collect more leads.

You also can use their 700 mobile responsive email templates; just drag and drop and edit your own templates. You can also use HTML to create and send emails to your subscribers.

More functions you can use:


  • Email Automation
  • Tagging
  • Auto responder Follow Ups
  • RSS to email
  • Integrations
  • Sign Up Forms
  • Email API
  • Mobile Apps
  • Customer Service
  • Subscriber Management
  • Subscriber Segmenting
  • Email Tracking
  • Email Deliverability Rate
  • And More



Aweber Auto Responder Emails



Auto responder and email marketing tools are a very important part of your business. You can use Aweber auto responder’s email template to set-up your campaign.


You can to reach more customers by using Aweber auto responder, it can help to save you a lot of time and keep your customers happy. They will appreciate the quick and efficient level of services.



Aweber Landing Pages


Aweber landing page templates are ready for you to use. You choose the appearance you like the most and use it to grow your list. The landing pages respond on computer, tablet and mobile phone.



Aweber Email Marketing Tools


Aweber email marketing tools allow you to analyse and improve your emails. You can:


  • track your email campaign to
  • check how many people open your emails,
  • click links and
  • go to your website or blog


You can check in the charts:


  • how your email marketing campaign is doing,
  • what your email deliverability rate is,
  • that your emails do not end up in the spam folders.



What is an Aweber Account


Once you have signed up, it means that if you are new to Aweber, you now have your own new account and every time you want to use it, you just go to the website to login and use it. If you are new member you will get 30 days’ free trial. Join the Aweber community and get your 30-day Free trial now, click here.

Link to 30-day free trial.



Aweber Pros and Cons



  • Training courses
  • Good Support
  • Easy to use
  • Price reasonable
  • Design can use Computer, Tablet and mobile.
  • Professional look templates (Ready to use)
  • Integration
  • Segment
  • It is widely used by many email marketing companies, worldwide.
  • They have a reputation and customer base to live up to.




  • Cheaper options
  • Some templates need modernising
  • More advanced marketing options available elsewhere



Final Opinion About Aweber


Aweber is one of the best email marketing tool around.

Aweber not a scam, it is legit.

Aweber is a top tool for internet markers to set up their email marketing campaigns. A lot of internet marketers love to use it.

The Aweber training courses and tips give you a lot knowledge which makes it easy to set up your campaign and collect your email listings.

Aweber is actively used by many large businesses on the net.




Name:                     Aweber
Aweber Website:
Price:                      Free 30 days trial
Owners:                 Tom Kulzer
Overall Rank:         85 out of 100


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