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MailChimp User Reviews – Email Marketing – MailChimp Review 2018


Automate eCommerce marketing, automate emails, automate responses, keep my customers, grow my eCommerce business, handle thousands of emails. MailChimp can help with all of these, regardless of the size of your business. MailChimp grows with the user as your eCommerce business grows. Is Mailchimp scam or legit? 


MailChimp User Reviews


Company:        MailChimp


Founder:          Ben Chestnut Dan Kurzius, Mark Armstrong.

User Price:       From free, depending on your level of activity.

Overall Rating: 9/10


This MailChimp User reviews shows you how.


How Do I Get Everything Done?


  1. Do less.
  2. Get an assistant.
  3. Outsource.
  4. Become more efficient.
  5. Have a breakdown and go off sick.
  6. Work longer hours.


I know, sorry, these are not all good solutions and some of the others often cost too much. Working longer hours can affect your health and maybe you are already “burning the candle at both ends.”


Ways around it with MailChimp.


“How to get everything done,” is something we all ask ourselves as we develop our businesses online.


There are so many things to get done and there are only a limited number of hours in a day.


As a business becomes more successful and expands then some activities can become really time consuming to get done. These are often the ones that generate the income, so they are a necessary evil.



Beginning an Online Business Using MailChimp.


When you start out, answering all emails yourself is feasible and adds that personal touch. As the emails build up into thousands, you might well wish you had an assistant who was as thoughtful and considerate as you. Difficult to find and rather expensive, I know. MailChimp can fill that role.


There is a way to streamline your business whilst keeping the standards you have set for your lovely online business. In fact, it can add in some of those personal touches that turn passers-by into paying customers, that help to turn a first time buyer into a regular customer.


It is a good idea to plan your business for success. Without a plan, the business has little direction and that can lead you down some blind alleys. Success usually means growth and in eCommerce, MailChimp can seriously help you.



Plan a Business to Be a Success With MailChimp.


You have a vision of


  • what your business should be,
  • How you want to run it and
  • How much money you want to make.


If you have not done that yet, please take my advice and do it now. You will not regret it and it will help you get what you really want.

Include in your plan how your business will run when it gets very successful and build in automations that MailChimp can supply.


There are all kinds of books, courses reviews and advice on setting goals and how to set goals which are:


  1. Simple
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. In small enough chunks that you can see the end goal in the near future.


Planning a business to fail is easier than planning for success and sometimes success comes to you and you might not be prepared for it. Be prepared for success.


If you want some pointers, contact me and I’ll give you some free advice.


Do I Get the Help From MailChimp?


You need a second brain that will follow your orders:


  • Build your brand to help you attract the right customers.
  • Use quality emails to connect with your potential customers. Follow up dawdlers.
  • Automate your marketing to leave no stone unturned, no opportunity missed.
  • Integrate Social Media and Google into your marketing campaigns and follow ups.
  • Report on your progress, help you to see what is working, what needs adjustment.
  • Recover abandoned carts. People lose focus and sometimes do not finish their orders.
  • Communicate with your customers in a personal way, not cold clinical information only.


A good assistant brain can do all this and more. MailChimp can do these things with a little guidance from you.


An assistant brain like this is probably expensive. What would it be worth to you?


$1,000 ?

$10,000 ?

$100,000 ?



MailChimp does not cost the earth. They want you to be a success, not broke. They want you to come back next year with a bigger campaign and use them again and again.


Is MailChimp a Solution to Your Business Problems?


Finding customers for your business and persuading them to buy from you, not a competitor, means having an edge over your competitors.


MailChimp, Customer Service. And Brand Image


One clear way to do this is to have a clear brand image. An image which is linked with customer service of the highest quality. You give value for money and take care of your customers.


To get that image also means following up on all stages of your customer pipeline.


You need to know:

  • Where and when your customers enter your pipeline,
  • What they do (or do not do,)
  • Why they leave without buying
  • What they looked at and for how long.
  • What they bought + details.


MailChimp can do all that for you.


It will increase your percentage sales if you can pick up the lost ones and re-connect with them. Give them gentle encouraging reminders which can result in sales. MailChimp can assist you.


There should always be potential up-sales and repeat sales in your business plan. Emailing your existing customers with targeted suggestions they may be interested in is always a good way of staying in touch. MailChimp can do that automatically..


Keeping touch with your existing customers and your lost souls is vital to maximising your success.


A personal, attentive touch is appealing to most people. It makes your prospects and your customers feel important and valued by you.


Your second brain, MailChimp, can be dealing with this while you are planning your next campaign.



Is MailChimp the Answer?


There are automated systems around which can act as your second brain.


MailChimp is one of the best.


There are Three levels of the MailChimp system which relate to how big your business is at the moment. Sensibly, they begin with the beginners, the new people in the field.


MailChimp is not new, the founders have been in business for years and developed MailChimp to solve some of the biggest challenges of eCommerce.



What Does MailChimp Cost?


MailChimp Level 1.


If you have less than 2,000 subscribers and send less than 12,000 emails per month, you can use the main facilities for nothing.

Yes, it’s free.


They also have a PAYG system for you if your marketing is irregular throughout the year.


MailChimp level 2


Over 2000 subscribers and more than 12,000 emails. The reporting and projections become more detailed and area specific. They will tailor a price to suit exactly what you need at the time.


MailChimp Level 3


The Pro level. This includes individualised emails. Targeted demographics. Predicting who your campaign should be targeted at. International variations if your campaigns target different countries.


You can send conditionally targetted emails depending on the demographics and response of the individual customer. This has to be the ultimate in assistant brain support and your automatic assistant will never forget or get the address wrong.


MailChimp Price Plan


MailChimps pricing is very flexible and totally depends on how much work you want them to do, which is fair.

This is the current price plan for MailChimp:



Your Automated MailChimp Second Brain.


Unlike human assistants,

  • You can promote and demote MailChimp to the level of activity you need.
  • You can set up your parameters and leave your automated assistant to do the work while you eat dinner or plan your next campaign.
  • You can control your costs and tailor them to each campaign or project.
  • You can decide on all aspects of your automated second brain’s activity and control the costs.


MailChimp can grow with you in its complexity and cost as your business expands.



Mail Chimp Support:


This link will show you all the aspects of support MailChimp can supply and how to use them. This MailChimp review has just covered the basics and attempts to answer the question: Can MailChimp help you and your business in ecommerce.




Final Opinion on MailChimp.




MailChimp can remember, Automate and build a good, strong relationship with your customers, ensuring they receive relevant and friendly communications at the right time.


There are levels of automation and filtering to suit pretty much anybody in internet business. There are a large number of employees with a wide variety of specialist skills and knowledge.


Give them a problem you need to solve in this area, they will probably come up with a solution and a price.




You need to decide on the plan and tell MailChimp what to do. The rest will get done automatically.



Summarising MailChimp:


Company:        MailChimp


Founder:          Ben Chestnut Dan Kurzius, Mark Armstrong.

User Price:       From free, depending on your level of activity.

Overall Rating: 9/10




This is a highly successful, very useful business enhancement system with clear open pricing.

There are no hidden upsells or hidden agendas. It is not a scam and does what it says.

Are you starting an ecommerce business or do you already run one?

Take a serious look at MailChimp as your second brain.




What about your opinion? We would love to hear from you and you are welcome to leave your comments here and share your experience.

Looking forward to hear what your thoughts are. Thanks for reading.