Free Ping Websites

Free Ping Websites


Free ping service tools. Ping your blog or website to Google and other search engines. To boost your blogs or sites, use a free pinging tool to ping websites or blogs, very quickly. Do you know what ping is about? How does pinging work? Why use ping? Who needs to use ping? How often to ping?…


Free Ping Websites for blogger


What is Ping About?


Ping is a computer network administration software utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. From Wikipedia.



How Pinging Works?


Pinging your own site to search engines like Google, tells the search engines you have an update or change to your website content. There are many search engines out there and that means Pinging a lot of sites. A quicker way is to use a Ping service which will do all the work for you, automatically. You only have to inform the Ping Service and they do all the work. 


A Ping service is when you use these Ping services for them to help you by sending your URL to all the search engines. The search engines will send their indexers and crawlers to visit your blog (website) or the URL that you have pinged.


This will keep the most up to date version of your website, blog or URL registered on the search engines.     



Why Use Ping?


Normally any blogs and websites are visited by crawlers from the search engines, on a regular basis. They will eventually get to your websites or blogs, but it takes time.


A quicker way is to use a Ping service to help you, to let search engines know, quickly, that there are changes to your website / blog. The search engine then immediately sends its crawlers out to check your URL. You then have a better chance of getting ranked on the first page of the search engines. This will ultimately depend on your keywords and phrases but a quick ping gets you to the front of the queue and a good chance to get ranked high.


This is especially important if there is a correction or update on your website; a price change or a correction, for example. You need to get the update out to the search engines as quickly as possible.  



Who Needs to Use Ping?


If you are bloggers, website owners, internet marketers and SEO professional you will benefit from using this tool.


Critical changes or corrections to your website, need to be communicated as quickly as possible to avoid incorrect information showing up on search engines.



How Often to Ping?


In my personal opinion, every new post or page you publish, should be pinged. If you keep Pinging the search engines, they may stop crawling your UR, so you need to be sensible and balanced.  It can feel, to them, like you are spamming the search engines, if you overload them with pings from your URL.


My advice is this: do not use more than two Ping services to ping your blogs or websites posts and pages. If you use more than two, it can have the reverse effect and make things worse, not better.



Few Top Best Ping Services List Below:


Free Ping tool

  • Pingler


What is Pingler? Pingler is one of the top internet marketing tools for internet marketers to ping their blog or website automatically.   

Pingler Free version is good for you to test things out. If you are a beginner, you can use it. Every day you can only manually ping 5 URLs.


Pay version packages price show:

Maximum URLs 25 50 100 200 More…
Ping Frequency 3d 3d 1d 1d More…
Social Feed More…
Price $2.99/month $5.38/month $10.52/month $20.57/month More….




  • Google Ping


Google Ping is Great free online ping tool for everyone. It is quick and easy to ping your blog, website and URL with no registration required. Google ping service will knowledge that your blog, website and URL has been updated.



  • Ping Farm


Ping Farm is another one, free ping service tool ping your blog, website and URL. It is easy to use. Great ping tool also.


  • Pingoat


Pingoat ping service tool is free for blog and website to ping your posts or pages. Pingoat service tool can help you to get more traffic from search engines.


  • Ping-O-Matic


Ping-O-Matic ping service tool is simple and easy to use to ping your blog and website posts or pages. To get fast ranking and get traffic from search engines.


  • Bulk Ping


Bulk Ping also FREE ping service tool. To let your blog posts or pages content crawl and index in the search engines. The results are that you get more targeted traffic from search engines.


  • ping service tool. Easy to use to ping you blog or website. You can ping newly article to inform search engine to index and crawls your blog or website posts and pages.


  • Massping


Massping – Every time you have added a new page or post for your website or blog. You can use ping to quickly get your content indexed or updated. You don’t have to wait all the job Ping service tool doing for you.


  • Easypings


Easypings is the tool for you to ping your blog or website posts and pages. Instead waiting for search engines to crawls or index you. The ping services tool will help you to send you blog or website posts and pages to them.


All above the tools are Ping service tools. You can test out to see you like which one the most and use it.

But for my personal opinion don’t over use it. One or two tools are maximum. Do not let Google search engine and other search engines thinking you are spamming.



There is little solid evidence to suggest that Pinging sites improve things over and above a few minutes, getting your latest update or new page picked up by the search engines.


You might be in a particular situation where it is to your benefit. My advice is to test it out. Check Google and see if your recent update is there, after say an hour. Try out the free version of any Ping service and repeat the check.


If you found this article helpful, please share this article with your friends. You are welcome to leave your opinion or comment to us. Thanks in advance.    




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