How to Get What You Really Want

How to Get What You Really Want



How to Get What You Really Want


People search for answers to simple questions like:


“Why do I always do that?”


“Why does this always happen to me?”


“How Do I get I want in life?”


“Who am I?”


The Puzzle You Have.


If you look around and see other people enjoying what you want and ask yourself that question:


“Why can’t I have that?”


If you are puzzled by how easy it seems for some people to get things like money or happiness or fast cars or big houses or peace of mind or..or..


Perhaps you are looking for things the hard way. Let me explain.


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The Hard Way


I wanted to be a pilot so I applied to join the Air Force when I was 16. They sent me on a week-long exhausting assessment course. I had the time of my life and failed. They said in my final assessment that I had a lot of good qualities but was slightly too impulsive and immature to become an officer in the R.A.F.


It was a “just fail,” so I applied again the year after.


After another exciting tough week, guess what? I “just failed” again.


So next year (18 years old,) I tried again. The assessment had grown to 2 weeks and was even tougher.


This time, I “just passed.” My eyesight was not good enough to fly so I joined the “Equipment Section.”


I left school and went on a 3 month Officer training course. After 6 weeks I woke up. I had signed a 16 year contract and was not certain I wanted to stay in that job for 16 years. I would have to buy myself out.


I had possibly been acceptance out of pure persistence and determination and what I really wanted was to fly. I found it difficult to accept some of the blind obedience to rules and discipline. I woke up to realise: It was the wrong job for me.


Oh if only I knew then what I know now about me now, years later. In the end I got out by following the rules and instructions of my commanding officer.


Square peg/round hole is what I was.

The Easy Way


First I would like to ask you one question: How do you know who you are? What your strengths and weaknesses are and what you need in life?


Whoops! Sorry! That is three questions isn’t it?


In those old days, getting information about yourself was expensive and not really what people did. We believed what others told us; often taking the path of least resistance about our personal goals and ambitions.


The easy way, or maybe the easier way is to find out something about your personality, your emotions and skills and really what you love in life.


These days that can be fun and quite revealing.


Most people do not know who they really are and what they really want. Ask yourself what you want to be doing in 5 years’ time. Where do you want to be? Who with?


If you have some answers, well done. That is unusual. If you had to think hard and perhaps answer “I don’t know. Here are a few tips to help you find out.



Why Do I need to Know What I Want?


Happiness and fulfillment and a sense of direction are what you can get out of knowing what you want and directing your life in that direction. After all, if you want to go to the nearest supermarket to buy milk and you end up sleeping on a park bench, would you feel a little frustrated (not to mention thirsty.)



I Think I Know Who I Am


That is wonderful. You could continue on this journey and have a little fun confirming your feelings. How To Build a Successful online business

O.K. Let’s Have Some Fun


Here are a few links to websites with various personality tests and quizzes. There are many more and you will find a variety of answers and suggestions. I hope you have a try and see if you can recognise yourself. It can be quite satisfying and you may well find some good suggestions as to relationships, work and hobbies.


Our parents and teachers judged us when we were young and most people develop and change according to their experiences in life. We all grow in different ways and are not the people we were labelled as when young.



How Can I Use This


An understanding of yourself and what motivates and drives you can help get more of what you want in life. It can help to relieve frustration in work and relationships.


Maybe you row with your friends and partner. An understanding of how you function may help you to make better friends and perhaps be more tolerant of the one’s you have.


You could find your relationships with work colleagues and bosses improve.


The most wonderful thing is that a lot of this is free on the net.





A gentle warning i: be gentle with yourself and be kind to yourself. When we take these tests, we may be feeling a little off-colour or down in the dumps. This will slightly influence the end assessment. Leave it for a few days and repeat the tests.





Thanks for Reading and I hope you get something from this article.




I found that I was more suited to working for myself and since I cannot follow imposed rules and regulations easily, I am now working on the internet. I can work when I choose and listen to soft Jazz while working. It is now nearly midnight and I am happily sending you this message.


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The end of the story with the RAF was that I was advised to wait till the end of the course, (I was only half way through,) take the final exams and simply put my name rank and number on the paper and leave the answers blank. This meant I had committed no “offence” and had simply failed the final exams. I got an honourable discharge, 2 weeks holiday, a good reference and my train fare home, all for following the rules.



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How to Get What You Really Want

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