How Do You Get the Money With Amazon Associates

How Do You Get the Money With Amazon Associates


How Do You Get the Money With Amazon Associates


How do you get the money with Amazon Associates? There is an opportunity to get the money as an Amazon Associate for everybody. When you get the money with Amazon Associates (Associates Programme or Become An Affiliate), it is a fantastic feeling.


You can make money with Amazon by joining the Amazon associates program. It is FREE to Join and get started with Amazon Associates. The Amazon Associates program is very popular with most affiliate marketers, because the Amazon brand is a world-wide known and trusted platform. Amazon has over a million products for affiliate marketers to choose from to promote.



How can you get the money with Amazon AssociateHow do you get the money with Amazon Associates


First, you need to have a website. If you want to get the money from Amazon, and become an Amazon Associate, you will need to have a website. You will need to decide on your website niches and what your website is about? Here are a few tips to help get you started.


  1. Website / blog – This is your online “shop.” It is the heart of your business. Learn how to build your successful business online by building and maintaining a good efficient website.
  2. Niche – This is your speciality area. It is a very important decision for you to make in the beginning before you get started in your business. This decision also can affect your income long term. It can also guide your selection of name for your affiliate website.
  3. Keywords – Use a Jaaxy keyword tool to find the keywords within your niches and target audience. Keywords are “hot” words and phrases that will get your business ranked high in search engines, such as Google.
  4. Contents – These are the reviews and blogs you have on your website. You use content to introduce the Amazon products to consumers, after your research or your own use of a product. You can read other users reviews and if you feel that these product reviews are very good, you can choose that product to review yourself. It is worth introducing to the vast number of consumers. Then you can put the Amazon product link into your related contents (article,) and add images.
  5. Affiliate Link – Users then click on the affiliate link, which takes them to Amazon. Then the link will get them to the Amazon product’s website. When your readers buy the products, you earn the advertising money, affiliate commission.



How do you get the money – Free to join Amazon Associates


You go to the Amazon Associates page and click the “Join Now For Free” button to get started. You just follow the required to complete your account information and your website profile and then submit. You will need to wait for your identity verification from Amazon through your email. That will also tell you that your account has been approved. Now you can get started, using affiliate products links on your website. You can earn from 4% to 10% advertising fees. I added this video for your convenience.


Affiliate Marketing Guide



Wide range of products – (Amazon Associates Program)


The Amazon Associates program has a wide range of products to attract most affiliate marketers. It is a great way to get started with the Amazon Associates program. To be honest with you, some people have worked hard at this for years. After a while the income has begun to slowly rise…big…everything is worth it. You can click here to understand their success stories. Some people are still working hard, of course, and the methods and marketing techniques you use are very similar.


Success depends on how much time you spend and how good your content is.



Success can be learned (How do you get the money)


Do not be discouraged, the right learning path, quality learning and confidence are inseparable. Because of these skills, you need long-term learning, and have to apply yourself. The right way is to practice, get experience while you study. The internet is still a really good way to build a business. There are some highly lucrative giant businesses out there and some of them welcome starter entrepreneurs, like Amazon.


All the very best with your success and I hope that you get the money you deserve.



Affiliate Marketing Guide










  1. Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing. Amazon is a good place to start an online business. Many people have found much success by using the platform here at amazon.

    I have read of people who have made hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars.

    You do not need big ambitions to succeed as an affiliate with Amazon. You can aim for a steady income or really build your business up into something big.

    Your post is well detailed and will be a great help to your readers.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Norman. Once people get through the initial stages, it is possible to simply repeat the initial stages with a new product. This is the way to build a really strong sustainable business over time.

      I really think almost anyone can do this with some help and support.

      Of course one way to get into affiliate marketing with Amazon is to join WA.

      Having people online to support and encourage you made all the difference to me.

      Really the results a person gets simply depends on the effort they are willing to make to get the money they want.

      There is also the social aspect of laughing over my mistakes with colleagues who have often done the same thing. We are all human, after all.

      Thanks for your comments Norman and good luck with your own business.

  2. Nemira

    Hello here. Amazon is a powerful and beneficial company for anybody who wants to sell, buy or earn money.

    It is great that you mentioned this opportunity because it is easy to do and there is some fun involved.

    Everybody knows about something. This knowledge can be adapted and presented on the website, attracting visitors. When visitors like what they read, they can check out the desired products through links on the page.

    It leads to earning money, called commissions, when somebody buys the product from Amazon.

    Of course we need a website, domain, niche and some knowledge about how to do it. Nothing complicated, just some learning is involved in the process.

    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Nemira.

      You are right. At the moment, Amazon is a business that welcomes new entrepreneurs. They are very large and so, to keep themselves organised, there are rules and processes to building a business using Amazon.

      It is quite straightforward to learn and once you have mastered it, you can repeat it. Most people begin with a single product or service then, once everything is moving smoothly, add another, and so on.

      There are thousands of products on sale on Amazon and it will surely be possible to find at least one which interests a new entrepreneur.

      You can sell the product without buying it first. It is called affiliate marketing. You market the product on behalf of Amazon and collect a percentage commission for selling it.

      Learning how to do this varies for each individual. Some people pick it up quickly and others take a little time.

      I would say it is possible for almost anyone to learn, with a little patience and some good coaching.

      Amazon is so enormous, there is room for many more people to build a successful business.

      Thanks again Nemira.

      Good luck to you in your endeavours.

  3. Simon Crowe in Asia

    I think becoming an affiliate with Amazon Associates is a great way to make money. They have a wide range of products, almost anything you can think of.

    I also agree that you need a website. If not, what are you goig to do? Spam Facebook? That’s not a long-term business model.

    Building a website around a specific topic, reviewing products and making recommendation with your links in them is the best way to go.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Simon. You are absolutely right when you say: “Building a website around a specific topic, reviewing products and making recommendation with your links in them is the best way to go.”

      This is the best way to build a long term sustainable business using the Amazon Associates model.

      It is also a useful way to start out since you can start with one product and test it out. If it does well, then move on to the next, gradually building up your own port folio.

      Keep your products within your “Niche” marketing area.

      Write lots of quality reviews.

      Use your imagination. It is there for anyone to succedd in.


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