Learn To Make 2018 Your Best Make Money Online Year.

Learn To Make 2018 Your Best Make Money Online Year

Updated: 2018

Learn To Make 2018 Your Best Make Money Online Year


Learn to Make 2018 Your Best Make Money Online Year

What on Earth is Money


To get your best year ever making money online 2018, you may like to understand what money really is. It helps if you have a deep understanding because then you can really know what it is you need it for.


Money is often referred to as currency.


It is used in exchange for debts or purchases and is the modern form of bartering.


We exchange our goods or services for money. We use that money to buy goods or services for ourselves.


What do We Want Money for and How Much Money do We Want.


Money, these days, is often just a series of numbers on an account sheet. We want these numbers to be as big as possible (for us.)


Some people like to see big plusses in their accounts and some like to spend what they have, and probably a little more.


There is a lot of advice we can get concerning making and keeping the money. Here are the tips, in brief, because I know your time is valuable.



Secrets of the RichLearn To Make 2017 Your Best Make Money Online Year


  1. Spend less than you earn.
  2. Learn how to keep and protect the money you have.


Secrets of Getting Rich


There are 2 fundamental methods of making a lot of money:


  • Sell a lot of low-priced things at a small profit.
  • Sell a few high value things at a very high profit.


So, yes, making money is about selling a product or service. Before you gasp and say: “But I cannot sell!” please have a little patience and read on.


Remember that when people go to work to do a job, they are selling a service to their employer, for which they get paid money. It is how the world works.


There is a way to do both these methods which is available to ordinary people today. It will not last forever.




The Modern Way to Make Money


The internet has opened up a way for people to get access to selling low priced items and services to many millions of people. It is the new way to do business.


At the moment there is such massive growth in this way of doing business that there are many opportunities for ordinary people, like you and I, to build a business with very little capital.


The knowledge and experience needed is not demanding. It is possible to start small, start slowly and earn while you learn.


The internet is worldwide and more and more customers are buying everything they need through the net.


You have such a large market that the numbers are almost beyond belief.



How to Make That exciting Breakthrough


There are many different ways and they all involve some basic skills:


  • Utilising the internet.
  • Emailing.
  • Studying video instructions
  • Building a website.
  • Maximising the websites ability to attract customers.
  • Writing little articles about things you know.





There are expensive ways to get these things done.


There are expensive courses you can take to learn some of these skills.


That is not what I recommend.



There is a Better Way


I started as a novice and with very little money and I am still learning. My aim is to become financially independent. I intend to end up running a well-functioning lucrative internet business.


I am well on the way.


I joined a community of like-minded people who support and encourage each other at all levels of knowledge.


There are people at the top of the game with years of experience and there are others just spending a few hours a week learning how to make money online.



Can I do it?



A short quiz may help you.


  • Can you read?
  • Can you write (on a computer?)
  • Can you watch a short video, perhaps more than once to learn the information?
  • Have you got a few hours a day to spend?
  • Have you got a PC or a laptop?
  • Do you really want to make money online, from your own home?


If you can answer yes to these questions, you do not need to be a genius to follow these courses and learn from the people who are actually doing this business now.


How Much Does it Cost?


It is possible to start with nothing.


You can get the initial training and a free website built for nothing. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how.


It is absolutely incredible to get a real offer like this. You can find out if this business is for you without spending any money or any long-term commitment.



Wealthy Affiliate Information


As you can see, if you wish to extend your knowledge and really make a business out of this, there will be some costs. Not at the beginning, though.


Once you have assured yourself that this is for you, you can join the Wealthy Affiliate people and make a small monthly or annual payment which will open up a host of more video courses, live support from other members, tips and tricks in how to make money from the internet.


There are many different ways to do this but the basic skills are very much the same.


If you are an experienced internet marketer, there are many advanced techniques and services available to you.


More than anything else, there are thousands of other members out there to help you when you need it.


Let’s make 2017 the best “make money online year” ever. Join us, getting started and make your dreams come true.



Learn To Make 2018 Your Best Make Money Online Year



  1. Chris

    I love the ‘Secrets of the RIch’ statement you have put into this article – Spend less than you earn and learn how to keep and protect the money you have! It’s the type of thing I’d print out and stick on my wall above the desktop – just to remind me what I’m aiming for! 

    I am also in the process of building an online business but I haven’t been lucky enough to have the help of an education behind me. The tutorials that you cover at the end of the article at the Wealthy Affiliate, apparently they are free?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Chris. Yes the tutorials are all free.

      The courses in Wealthy Affiliate are Free to start with. there are 10 courses you can take plus build a website and host it free.

      It is enough to give you a taste of what you have to do to get an internet business off the ground.

      To really make a go of it in the long run, you do need a lot of knowledge and dkills. It is worth joining Wealthy Affiliate as premium member and getting that education.

      In my opinion, it is the best training you can get of this type.

      Good luck with your project, I hope they work out well for you.

  2. Wei

    Good read, thanks for that. It’s certainly an interesting article. I’m always sceptical of this online business idea.

    I understand the entry barrier is very low but that’s exactly why it’s going to be hard to succeed. So many people are competing for the pie. 

    It seems like this Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to start. Do you have a detailed review of it? How much does it cost?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Wei.

      It is good and healthy to be sceptical. There are a lot of scams on the net which take your money before telling you what you have bought.

      With Wealthy affiliate you see what you will be buying by taking the free trial. Pay nothing until you have tried ourt the training and built your first website.

      You are right that it is pretty cheap and easy to get started. The courses are proper training courses which are kept up-to-date by Wealthy Affiliate owners. You are able to learn and put into practice the methods you need to build a successful business. In fact, if you do the training from beginning to end and put each stage into practice, you will have a professional business to grow and make money from.

      You are also correct that it does take time. If it was easy and quick, there would be so much competition.

      There are a couple of statistics worth looking at though: Amazon has over 12 million products and services for sale and they do not promote all of them. If you want to promote some of their products, you can make money from that. There are millions of people buying online and that number is growing daily.

      The potential is enormous and there is plenty of room for all of us.

      For a detailed review and links to Wealthy Affiliate, slick on “getting started” above.

      Thanks for your comment.

  3. Daniel

    Definitely the best way of earning money online is affiliate marketing. I think that people who want to earn online should invest in education about online business and then start their journey.

    Just like you said, Wealthy Affiliate is a great learning platform and there is real money to be earned.

    Great article! Thank you..

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Daniel.

      There are not many genuine, honest ways to make money these days and affiliate marketing is definitely the best.

      Affiliate marketing is also a seriously growing area of business…

      Amazon have over 12 million products and most of those can be sold through affiliate marketing.

      If you want to learn the right way to get started, then this is it..

  4. Emmanuel Buysse

    This is a very important article, for us who are starting in the business on the internet it is really nice to see all the probabilities and options that we have and how we can start and continue to follow up.

    Its not easy in the start, but if you copmmit, little by little the business will start to work. One of the first priorities is if this what are you doing, you really enjoy doing it, the result of this will depend the success.

    Thanks for your advices.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Emmanuel.

      You are right, things can look a little strange in the beginning but if you follow all the training, step by step and action the courses as you go, you will succeed along the way.

      There are so many extra little mini courses, tips and tricks supplied by other members, WA is a knowledge factory of how to build an online business.

      learn and practice and do it all the way through and you will come through.

  5. Paul

    Dear HappyB,

    Wow! I really like the secrets of the rich and secrets of getting rich, I read it several times.

    Thanks for the detailed post and I got very helpful insights via your post.

    Anyone who is in doubt or afraid of making money online, need to learn your post and for sure they will be motivated.

    I am also a Wealthy Affiliate member for nearly 2 years. In my experience Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn and earn money online. I am full-time blogger working from home it’s because of Wealthy Affiliate that’s the truth whether anyone believes it or not. So I am really happy to see, you are recommending a very genuine program saving people from scams.

    Wishing you great success!


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for your comment.

      I hope no-body would be afraid oif making money online. I guess there are a lot of new techniques and skills related to the internet so there is a lot to learn for most of us.

      I have found the pace of the courses and the approach of delivering bite-size chunks, very easy to follow. You can also repeat anything you want to, until you understand it. Putting the lessons into practice is an excellent way of cementing the learning as well.

      Hope you have success in your projects Paul.


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