My PC Slow Can I Speed It Up? – CCleaner reviews

My PC Slow Can I Speed It Up ? – CCleaner reviews


CCleaner is a tidy-up tool for your PC / MAC or Android phone.

It can get rid of clutter

Make more space on your storage (hard drive etc.)

Speed up your system.

And it is free.


It is the only free software I have contributed money to..

For those of us who are less experienced Ccleaner tidies up and deletes unwanted junk in a very short time.

However, be careful with your settings the first time you run it. It is very powerful and some people like to keep certain information running on their PCs.

Read carefully: When you run the software, a screen appears with 3 blue buttons.

Cleaner” “Analyze”   and   “Run Cleaner


  1. Ensure Cleaner is clicked.
  2. Press Analyze – Relax. You have not deleted anything.
  3. Look at the list of things CCleaner is suggesting you can delete. Do Nothing.
  4. Look at the tick list of boxes on the left and compare with the list you have produced. The list is broken down into sections .
  5. Under Internet Explorer UNtick everything except “Temporary Internet files” and “cookies.” (2 ticks.)
  6. Under “Windows explorer”, Untick everything except “Run (in start menu)” (1 tick)
  7. In “System” Untick everything except “Empty recycle bin”, “Temporary files” and “Clipboard.” (3 ticks)


So looking down the tick boxes, there should be 6 items ticked.


  1. Press “Analyze” again. A new list will appear. You can now press “Run Cleaner.”
  2. N.B. You have now deleted those files in the list.

You have now cleaned out a lot of useless stored files, freed up space and helped your PC / Mac to run faster.

You can leave this setting and run CCleaner once a week to give your computer a spring clean.

I recommend you do not attempt to extend the clean up by ticking more boxes until you are sure you understand what you are deleting.

If you surf the net, use social media and watch video clips you will store up a lot of files which are not needed and fill up your hard drive. Cleaning like this can also help to reduce the number of pop-ups, Ads and other unwanted irritations.

Ccleaner is also good for a basic registry clean up, preventing unwanted software starting up every time you boot your computer up and several other highly useful functions for keeping your computer fast and useable. Use these other functions with caution until you know what you are doing.

It is not a “Try before you buy” offer. It is free. There is a Pro version which adds some useful functions.

We have used CCleaner for years and thoroughly recommend it.


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