How to Build Online Business Step by Step


Course 1 : ( 10 Lesson )

Affiliate_programsThe #1 WA Affiliate Training in the World – 100% Free


Welcome to the WA Affiliate Bootcamp! To help you get the money online anywhere in the world. There are many opportunities for you to work at home, especially today. Here we offer step-by-step video based training. This is one of the most exciting affiliate programs and online training for you anywhere. This is the world No.1 largest online community. The community will be helping you to become successful affiliate marketers.  






For Beginners:


If you are beginners, these 10 free lessons are just for you. You are just committing yourself to create a highly successful online campaign. These 10 lessons will walk you through, step by step. Every time you hear somebody says it is very easy to earn money on the internet, it’s not true. Actually, you need to put a lot of hard work in, and constantly learn new things. If you set yourself a goal of every day doing 2-3 hours, after a few months your hard work will give some awesome result. A year from now you will become an authority online and be making money every day. This will become your full-time online business and success. These 10 free lessons are for you to get started. You need to sign-in to become a member.   The price will be going up very soon – Please check this out for more information here is the link.

If You Are a Free Member, Commission Are as Follows:


(1) Initial $19 offer, Commission=$4

(2) $49/mth, Commission=$11.75 recurring

(3) $359/year, Commission=87.50 recurring


For Affiliate Marketers:


If you have been on the internet for many years and haven’t earned any money from it, then you need to learn the correct way to make money online. If you are an affiliate marketer, I highly recommend as a premium member straight away. You will get 100% higher commissions as an affiliate and you also get to take part in our $1 credit program. This allows you to earn from free members you sign-up when they set-up their accounts.


If You Are a Premium Member, Commission Are as Follows:


(1) Credits: they set-up their account=$1

(2) Initial $19 offer, Commission=$8

(3) $49/mth, Commission=$23.50, recurring

(4) $359/year, Commission=$175, recurring


Lesson 1: Getting Rolling


Welcome to the WA Affiliate Bootcamp 2017. Start creating your long-term business online today. This Bootcamp training your foundation getting rolling and understanding the WA Affiliate opportunity…


Lesson 2: Get Your Domain, Get Your Website


This lesson is for you to get your domain and your WordPress website upon running. You can set up 2 free websites. How to create your main site in your niche? Decide who your target audience is. Choose your domain free or paid? Start building your website…


Lesson 3: Getting Your Website Organized


This is to get your website organized, creating your pages, including: 1. Getting Started, 2. About me, 3. Privacy Policy and creating content…


Lesson 4: Creating a Scalable, Idea Friendy Site


You create more pages and posts within your category. The category will help the organization of your website content and ideas. You will learn from how to set up the website, to keyword research, to getting help and motivation to networking with others online, to saving yourself from the abundance of scams out there…


Lesson 5: A Break, Catch Up, Learn More


This lesson gives you a break, time to catch up learns more. Review and revise you are doing very well at this stage. Keep it up…


Lesson 6: Writing Out Themed Content


At this stage, you are going to be spending a day on writing content. This much becomes part of your routine. This becomes easier as you do more. A few tips when you are writing your content…remember to join in discussions if you need help…


Lesson 7: Getting Your Comment Engine Ready


Today, you are going to get your comments ready. Responding to comments engages people and this is a big part of your success. Start engaging people on your site. There are tons of comment spammers out there. How to avoid them? How to use plugins to block the spam?…


Lesson 8: Adding Reviews to Your Site


In this lesson, you start to write your Wealthy Affiliate review and add the WA review to your site. There are videos you can watch…you are going to write another 5 product reviews in this lesson…


Lesson 9: Leveraging Content From WA On Your Site


You have now got content on your site; you can share WA and earn credits from your site. A video lesson shows you create a link to your pages or posts…


Lesson 10: Putting The Idea Engines To Work


Ideas for content, how to use Google alerts to get ideas to create your related content. To show you how to search for related topics for your site to get more ideas you can use for your website…


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