What Did Brexit Do?



What Did Brexit Do?

The Disasters


Low £ means imports get more expensive.

Oil goes up

Petrol goes up

Transport goes up.

Cost of everything goes up.

Electricity and gas go up.

Food gets more expensive.

Immigration goes up.

Europe hates us for leaving the sinking ship.

Holidays become more expensive.

Trump could become President over the biggest Arsenal of Nuclear bombs in the world.

The NHS is crumbling and we cannot see a doctor when we are ill.

The Titanic.

My big toe hurts when I walk.


Who is to Blame?


We can all blame Brexit for the bad things going on in life. It is easy to put the onus of responsibility on someone or something else.

As you may have noticed, this is slightly tongue in cheek.


OK. Let’s be Serious for a Moment


 I am not going to attack Brexit or defend it. The truth is that I do not know what will happen, no-one does, especially the politicians.


We are in uncharted territory. Sailing on onto the blue beyond with no compass and it is getting foggy.


We could speculate that the West is going bankrupt and the future lies with countries such as China and India. Most of the goods, clothes and useful things we buy come from China.


The law of supply and demand works here since People like to get a bargain and, at the moment, Chinese goods are cheap.


When, with the normal cycle of development in developing countries follows it’s normal pattern, Chinese goods become more expensive and better quality, will we still blame Brexit.





Who Can We Blame Now


Maybe it is the fault of the politicians that things are becoming difficult in life.


Maybe it is the internet, the Chinese, the Russians, the weather (a favourite in England,) Perhaps global warming or the police. Maybe parents are the root cause. There are definitely too many people in the world. Did you know people are getting taller? We are all getting obese. Maybe MacDonald’s is to blame.


There is always someone or something to blame for the problems and challenges we have.



Or is There?



We are human beings and we have survived and increased in numbers because of our ability to adapt to new situations. We live in extreme climates and under situations which, even 200 years ago, would have killed most people off.


We have developed cures for diseases which wiped out civilisations in the past.


In 1918 a flu virus epidemic killed over 50 million people, in one year. Other diseases we have controlled like Tuberculosis, Polio etc. are non-existent in many countries today.


We have sent people to the moon and space ships to the edges of our galaxy, millions of miles away, and received pictures back.


An Answer


Is there an answer? Yes.


The people we blame for our problems are just people. They do all the things you and I do. They feel all the things we feel. They want all the things we want. They need all the things we want. They love and hate, just like us.


We are not all identical, although there are common things we all share.


They are part of us.


We are responsible.


We vote politicians in. We allow the Trumps of the world to do what they do.


We frequent MacDonald’s and buy junk food, as a treat.


We turn a blind eye to our own country selling guns to other nations to kill other human beings.


Could we, perhaps, begin to take some small responsibility for what we do and how we do it?


If you want to change your life, you may need to take responsibility for it, take some action which helps you. Do your best to understand that as long as you lay the blame for your problems elsewhere, “they” have control over your life.


Together with authority comes responsibility. Authority over your life means you taking action and control. You can make a difference to you.




We give authority and control to other people; they do not just take it. Give the authority to yourself.


You have earned it by being a human being.


What Can I give?


If nothing else, you have your time, your kindness and a smile. You can give yourself some time and effort to changing your life, if you want to. You are a part of humanity. Helping you is helping everybody.





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Not sure?


That is OK.


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