What Does Being Fat Do?

What Does Being Fat Do?


What Does Being Fat Do?


Are There health risks with being fat?

What is wrong with being fat?

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We can all recognise the fat on other people’s bodies. We can see the struggles that overweight people have just moving around. There is a particular walk and often a particular breathlessness when they speak.


We can observe the outward signs of being overweight but do we understand what is happening inside those bodies?


I think we can all agree, (yes, “we”, I am also overweight,) that putting on the pounds is easy; losing them is another kettle of fish.



How to Lose Weight

We all know the mantra:


  • Eat Less
  • Eat healthy food,
  • Exercise more.


We also know what healthy food is and that we do eat too much. We know we exercise too little. Let’s look a little closer at what is really happening here.



What is Fat?


Fat mostly lies under the skin and is all over our bodies. It is a creamy buttery substance and protects our bones and organs. It also helps to keep us warm.



We Need Fat


Yes, believe it or not, we do need some fat. Without it our internal organs would be vulnerable to physical damage and we would get cold very easily.



Fat does Not Increase


Now here is an interesting point. Once past our teenage years we grow almost no more fat cells. What happens is the fat cells we have to get bigger. They spread around the body and make thicker layers.

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What is Wrong with Bigger Fat Cells?


The oversized fat cells restrict the blood flow, and thus the oxygen, to our essential organs.


The enlarged fat cells affect the balance of hormones in the body. This affects how the organs function, our ability to heal ourselves, our moods and many essential aspects of these fantastic bodies. The body’s inability to control insulin can mean the onset of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.



Is all Fat Bad?


No, it would appear that fat around our thighs and bums is not so bad as fat around our middle.. “Tummy” fat also puts a strain on our lower backs, just like during pregnancy.



Poor Heart


Carrying extra weight around and imbalanced hormones can easily affect our hearts. Our Hearts are the circulation pump carrying life-giving oxygen around our bodies to vital organs including our brains. It also carries away unwanted “rubbish” to the kidneys and liver for filtering and recycling.


If the supply of blood flow is decreased by the extra fat round our organs, the heart has to work harder to circulate more blood. The heart is a muscle and the harder it works the thinner the walls get. It can resemble a saggy sack instead of a tight muscle after years of neglect and over straining.

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Tiredness, Breathlessness and Waterlogged lungs


The lungs extract oxygen from the air and expel carbon monoxide. If the heart is pumping more then the demand on the lungs is even greater. They can become waterlogged with over-strain and that makes it more difficult for them to do their job. If there is too much fat around the internal organs and they are enlarged with overwork, the lungs can also become “squashed.”


The result is breathlessness, tiredness and a lack of desire to exercise. It becomes a vicious circle.



The Liver


The liver has many functions and is the largest of the internal organs. Some of its functions are:


  • Processing digested food
  • Cleaning the blood
  • Fighting infections
  • Controlling levels of fat
  • Producing energy
  • Regulating sex hormones.


It is vital for our well-being and health. It holds about 12% or more of the total blood in the body and cleans and purifies the blood.



The Kidneys


They are normally protected by a layer of fat. They are the first stop for removing toxins (unwanted stuff) from our blood. The toxins are then passed out as urine. The purified blood is then circulated back to the heart for re-oxygenating.


If the kidneys are overloaded with liquid then the millions of fine tubes in the kidneys can become blocked and the remaining ones have to work harder. The kidneys can become scarred and pock marked.



Is It All Doom and Gloom?


No. In almost everyone it is possible to reverse these changes, as long as they have not gone too far.


There is, I am sorry to tell you, no quick solution. There is no magic pill. We can all do a little every day to treat our marvellous bodies better and put our internal organs back on the track to health.



Remember the Mantra:


  • Eat Less
  • Eat healthy food
  • Exercise regularly





Yes, I was when I read all of this and realised how bad being over-weight can be for me.





Yes, I am. I know I can do a little more each day. I can do a little more exercise, eat a little less sugar, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables and eat less processed food.


There is so much information on the net and through GPs / doctors clinics. We can find out what to do. Get yourself tested and, just like me, find out what weight you should aim for. Find out if your liver, kidneys and blood sugar are normal.


I know I will feel healthier and happier and sleep better at nights. I know I will enjoy moving more. When I was a teenager, I ran everywhere. It is in me to be kinder to my body that has carried me around for so long. I hope it will keep doing so for many more years to come.


I thank you for reading this. I hope you have learnt something of how fantastic our bodies are and how we can do a little more each day to take care of them. Take care of yourself.







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What Does Being Fat Do?

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