You Get The Money


You Get The Money


Some people think you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the woman.

Some people think you get the knowledge, then you get the money.

Some people think you get the money then you get everything you want. Is that correct? No way. Actually, getting the money is a good thing. But how can you make the money?

Use power to make money? Or use money to get the knowledge?

If you make money does it make you happy? Making a lot of money wrong way can give you nightmares and problems beyond your understanding.



Money Money Money


Money, Money, Money, you can’t imagine getting lots of money . Do you imagine getting exquisite luxuries, ostentation, private jets, living in a six-star hotel? How many dreams do you have? How much hope do you have? Everything you wish for in life is like a dream, a dream that exists in imagination. There is nothing wrong with imagination, in fact, it is very powerful. The problem is people imagine the end of a dream and rarely do they imagine how they will get to the end.


Money Money Money


You could make a lot of your family happy. You could buy houses, have money to get married, have a lot of children and send them to private schools, have expensive food on the table, have time for entertainment, have time and money to spend on what you like, have a private education, travel all over the world, taste different foods, understand different cultures, luxury, jewellery, fashion, flying private planes in the air, sailing in the open sea on board a luxury yacht, driving a very over expensive, flashy, superfast sports car on land. You could have the best private medical care, in fact, the best of everything…

Money Money Money


There can be a down side for a lot of families who can become sad. It is possible to ruin a family by families breaking up, lose fathers, mothers, sons, or daughters, and even lose nationality. Some people lose their humanity. Some people take to the road and become criminals. Some people lose their personality. It makes some people get greedy or use drugs. The ordinary structure of life changes and the support of friends and families can be brought into doubt.


Money Money Money


Money can make some people’s whole life busy and yet still money is not enough to pay the bills. It makes some people’s family become the enemy. And some enemies become friends. Money can make people bad, no money can make people bad.


Money Money Money


Money is not everything, but no money at all does not work, it is scary. Money play’s people or people play money like a game. Life is like a game. No money then you are nothing. No money means weakness, no money means living on the street. Becoming homeless. No money means some wives will leave their husbands, some families will break up. If you have no money, no one listens to you. Are wealthy people’s farts fragrant? Is money everything?

Money Money Money


So how does it all work? Can money make people happy?

Most people imagine that all their problems will be solved if they had enough money, preferably now.

What do people want money for?

Paying debts?

Buying Luxuries?

Buying Love?

Getting Rid of problems?


The list goes on. Yet if you look closely at most of the things you want, there are other ways to get them. The other ways are often achievable without a lot of money. Some of the more ambitious goals do require money.

Now, do you have problems you do not want? Of course you do.

If you had a lot of money you would have lots of other problems, just different ones.

Who can you trust?

Should you give lots to charity?

Where do you put your money?

How do you invest it and manage it?

What do you do if you lose a lot of it?

Keeping your money from those who want to beg, borrow or steal it.

How much do you spend and how much do you save?

The problems do not go away – they just change.

Ah! You say – I would like to have THOSE problems.

OK! For a great many people there are only 3 ways to get great wealth. (There is a fourth but we do not recommend it because the problems become running from the law. Difficult these days.)

  1. Inherit money
  2. Earn it by setting up a business which you grow and grow.
  3. Won a lottery

No. 2 is how most people do it. It requires hard work and then hard work. You will need ambition in large quantities and determination in spades. Yet, it can be done.

Are you hard working? Are you ambitious? Are you determined to change your life?

I can hear you asking: What Business? I have never started a business. I do not know where to begin.

Of course

We are in the communication age and information is everywhere. Ask the right question and there are a lot of people all over the world willing to give you advice and show you how?

All business is about selling, selling a product or a service.

The difference with today’s world is that you can now sell to the world, through the internet. The internet has levelled the playing field and it is now possible for an ordinary person to reach out to enormous markets through the net.

Competition? You bet!

Big competition? You bet. Try eBay, Amazon and John Lewis for starters.

Is there room for me? Oh YES!

A little statistic might give you an idea:

In the USA in 2013: Total retail sales was 4.5 trillion $4,500,000,000,000.

In China in the past year (to March 2016) The Chinese have spent 15 billion Yuan ($2,307,124,350 or £1,590,294,900) on cosmetics.

This is in 2 specific markets. These numbers are gigantinormous. I have not even mentioned GB, Europe, India, Africa, The Russian and Eastern Europeans, S. America. Brazil’s GDP in 2014 = $2,420,000,000,000. Or about that.

Is there room for you to make a $million or £million? You Bet.

Will anyone notice if you sneak in there and nibble some money off the edge of the market? Nope.


Money Money Money The Secret.


The biggest difference between rich and poor people is the way they think.

To think like a rich person takes practice and guidance.






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