What is Site Rubix?

What is SiteRubix?


What is SiteRubix?



Site Rubix is a free website builder to enable all beginners to get started with a WordPress website without paying anything, it is completely free. This website builder, with support from Wealthy Affiliates, is a great training program. It is wonderful for everybody who wants to build a long-term business online, from start to finish and get a successful online business.


Create a Website Just 30 Seconds


Site Rubix website is part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can create a beautiful website with SiteRubix easily and it takes only 30 seconds to set it up. Once you have set up your WordPress website, you can start to build your long-term business online.


Free Member


To sign up and get 2 free websites now and create your business online follow this link:


Start Your Online Business


4 Steps You Need to Know Before Getting Started


Step 1. Choose your niche, also your domain name.

Step 2. Start to build your website, also your long-term business online.

Step 3. Get traffic to your website, also your visitors to your website.

Step 4. You earn revenue through your website and have a successful online business.




10 Free Training Lessons


You can go to Wealthy Affiliate login to get Wealthy Affiliate free membership and you will get free 10 lessons to get started building your website. Do not worry if you are a beginner. You will get step by step internet business training for the all the knowledge you need.





Premium Member


Of course, if you upgrade to the premium membership you will get more benefits. The premium membership pricing is:

Offer $19/- first month. (During the first 7 days upgrade to Premium Membership)

From second month on, payment is $49/-.

You can also choose to pay $359/- yearly.


The yearly payment is really worthwhile. It works out about $29.92/- every month. The benefit you get you cannot imagine. Can you imagine you can start your business for just about $30 per month, plus your domain name about $13.90/- a year. The total amount comes to about $32/- a month that you need to pay. What kind of the long-term business can you get for a start-up cost of $32/- per month?

Right Direction


Before you start doing anything, you can think about setting your goals and making a plan. The final important step is to decide: “are you going in the right direction”? If you choose the wrong direction at the beginning, you may never reach your goals. No matter how hard you try, you will fail in the end. To learn a successful online business, the only right direction is from Wealthy Affiliates. WA will teach you from the beginning and set you on the path of a successful business online.  



Benefits From SiteRubix and WA


Like I mentioned before Site Rubix is part of the WA business online training platform. So they are mainly a one stop station for you. Even the domain name you also can buy through the WA platform.

2 free SiteRubix WordPress websites and hosting – Free member

25 free SiteRubix WordPress  websites plus 25 own domain websites hosting – Paid member

10 lessons (Phase 1) – Free member

70 lessons – Paid member

Secure and spam free hosting

Website Daily Backups

24/7/365 Website Monitoring and support

Email and Forwards

SiteSSL (https)

Website Analytics



Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 Business Online Training Platform


Wealthy Affiliate is a #1 business online training platform in the world. There is 24/7/365 service online with secure and spam free hosting, if you are a wealthy affiliate premium member. You will have the services you cannot get anywhere else. WA has 800,000 members and 97% members are very happy that they joined WA. Do not believe in getting rich quick schemes and making money online fast schemes. Many of them are scams or want you to invest in very expensive training programs.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?


Yes. Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely legit and teaches any level of business online. If you are struggling to make money and want to avoid scams, WA is the right place for you. You can join as a free member and check it out other member’s experience within WA.


Wealthy Affiliate has the #1 Great community


WA has the greatest community you will ever find. All the members help each other, any question you ask about how to make money online, you will get an answer in an honest way. You never get stuck within WA. There is always someone to give you a helping hand, Including WA owners Kyle and Carson. You have one to one private coaching even when you are a free member (during the first 7 days.)


Start Your Online Business



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What is SiteRubix?

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