Eating Breakfast is Dangerous

Eating Breakfast is Dangerous



Eating Breakfast is Dangerous


Eating Breakfast is Essential.


Well what is the truth?

The truth is that your body does not eat at night while you are sleeping, it is fasting. There is a good reason for this which I will explain later.


When you wake up and eat breakfast, you are “breaking” your “fast.” Thus it is called “breakfast.”


The Magical Transport System?


We have a magical substance in our bodies that carries Oxygen round to feed our internal organs. It also carries messages like a postal system.


The messages it carries are hormones.


Hormones are used to tell us we need to get excited and do something quickly.


They are used to say “time for a break” to our organs. They tell us when we have eat (hunger,) when to laugh, when to feel good, in fact they work together with our brains and nervous sytem to keep us functioning and survive.


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Is Survival So Important?


Yep!. Otherwise we die.


Electrical Wiring Inside


Together with the blood circulation system, we have a system of interconnected cells called The Nervous System. This carries messages like “Open your eyes!” “Lift your left knee.” These are some of the essential messages which help us to walk.


What Are They Connected to?


There are more than 90,000 miles of nerves in each body.


There are over 60,000 miles of blood vessels.


There are about 75 organs in the body.


Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day.


All these things are essential to your survival.



So What Happens at Night?



Does everything switch off?


While we sleep our organs take a break from a busy day.


Of course the heart keeps going but, it beats slower.


Other organs take the opportunity to change their function and do repairs.


No one is 100% certain what happens in our brains at night. Dreams may be our brains way of having a clear out and organising and tidying up, ready for the new day.

Sleep is Essential


Sleep is essential to our health. If we don’t sleep we die.


Each person needs different amounts of sleep.


Sleep deprivation causes disorientation and confusion. Eventually a person’s self-confidence goes and it can drive a person mad. It is used as a form of torture.



Getting the Perfect


To get the body to slow down and unwind it is necessary to relax the physical body and calm the mind.


Eating Late


To allow the internal organs to function in their night time mode, it is a good idea to not eat just before going to bed. The old adage of “Cheese gives you nightmares,” is based on truth. Cheese is difficult to digest. It takes longer than most other foods. Eating cheese before bedtime means the cheese is still being digested while you sleep. The blood flow is directed towards the stomach and digestive system. That means that the other organs, which need their night time refurbishment, don’t get it. Sleep is disturbed and we have nightmares.


Fasting is Good


It is probably a good idea to fast every now and again, with a doctor’s advice, to help your body’s organs do a cleansing, but drink water.

About 65% of our bodies is water. We need water to build cells and our whole body is made of cells.


Breakfast Signal for Blood Sugar Start


Breakfast with a drink thins the blood, increases the glucose levels in the blood and sets the hormones going to tell the body to get moving.


Thinner blood speeds the oxygen to the brain and other organs.


The Jury is still out on how important breakfast is but it definitely sets a psychological tone for the day as well as preparing our bodies for action.


Drink water to get the oxygen going.


Eat breakfast to prepare the body for activity.


Eating raises the levels of glucose in the blood.


All these are necessary for getting ready for the new day.


The only danger is that you feel good and get a lot done. WOW!


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Eating Breakfast is Dangerous

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