How to Make a Free Website- Free Domain, Free Hosting and Free Keyword Tool

How to Make a Free Website- Free Domain, Free Hosting and Free Keyword Tool



How to Make a Free Website- Free Domain, Free Hosting and Free Keyword Tool


How to make a free website? Making your free website is easy. It will take you less than 30 second to set up a WordPress website using the SiteRubix website builder. Sign-up for a free account with WA and you can have 2 free WordPress websites, straight away. With SiteRubix you can have a free domain name.


e.g.: and free hosting. (Where “yourdomain” is your personal domain name.)


You can use the Wealthy Affiliate free keyword tool to help create your keyword contents for the Google SEO. Actually you can have your own independent domain names with a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership and have the best free website hosting service to be found.


Affiliate Marketing Guide


Getting Started Making Your Own Website


Getting Started making your own website is easy. SiteRubix is part of the Wealthy Affiliate website building training course platform. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, please click this link.


Or if you want to know more about SiteRubix, please click this link.


Before you start creating your very own first website, WA has 10 free lessons to help you to get started. The lessons will walk you through the process of creating your very own, first website, step by step.

  • Free Domain Name


When you get a Wealthy Affiliate free membership, you will also get 2 free websites, and you can choose your free domain name for your website. Your free domain names are also automatically hosted, free. You will need you to take a little time to think about choosing your domain name. The training lessons also give you brainstorming sessions and some ideas to help you find your best niche/domain names to use.


  • Creating and Building Your Website


Let me tell you about the Wealthy Affiliate community. It is a fantastic and awesome community for us all. It is the best community, of its kind, in the world. You can join as a free member and find out for yourself. It is awesome. If you have any questions you may need to ask, you will find helpful answers in the discussion area, there will always be someone to help you out. You need never get stuck. There are video tutorials to teach you at any level. You can get started creating your contents pages, posts, images and videos etc., straight away.


  • Getting Traffic to Your Website


Through your hard work building up your high quality contents with your keywords and phrases, you can create internal links, external links; email marketing campaigns, mobile apps, social media links, social sharing, relevant content within your niches, friendly user experience, age of website, PPC campaigns and constantly engage the users for feedback, etc. All these are what the website owner will have to create with query combination campaigns. To drive organic traffic from the search engine to your website, you must build up your keywords and phrases. This will also help to improve the SEO for all the search engines.  


  • Making Money


The Internet development, over the years, has given lots and lots of people, with not very much money, a chance to create their own small business online.


Becoming an affiliate is a way for you to sell other people’s products through your affiliate links. You promote the products on the internet and people click the affiliate link, they purchase the products then you get paid. There are millions of affiliate programs out there for you to promote and earn commissions on. You can invest very small amounts of money in order to get started. The courses can give you the right direction to help you along the path to success. From you taking action getting started, learning and creating your niche/domain name, to creating a website and building up your online business, you can learn enough to build your own business. Through different methods to promote and invite visitors to your website, you can persuade visitors to buy products through your own affiliate links and then you can make money online.


Affiliate Marketing Guide




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How to Make a Free Website- Free Domain, Free Hosting and Free Keyword Tool

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