Getting Traffic from Videos – Keywords for Youtube

Update: July 2018

Getting Traffic from videos – Keywords for Youtube



Today I’m going to share with those of you who would rather watch a video than just read the instructions. This video is going to show you the process of uploading the video within youtube. Then using the keywords tool and searching for keywords to capitalize on youtube rankings. You get more business and then you get more money.


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Getting Traffic from YouTube


Getting traffic from YouTube is free. Most people know YouTube. A basic in business. YouTube is a great way of getting traffic which is vital for your website.


Google owns YouTube and every day there are millions of people using YouTube. They search for a wide variety of things. YouTube has an enormously large audience. It attracts internet marketers, affiliate marketers, website (blog) owners, SEO professionals etc. They make videos and publish to YouTube channels.



Why Try Getting Traffic from YouTube?


  • YouTube’s own statistics claim that in 2018, they have over a billion users.
  • Each day, those viewers watch over a billion hours of videos.
  • More than half of YouTube video views come from mobile devices.
  • YouTube comes in over 76 different languages.


getting traffic from YouTube

People check out YouTube for information on anything you can imagine


  • How to fix a fridge?
  • How to tune a guitar?
  • How to make videos.
  • How to find silly paintings
  • How to fill in a tax return.
  • How to make sweets.
  • YouTube is a great way to get free traffic.


There is no end to the videos that have been made on all kinds of topics, these are just a few examples.


How to Get Traffic from YouTube?


YouTube is all about videos. You can create, upload and publish videos on YouTube. You also can embed videos into your website or blog. There are millions of videos on YouTube.


How can people find your video on YouTube? People search YouTube using specific phrases or words, often called “Keywords.”


If you are an internet marketer, you can use a keyword tool to help you find really hot keywords which people are searching for. It is quick and easy to find the best keywords people use to search on YouTube. You can learn all about this technique from the Best Online Training Platform.


The more people who watch a video on YouTube, the more people will click through to your website. This is called generating “traffic.” Traffic means visitors.


This is a great help to internet marketers, Affiliate marketers, small business owners and any level of business with an online presence.


internet marketer

They have helped a lot of affiliate marketers and small business owners to build a successful business online.


Since Google owns YouTube, even people searching through Google can see your video ranking on the Google first page. All of the results depend on you knowing and understanding how people use particular keywords.



Free YouTube Traffic – Keyword is important for your title


If you understand and know how to find and how to use these keywords, you can drive enormous amounts of traffic to your YouTube video, and it is free. You can make a living online or just make a lot of money.


you can learn all this knowledge; it is no big deal. Finding the right platform, to learn from puts you half way along your pathway to success. If you follow the wrong platform to learn these skills, you will never get success and probably waste a lot of your time and money.


The greatest training platform, providing all your online business needs, tools, community, and support is Wealthy Affiliate. Listed below are all the services they provide:


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  • Online business training boot camp (all levels can join, they can teach anybody, from beginner to expert.)
  • Website security and tech support.
  • Community support from thousands of other members.
  • Website speed, very good.
  • Free keyword tool (you can upgrade to paid service when you are ready.)
  • Much more…



You can easily create your own video using the “xxx” making video tool. If you are a beginner, this free version video making tool is enough for you to get started. When you get more experience than you can upgrade to a premium member.


You can create a short video for introducing products, cooking methods, and so many niches depending on which niche you choose.


Google and YouTube like and rank with the right keywords and consistent uploading and publishing of quality, engaging content videos.


If you think there is a video that you could make better, which offers help or a service to others, you can make it. Linking and naming with good quality keywords will push the video link up the rankings and when it gets to page one, a lot of people will see it and click on it.



How to rank YouTube Videos Fast, Getting More Traffic?


With right the keywords, which you can get from the Jaaxy keyword tool, you can get your video ranked high on Google.

How to rank YouTube Videos Fast, Getting More Traffic

In JAAXY, the first 30 searches are free, each month. You use this keyword tool to find the low hanging fruit, (keywords which you know, a lot people use in their searches. You can use this advantage to get your video ranked high in YouTube and Google.


Ranking high means ranking 1 to 10. This gets you on page 1 of the search engine.


Statistics say that about 95% of people do not look beyond page 1, of a search engine, when they are looking for something this way.



9 Ways of Getting Traffic to Your YouTube, Fast: See List Below


  1. Your video content and title should be relevant to the keyword or keyword phrase you use.
  2. The video descriptions also need to include the keyword or keyword phrase in your content descriptions.
  3. Before people before start watching your video, they can see your thumbnail image. If your thumbnail is interesting, this can persuade people to click and watch your video.
  4. You can create a custom background image to help you look more viewer-friendly and attract more viewers.
  5. Consistently posting videos also help to get your video ranking on the first page of search engines.
  6. Engage with your audience in the comments area, (below the video,) and respond to their comments and questions.
  7. Use YouTube video tags to help your video viewers to understand what your video content is about.
  8. Creating high-quality videos with good content will get you a better share of the audience.
  9. Share your video to different social media, forums, and communities (same niche group of audiences.) People come to look at your video from all sorts of different routes on the net.

youtube traffic.

How to Find YouTube Video Traffic Sources?


YouTube provided a really good traffic analysis tool for you to use. It is free and easy to use. You can set the period of time to check and see where your traffic comes from. E.g. you can set the time span to a week, a month or a year.


You can see where your traffic comes from and which keywords get more traffic. The YouTube analytic tool will give you a breakdown of the traffic source from the list below:


  • Suggested videos
  • Director unknown
  • YouTube Advertising
  • External
  • YouTube search



How You Can Be Getting Traffic from YouTube and Everywhere Else


If you are looking for the best online business (or affiliate) training platform, here is the link. This is an all in one training platform providing you with one-stop for everything you need. You can get traffic from YouTube, Social Media, Reviews etc. etc.


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Don’t miss out on this chance. When you find out that this is a really good training platform, you will be so pleased that you found it.




Thank you for reading this article and please do share this info with others.



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