Jaaxy Review 2021 – Best Jaaxy Keyword Tool

 Update: 2018

Jaaxy Review 2021 – Best Jaaxy Keyword Tool


Find a niche for your website


You get more business and so you get the money by using the Jaaxy keyword tool. Find the products people buy. Find out how they search for them on the internet? How is everyone else marketing the products? What can I do that is different, and makes money. The secret of internet marketing is finding keywords which people are searching for and that not many other competitors are offering, this is niche marketing.

All successful internet entrepreneurs need this and Jaaxy has the tools to help you to do it.


Is Jaaxy keyword tool magic?


The Jaaxy keyword tool will not give you the magic keywords to use – it would be pointless – everyone would have the same keywords and no-one would profit. You can research from different angles, using different keywords, and Jaaxy will show you which keywords are potentially the best.


Jaaxy is constantly updated and will give you good current information. You can export your results and use them offline in your own spread sheets. This will help you to do your own analysis.


Using the keyword finder you can do a simple input from an idea you have. The information you get back will help you to eliminate bad and keep better ideas. As you grow in abilities and experience you will find newer ways to use this keyword tool. It is free to use for 30 searches, enough to convince you of how useful it is.



Jaaxy Review



Jaaxy can be used for simple analysis or complex research so it is suitable for beginners and old hands alike.  


Find High Valued Keywords (tool)


Today, there are billions of businesses online. That gives a lot of people a chance to become a millionaire or even a billionaire. There are still tons of opportunities to make money online.

High value keywords can help you to have an edge over your competitors.


The Internet Trend


The internet trend keeps going up. This is this Century’s trend. In this century more buyers and sellers are on the net. The internet has become a market place for people to get what they want and cheaper than in the shops. This is another reason why people go to the internet first to buy what they want. Because of this the internet also creates a lot of different opportunities for people to do business, create services, make money, entertainment, games and a lot more things you cannot even imagine.


Internet Business is Moving Faster


Internet business is moving faster than ever. It saves you time. If you want to buy something quickly, you can just search and within a few seconds everything you want to buy will show up. That is more convenient and faster than traditional retail.


Keyword Tools – Jaaxy


So, as you can see above, if you want your business to stand out from all the others, all those competitors, then Jaaxy keyword tools becomes a golden key to open the golden box. This tool will help to find high traffic and low competition keywords, Which can help your business to move fast and make money quicker than the others.


Time is Money


You will save a lot of time and struggles searching for the best keywords. Try Jaaxy keyword tool for a minute and you will quickly realise how much time it will save you.

Free for 30 Keyword Searches


It is free for 30 keyword searches. Give it a try to experience how good it is. If you never try it you will never know. This keywords tool is suitable for merchants, large businesses, small businesses and individual’s businesses.


The Power of Jaaxy – Keyword Tool


Because Jaaxy – keyword tool is the #1 keyword tool, it is very popular among internet marketers. It is easy to use, super-accurate and finds results, fast. When you sign up for your account online, there is no software download and installation. They have a reliable friendly customer support. Their keywords are very compatable with the Google engine and it is easy to get high rankings. High ranking are vital for people to find your website. Find your niche and keywords for your website in just a few minutes, saving you a lot of energy to focus on other things.

I Would Like to Walk You Through the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

1. Sign Up


This image shows you how to sign up and get free 30 keywords searches.

Free keywords search results, is that not awesome? This tool does all that hard work for you in just a few minutes.



Jaaxy Review


 The Image Below Shows You the Benefits of the Different Kind of Memberships


Jaaxy Review




Jaaxy Review 2021 – Best Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy Review




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  1. Howard

    What an interesting article you have written on the Jaaxy Keyword tool. It can be tedious to constantly worry about whether a keyword is truly relevant and Jaaxy seems to cover all of the angles.

    How long have you been using Jaaxy and did you start to see results right away?

    Thanks for posting this!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Howard

      I began a year ago and used Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool plus JAAXY to refine  the searches. In the beginning I used the 30 free searches in JAAXY and noticed a marked improvement in rankings.

      Since I was also learning how to use keywords in reviews and web-site content, there were two learning curves running in parallel.

      I eventually paid for the full blown JAAXY and the results are astounding.

      There is so much to learn about creating and fine-tuning a business website that having all that research done for me by JAAXY, instantly, was worth it’s weight in gold.

      1. It not only gives fast results, they are comprehensive and very in-depth.

      2. Remember that not all ideas we have are good ones and it is possible to make a lot of time consuming mistakes without tools like JAAXY.

      3. Not only does it save time but it helps you to avoid putting yourself into competition with really big companies.

      Both of those, saving time and avoiding mistakes, can make the difference between an expensive mistake and a successful campaign..

      I hope this has been some help and good luck with your own enterprise.

  2. Neil

    The Jaaxy tool seems like a sweet research platform for looking up keyword phrases for number one Google rankings. 🙂

    From your screenshot, I can’t believe the simplicity of Jaaxy. Most keyword tools tend to turn keyword research into complicated rocket science using many different metrics. But it’s great that Jaaxy only uses 4 – 5 metrics you need for the task.

    Jaaky sure comes across as a powerful tool, and I love the benefits that come with it, especially the free searches.

    Is a keyword tool really necessary, or can we do the research ourselves, without it?


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Neil.

      The Jaaxy tool is very good and easy to learn how to use.

      Since most internet businesses rely on traffic (visitors) to a website, getting the largest number of people to visit your website is vital to a successful business. No visitors = no sales.

      Most people find your web-site through search engines, such as Google.

      Most people do not read beyond the first page or two before they either:

      1. Click on a link, or

      2. Change their search phrase and search again.

      To get your website near the top of the Google list, you need to find out what people are searching for and supply information / articles / blogs with those “hot” phrases.

      It is possible, using a lot of research and a lot of time, to find those key-phrases. It can be complex and very time consuming.

      It is so much easier to use JAAXY which does the analysis for you in seconds.


      Writing content, good content is not easy and it is of littlie use to you if no-body reads it.

      By researching the key phrases, using JAAXY, it is possible to adjust your phrasing to supply answers to peoples search queries. Sometimes it means little more than changing a few keywords, with the same meaning, to get a better search result.

      If this sounds a little complicated and you are still interested, get yourself a free account and try it out.

      I am sure you will find your way round the software quite quickly and understand the importance of JAAXY.

  3. Norman

    In my opinion and in the opinion of many, jaaxy is the best tool when it comes to doing a keyword or keyphrase search. As we know, in order to drive traffice to our site, we need to use right keywords or phrases. The right keywords and phrases will help the search engines, like Google, to find our website post / URL.

    Searching for good Keywords and Phrases ourselves would take an enormous amount of time, especially when comparing similar ones.

    JAAXY does this for us.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Norman

      The suggestions and analysis JAAXY Keyword Tool does is so detailed and helpful. It allows us to quickly identify the words or phrases which will draw traffic. Often the analysis throws up keywords we would otherwise have dismissed or ignored or never even thought of.

      It is like brain storming with JAAXY Keyword Tool.

      I could not do without it.

      Another aspect to JAXXY is how it can help to highlight potential Niches. This is something which many people struggle with and JAAXY Keyword Tool can help.

      I have never come across such a thorough and useful tool of this type

  4. Chris Towers

    This looks like it could be a great asset to me as I do a lot of work online.

    I can see there are different membership levels too which could be beneficial as I do not want to lay a lot of money out upfront until I get a better look inside.

    I wanted to ask something If you do not mind?

    I have 4 websites and of course they all refer to a different subject.

    Does Jaaxy give you the chance to save keywords under different categories or lists to be able to keep order?

    There is nothing worse than having my work all rolled into one place, I find it confusing!



    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Chris.

      You get 30 free searches with the free account of JAAXY Keyword Tool so you can try it and see if it suits your needs.

      Each individual search has a wealth of information around the keyword or phrase you have entered. That search can be saved.

      If you did 1 search for each of your websites, based on a keyword / phrase from that website, those search results can be saved separately. They do not overlap or mix into each other.

      You would have each keyword search saved separately.

      When you are working on one specific website, you can then go back to the relevant keyword search for that website.

      The only common factor is the JAAXY Keyword Tool.

      Hope this answers your question.

      You would have nothing to lose taking a free account and trying JAAXY Keyword Tool.

      You would need to learn the significance of the various indicators and what to look out for. That is all inside JAAXY Keyword Tool itself.

      Good Luck and happy searching.

  5. Joseph Mo

    Hey There,
    For sure Jaaxy has got to be the most hands down, best keyword tool, I like the way it brings up the stats, quite easy to follow and understand.
    I recently took the enterprise plan and my data is so well organised now.

    Thanks for sharing this. For anyone who wants their businesses to succeed, jaaxy is a great tool 🙂

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Joseph, Thank you for your sincere comment. I have only got the basic package myself and have learned an enornous amount about keywords and key phrases from it. I can’t see how anyone could be without it in an internet business.

      Getting traffic to a website is vital for all businesses and Jaaxy keyword tool is essential for getting to the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

      Because it highlights what everyone else is doing and what they are not doing, it is helpful in finding genuine niche markets. This is a boon for new internet business people trying to find their own niche to market in.

  6. Victor

    Hey, I actually had great success with Jaaxy. It’s very straight forward and easy to use once you get a basic understanding of how it works. I agree it is the perfect most time efficient tool to find keywords and getting some great rankings on google, thanks for posting this and making more people aware of this wonderful tool.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Victor, I am amazed at how much information and analysis Jaaxy gives. I can’t imaging how to do internet business without it. The suggestions for similar keywords and phrases is invaluable and saves an enormous amount of time and energy. Without the Jaaxxy keyword tool to analyse and suggest close alternatives, I would never be able to get such high rankings in Google.

      It is an essential tool for any serious internet business person.

  7. Darmendra

    It sounds like a good program to use if I want to get a good rank on Google. I have a blog, and my posts are still not in a good rank on google, I think I would like to try it. But do I need to use a credit card to sign up for the free trial?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Damendra. Thanks for your comment.

      1. You do not need a credit card to sign up for the free JAAXY account.

      2. What you get is 30 free searches but they are quite comprehensive and show a lot of different suggestions.

      3. The suggestions are also qualified so that you can find the “low hanging fruit.” These are ones which are in demand but not over used.

      4. Keywords and phrases are the most important part of marketing on the net. The right ones give you good rankings and so traffic to your business.

      Wish you well and hope you enjoy the free JAAXY research.


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