How to Make Money Online as a Kid?

Kidpreneurship: How to Make Money Online as a Kid

Being a kid doesn’t mean you can’t explore the exciting world of online opportunities to earn some extra cash. With the right mindset, creativity, and a bit of guidance, you can become a young entrepreneur in the digital realm. This guide will walk you through safe and age-appropriate ways to make money online as a kid.

How to Make Money Online as a Kid?

1. Online Surveys and Tasks:


  • Swagbucks: Participate in surveys, watch videos, and complete simple tasks.
  • KidzEyes: Take surveys specifically designed for kids.


  • Parental Permission: Always seek your parents’ permission before signing up for any online platforms.
  • Time Management: Allocate specific times for online activities to balance with school and other commitments.

2. Sell Handmade Crafts:


  • Etsy: Create an online store for your handmade crafts.
  • eBay: Auction or sell your crafts to a global audience.

Craft Ideas:

  • Bracelets: Make and sell handmade bracelets.
  • Artwork: Create and sell drawings or paintings.
  • Customized Items: Personalized bookmarks, keychains, or other small items.

3. Freelance Writing for Kids:


  • Write the World: Join a platform designed for young writers.
  • Kids Can Press: Submit stories and poems to a children’s book publisher.


  • Creative Writing: Showcase your creativity through short stories or poems.
  • Educational Content: Write about topics that interest and educate other kids.

4. YouTube Kids Channel:


  • YouTube Kids: Create a YouTube channel with parental supervision.

Content Ideas:

  • Toy Reviews: Share your thoughts on toys.
  • DIY Crafts: Create and demonstrate easy DIY projects.
  • Educational Videos: Share fun and educational content.

5. Online Tutoring:


  • Become an online tutor with parental consent.
  • Outschool: Teach subjects you excel in to other kids.


  • Mathematics: Help peers with math problems.
  • Language Arts: Assist with reading and writing.

6. Digital Art and Photography:


  • Redbubble: Sell your digital artwork on various products.
  • Foap: Upload and sell your photos.

Content Ideas:

  • Digital Art Prints: Create digital art prints for sale.
  • Nature Photography: Capture and sell photos of nature or pets.

7. Gaming and Streaming:


  • Twitch: Stream your gaming sessions with parental approval.
  • YouTube Gaming: Upload game reviews or playthroughs.


  • Parental Guidance: Ensure your parents are aware and supportive of your online gaming activities.
  • Moderation: Limit your screen time and prioritize schoolwork.

8. Blogging for Kids:


  • Kidblog: Start a blog in a safe and monitored environment.
  • Create a blog with parental consent.

Content Ideas:

  • Book Reviews: Share your thoughts on your favourite books.
  • School Adventures: Document your school experiences.

9. Pet Sitting or Walking Services:

Local Community:

Offer pet sitting or dog walking services for neighbors.

Create flyers and distribute them with your parents’ help.

Safety First:

Always have parental supervision or approval when dealing with pets.

Ensure that you have any necessary permits or permissions from your local community.

10. Virtual Lemonade Stand:

Online Platforms:

  • Facebook Marketplace: Advertise your virtual lemonade stand.
  • Instagram: Share pictures and details about your offerings.


  • Digital Artwork: Create digital artwork and sell it virtually.
  • Crafted Items: Offer to create personalized items for online customers.

Your Digital Entrepreneurial Journey Begins

Embrace the digital world and let your entrepreneurial spirit shine as you explore safe and age-appropriate ways to make money online. Always prioritize safety, seek parental guidance, and remember that learning and having fun should be at the core of your online endeavours.

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