Best Ways to Make Extra Money Online 2018

Ways to Make Extra Money Online


Best Ways to Make Extra Money Online 2018


There are many ways to make extra money online. Some ways of making extra money are good and some are really bad. Here are some ways to make extra money which are real and honest. These real ways to earn money online do need some hard work although you can learn how to do it, almost free. Good internet incomes are possible.


Ways to Make Extra Money Online

It is possible to make a lot of extra money online with a little patience and dedication. Making a lot of money online is generally easier than old fashioned methods. To make a lot of extra money online, it is not necessary to have a large start capital. Here’s how:


To make a lot of money it is not necessary to start making large amounts in one go.


Think of some of the necessities in life and how earning a penny on each item could have made you rich.


  • Clothes pegs
  • Paper tissues
  • Toilet rolls
  • Burgers
  • Ball-point pens
  • Computer mice


The list is endless of things which people use in large quantities and buy again and again.


Imagine you had a penny for every computer mouse in the world. There are over 2 billion computers in the world. If you had a penny or a cent for every one of them, how much would you have?


I am not suggesting you invent a new clothes peg or computer mouse. I am suggesting that the numbers of potential customers available in the world mean there is plenty of business to be done and plenty of room for us all.


If you are starting from nothing or very little, take heart that even a few sales a month can grow into a few a day and eventually, a few an hour.


If you make $15 or £15 in profit on an item and sell one a month, you have earned a small amount for all your hard work.


When you increase that to 2 per hour, that is $30 per hour X 24 hours X365 days.


That is $262,800 per year. I hope I did my maths right.



Failure and Success


Each time something does not work out right, that is, how we want or expect, we learn something new. It might be that there is something we should not do again. It might be that the product is wrong or the advertising is wrong or even just the description does not use useful keywords.


Success may be large or small and can also teach us something. A small success can be multiplied into many small successes and we have a giant success.


Is That Possible?


Yes. It is possible, although not always easy. You may need to start small and build your business. If you can make 2 sales a year then it is likely you can make 2 sales an hour with the correct support and expansion of your business.


Your first aim is to make those 2 sales then you are on the way.



How Do I Do that?


There are a variety of ways.


If you have a lot of capital, you can buy the expertise in. Be careful. There are a lot of very attractive looking opportunities offering you overnight success. Some of them are very expensive and the success is often based on you recruiting other people into the scheme. These often have a limited life and can be expensive to “test.”



Cheaper Way


A cheaper way is to join a community like WA and study the courses that come with it. Use their facilities to help you get started.


A large part of online business is the internet marketing which can be done in a variety of ways.


Social media is very powerful and if used in the correct way can link your business up with a lot of potential customers.


It is however a tool to be used with care and consideration. You can make yourself unpopular if you flood your friends and contacts with emails or other Spam.


If you set up a page on Facebook with details of your business and ask your friends if they would be willing to look at it and leave a helpful comment. Explain you are just starting out and need a bit of encouragement but do not want to over-do things. Be polite, considerate and always ask.


Who Cannot Build an Online Business?


This is a very difficult question to answer because, if you are reading this, you already have some IT skills and knowledge.


If you can understand this article, then you have a good understanding of English.


In my honest opinion, (I know, I could have written “IMHO.”) these are the two basic requirements.


A dash of imagination and a desire to learn something new, like online business,  and make money out of it.


Within Wealthy Affiliate, you may well make some new friends and find some fascinating people. If you choose to “have a go,” you will quickly acquire some new skills and find yourself helping others, which is a lovely feeling.


Your confidence will grow and you will begin to see how the new skills can be applied in different ways, ways which can benefit you.


There is no fixed blueprint. There is a learning process and you can make choices about what suits you and what direction you feel comfortable in going in.



The Internet is Your Friend


The internet is so gigantic and the possibilities so many, it can be baffling to know where to start.


Little acorns are a good start.


If you have never sold anything on eBay or Amazon, have a go.


Ask a friend if they have any small thing you can sell for them.


Write a good description.Ways to Make Extra Money Online

Get your account sorted out

Do it.


But something you have never bought online. It could be something really simple or an every day item.


Try your favourite toothpaste, for example. Test out the way things work.


These are all small steps to becoming more comfortable “trading2 on the net.


There are protocols of behaviour and , just like on the high street, there are good and bad traders.


I was fed-up with my local shops always being sold out of my favourite cough sweet. I went online and found 3 or 4 suppliers and bought 4 packets. They arrived 36 hours later and I had paid about 10% more than in the shops. Well worth it to me and cost me about £4 or $4.


To apply the small Acorns rule, it is necessary to repeat an action many times; each time earning a small amount. There are billions of internet users. There are unlimited possibilities.


Even the knowledge you learn will be lots of small bits added together and, over time, will grow.



I am Too Old to Try Something New


Apparently KFC was started by a 62 year old man. He must have taken risks and learned a lot in the first few years.


Trust me, you are never too old.



I am a Technophobe


Ah! A good excuse because technology is everywhere and it can be daunting. When you were a child crawling around the floor, even walking looked like an impossibility. You kept going, with a little help and encouragement and, a little at a time, you succeeded.


A little at a time adds up to lot in the end.


Grow your own acorns and find the fun and friendship that this new way of doing business offers us.


The Chines have a lovely saying: “The longest journey starts with the first step.” We can all take that first step.











  1. Hennie Steyl

    Good post. There really is no excuse not to get an income from an online business. I am also at Wealthy Affiliate and there is no better place on the internet to start your online journey.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Hennie. Wealthy Affiliate has certainly opened my eyes to so many opportunities. I have learnt so much that I can use
      in affiliate marketing and all online business. The skills needed to create and sustain an online business are the same whether
      or not it is in affiliate marketing are the same. The attitude and mind-set are the same for all business creation.
      There is a lot to learn and a lot of hard work needed to be successful.
      All of this is possible with the right training and support from experts and Wealthy Affiliate has this in abundance.
      So if you want abundance, Wealthy Affiliate University is the place to go.

  2. Anne Saxod

    Thank you so much for this article. I can recognize myself, as I am from the old generation. It is so interesting to see all the new possiblities offered on the internet today, while it is a little bit scary too. With enough curiosity and support from open-minded people, a lot is doable. The only problem I still have is buying online. I am not used to it and I don’t really trust the whole procedure. How do you do it yourself ?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Anne. Yes, it is necessary to take precautions when doing any online transactions. This is true online and offline.
      Companies such as eBay and Amazon are very security conscious and do their very best to make all transactions completely secure.
      Once you have successfully bought a few cheap items and received them, you will feel much more confident. In fact you will probably
      start looking for other things to buy online, it is remarkably easy. I can tell you from personal experience. Good Luck and have fun.


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