How to Make Yourself Sexy

How to Make Yourself Sexy



How to Make Yourself Sexy


So, you believe you are ugly or unfashionable or simply no one finds you physically attractive. I expect you will expect me to suggest you lose weight or get some sexy clothes to wear? No.


Years ago I was on a course in the unlikely suburbs of Scarborough.


I was fortunate to have taken a friend’s advice and he advised me that if I wanted to become a hypnotherapist, (yes, I know, but I was younger then,) I should see if Wilf Proudfoot was still teaching.


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Wilf Proudfoot, Genius and Generous


I called telephone enquiries (it was free then,) and asked for the number for the Proudfoot School of Hypnosis. Now, I had written to and called many organisations and found only postal responses which wanted me to pay for a mail-order course. I wanted hands on, real tuition. It was Friday evening and I expected to get an answering machine.


Wonder of wonders, a real voice answered. I thought it must be a cleaner finishing off for the evening and automatically picking up the phone. Oh no!


I explained what I wanted and the cleaner seemed very knowledgeable about the mysterious school and its courses. I thanked him profusely and asked his name; “Wilf Proudfoot,” he said.

Shock Horror and Wonder


I was impressed and there followed incredibly enlightening conversation regarding what could or could not be learned. The course was 50 hours in a School with other students and Wilf himself coaching. The price was less than half what others wanted so I signed up there and then. I stayed in a little B and B in Scarborough with the wind howling along the beach and the most enlightening learning I have ever received.


Wilf invited us all to his house the night before the course and we enjoyed wine and snacks and a chat about his beliefs and what to expect.


I disliked his politics but loved his philosophy of life.


He believed in teaching everything he knew and he told us how to be as good as him – walk in his shoes, model him.


No, I am not promoting his courses. He died some years ago, unfortunately.


You can look him up in Wikipedia, but it does not do him justice.



How You Too Can Get to be So Sexy


What I learned from Wilf was Modelling. Not the modelling on a catwalk, the modelling of NLP. It is complicated to explain so I will simplify it for you:


Find someone who can do what you want to do, or is sexy like you want to be, and model them.


Oh sod it! This is difficult to explain.


Have you ever wondered how actors learn to portray different feelings on stage or in film? Many of them use method acting.


Method acting means feeling exactly what the character feels and the audience will believe it is real.

Is this beginning to make sense?


The Secret


Ok. Here’s the secret, and I will tell you how to practice it safely and try it out without risking yo9ur good name. Just be careful, it really does work.

How to Do It:


First you have to decide how you want other people to perceive you. What do you want them to believe when you are near them?


If for example you want to be perceived as attractive, friendly, approachable and physically attractive, then you must find those feelings in yourself. Even if they are small, you can fan the flames and make them stronger.


  • Imagine you are feeling open and friendly and that people want to talk to you, in a friendly way.
  • Close your eyes and feel that deep inside. Where do you feel it, which parts of your body?
  • Imagine that feeling growing and turning round and round and spreading throughout your whole body.
  • It is making you feel good and you may smile as the wonderful feelings spread round your body.
  • Hold them close then, in your mind, put them away in your imaginary cupboard, ready to take out and enjoy again later, any time you want.
  • Repeat this exercise twice a day for a week.



How to Try it Out


Go for a walk or go shopping and open your exciting cupboard. Close your eyes and in your mind’s eye, take out the feelings and let them rove round your body, spreading out in a cloud of openness and friendliness and hold it.


Now open your eyes and continue shopping. You will notice people talking to you in a friendly, fun way.



Getting Into the Habit


If you want to get people to be friendly to you, you have to feel it yourself. We are all sensitive to things outside of appearance and sound. We pick up all kinds of little signals from others. We all pick up the feelings of others.



Sexy? You Bet.


Want people to find you sexy? Feel sexy. Let it invade your whole body and mind, as though you have bathed in sexiness and let it soak into your pores and your whole body and mind. Other people will sense that and respond to you.





This works, so be sensible about the messages you transmit to others. Choose your moments and choose your situation. This can be used in many different situations, but that is another story.


Go have some fun and enjoy your new you.


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How to Make Yourself Sexy

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