How to Write a Blog Article

How to Write a Blog Article


How to Write a Blog Article


To write a blog article using Mindfulness and write a blog that people will read. Writing a blog with very little to start with is easier than you might think.


This example of a written blog is called:

“Shopping in February.”


The Colour is February.


February, its colour, its clothes, its mood and its people.


The clack of the shoes, the slap of the boots, all hurried and purposeful. Their clothes sombred with dark purples and browns and bulked out with the insulation against the barbs of winter.


Even their breath rushes out to complete their task of the day with no mind to the world around them.


I notice their rush and think back to July.


The stroll and the roll and the giggle and the laugh and the casual glance through the windows.


Time to enjoy, to live in this moment and feel the sun’s glorious warming.


The colours are bright and the fashion’s all right and a pause to deploy all the senses.


Aroma of coffee and doughnuts and things that tickle the hearts of our fancy.


Eyes cast around, not down, and hear the sweet sound of a chatter and people relaxing.


I breath a deep sigh as they on by, amazed by ensembles of clothing. People are fantastic, confusing and eclectic, but then, so is the weather, I find.


Come on summer.


How to Write a Blog Article

Where was it?


This was written sitting on a seat in a shopping mall, drinking a coffee, (I know, what a wonderful place to sit.)


I cleared my head and noticed what was in front of me, which was people rushing by, often in groups. They were padded out with winter clothes and the colours were fairly drab and uninspiring.


It was not freezing cold inside, but it was chilly and most people had arrived by car and walked to the centre in their outdoor clothes.


Maybe the hurry was partly due the time of day. It was late afternoon and perhaps they were hurrying home to their dinner and feet up in front of the TV?


Few people even looked at the window displays and then, only briefly in passing.


They spoke very little with each other. Their eyes were staring forward with intent.


There was an air of: “Let’s get this over with, do the shopping and get out of here.”


Even though it was not freezing cold and I could not see their breath, I felt like I could.



Time Shift


With these impressions in my senses, I asked myself if things were always like this.


Into my imagination came a vivid memory of sitting on the same seat, (drinking coffee,) back in the summer. It was hot outside and there was a pleasant 19 / 20 degrees C inside.


There was a completely different feel to the time.


People were relaxed and window shopping. They stopped and chattered in groups, often laughing.


Their eyes roved around, taking in the ambience, (whatever that is,) and being aware and interested in their surroundings.


Their purpose seemed more aligned to pleasure than hurry.


The clothes they wore were brighter, sexier and more fun and they seemed like they had all the time in the world.


The children were not grizzling and everyone’s eyes sparkled.


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My Thoughts on the Moment


By taking a moment to get outside your head, you can become aware of what is


  • around you,
  • below you,
  • above you,
  • on each side of you,
  • in front and
  • Behind you.


Use all your senses:


  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Smell


Ask yourself: “What can I hear? What can I smell?” etc.


Sometimes it will be your imagination that answers, (like my dash back to July.)


Each time you notice something, write it down and never mind the grammar or spelling. Only you will read it again.


Give the whole thing a title. This should be something for you to refer to in your memory. It does not have to be accurate or sensible. It is Yours.


When you get home or open up your PC / Laptop / Tablet, get your notes out and begin writing from your notes.


Start with the title and go back, in your mind, to the experience you had.


Use your own notes to guide you. Add in any extra senses you feel as you remember it.


Sometimes words have a rhythm, like in poetry or songs. That happened to me in the February experience. I almost had to stop myself writing song lyrics. It doesn’t matter.



How to Write a Blog Article

The End Result


The final piece may well be absolute rubbish or a work of genius. One thing it will always be is yours, completely.


Because you have captured it in a few hundred words, it can be expanded or added to and can often be enhanced with adjectives, idioms and metaphors.


Read it through several times and see if there are any points where it does not flow or ring true.


Be prepared to hone it.


500 words of quality will always beat 2,000 words of rubbish.



The Really Good Part


Here is the magic in this approach.


It took me as long as it takes to drink a cup of coffee to write the February moment (200 words,) on my phone. I am a slow typist.


Think how many moments there are in a day? How many things can you write about if you just relax into the moment and let your senses soar around you like a drone of awareness.


Find the moments that are there already. There are so many that can inspire and excite you.


Be your sense-drone and explore the world around you and tell us what you find.




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How to Write a Blog Article



  1. Taetske Guillaume

    Good afternoon,

    I like this idea of writing down one’s impressions the moment you have them. Trying to remember hours later it will lack the details. How you felt at that precise moment, to then write it down immediately will make your story more authentic. With time one’s memories fade away so you are right in recommending capturing things the moment they happen.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Taetske
      You are so right. The memories not only fade but can be changed as we make links to other recollections that have similar emotions.
      I sometimes look at what I wrote a long time ago and feel it must have been someone else who wrote it.


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