Motivational Success Stories

Motivational Success Stories


Motivational Success Stories


Success stories can encourage and motivate you when things get tough. Motivational Stories of Success show you success is possible. Motivational help’s always useful.


We all need motivational help, from time-to-time, on our path to success, when things become challenging.

 Motivational Success Stories

Success is not an accident.


Behind every success story, there is a story of a lot of hard work and unremitting effort to give a person the opportunity to show their talent. Talent often lies dormant in us (sleeping) and we need an opportunity to find that sleeping talent and wake it up.


Quote from Sir Edwin Alliott Verden Roe OBE, Hon FRAeS, FIAS: “You never know what you can do until you try.”


Behind every successful person is also an ordinary person. In the beginning, you choose something that you feel you could do well, and that you enjoy doing. You do that one thing again and again until you become really good at it. We learn this technique at school; it is called “practice.” You keep improving yourself and, eventually, begin to do it better than almost anyone else.


You become an expert.


People do not just like success; they also love the spirit of “never giving up.” There are thousands of ways to succeed. There is, guaranteed, one way for you, perhaps there are more. Success can be learned, if you are interested in it. You may surprise yourself at how good you can be. You must continue to practice, innovate and continue putting energy and effort into your business. You will, then, eventually succeed. You need to be patient since there are things you will need to repeat, over and over. You can do it. You need to believe in yourself. You need to make choices about what you love doing. I would like to take the opportunity to wish you every success in your future endeavours.


3 Motivational Success Stories


Dom’s Success Story.Motivational Success Stories


DomW is an online business entrepreneur. His advice is: “You need to keep learning. You need to keep making mistakes and moving forward. Sooner or later, you will succeed.” Dom started from nothing and worked hard for several years. He kept doing what he had started and slowly moved forward. A few years down the line and the business, he had started from nothing, was now making $10,000 a month.


It took him 3 years to get to this point. (How long it takes depends on how much time and effort you put in, and a little luck.)



If you want to know how he did it and read his story, you can get a free membership here and search for DomW’s story. 

Update on DomW’s success story: $40,000 In One Weekend.


Stuart’s Success Story.Motivational Success Stories


Stuart started his online business only working part-time. He only worked 2 days a week, at weekends. The complications of dealing with working full time, working weekends on his online business and sorting his personal, emotional life out, were challenging. After consistently studying and practicing a little a day for more than three years he finally started making $200-$250 per month; from a starting point of $0 a month. From his story you can tell: success does not come straight away. It takes a lot of hard work and you must never give up. Now his income has grown to $2000 per month. You can get a free membership here and read what he said.


Jose’s success story.Motivational Success Stories


Jose started to learn and built his first website. After about 47 days, he began to make money. He made his first affiliate commission. He is very nice and helpful, sharing his story and encouraging other people to build their own online business and showing that making money is possible. Once you start making money then all the hard work will pay off. Congratulations to him. From his success story, you can see that anyone can learn, build a website and make money from the internet. You must have a goal and passion; put in a continuous effort and you will be successful. Get free membership here and read his story.


Motivational and Inspirational Video


Here is a motivational and inspirational video for you which, I hope, will help encourage you to be a success. I wish you all the success you desire.






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  1. Jen

    Reading success stories definitely motivates me. If they can do it, so can I. It just takes persistence. I loved the motivational video. If you have dreams of something, move forward to fulfill them. Nothing is holding you back except yourself. Someday, I hope to have my own success story to share with others. That will be a great day!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Jen.

       It is a healthy reminder of just what is possible. It is easy to think that “successful” people are special or in someway gifted or lucky.

      The stories show how they are often very “ordinary” people, sometimes with a personal challenge.

      They do have a few things in common, I think. An intention to achieve something specific, a goal. (Or two.)

      There is a beautiful line in an old song from “South Pacific:”

      “If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?”

      You are so right that there is only yourself between fulfilling your dreams and …

      I am certain you will have a story to tell one day, perhaps sooner than you think.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Norman

    Hello and thanks for sharing, I really did enjoy those videos. They are very relevant to show how success can be for us all.

    We look at the success of other people but if we could only see the hard work and all of the struggles that they went through, before becoming successful, then we would understand the true meaning of success.

    Your site is truly an encouragement and very inspiring.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks for you great comments , Norman.

      It does seem that seeing how other people can rise above the challenges they face, with hard work and determination, helps us all to see what is truly possible.

      We never know what we can achieve until we try and do it.

      You are right that understanding what success really means is one step towards achieving it.

      I appreciate you reading the article Norman.

      Thanks again and good luck with your own endeavours.

  3. Simon Crowe in Asia

    I like this saying – “It takes a long time to become an overnight success.”

    I like it because we can hear other people’s success stories and fall into the trap that it was easy or instant for them, but you’re right; it takes doing the right thing over and over, practice and honing your skills.

    This is really motivating and inspiring and I thank you for that – success is within your control, you can make it happen, this is very empowering!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks you Simon.

      It is surprising how so many people wait for good luck or success to just “happen.” The truth is we have to make our own luck most of the time and success can only happen if we believe it is possible. That means we have to think about it and imagine the success really happening.

      If you look at singers and actors who are often around for years before overnight success occurs.

      Let’s fill our heads with the idea of success and get it working for us.

  4. jeffrey16201

    Very informative and interesting article on motivation, nothing more convincing than hearing how others have succeeded by not allowing obstacles to stand in the way of success. Many things we accomplish in our lives are from trial and error, everything does not work for everyone so we must try different things until we find the ones which work for us, then practice them often.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thank you Jeffrey.

      Finding out what we can do is, often, an adventure in its own right. As children we often get told, “No!” and that trains us up to be afraid of the unknown, the unfamiliar. It is a habit of fear that can be very difficult to overcome as adults.

      Children have a natural desire to be inquisitive and enquiring. If we can find that sense of adventure in ourselves, it can motivate us to keep trying, until we find out what is really possible.


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