Real or Rotten? – Can you make a million in 11 months?

Real or Rotten? – Can you make a million in 11 months?


Can you make a million in 11 months?


11 month millionaire reviews says “yes”

  • is a leveraging system which promises that if you:
  1. Follow the easy daily steps
  2. Follow the training

You will make a million dollars in 11 months time. Is it possible? It is certainly clever. Jordan keys has combined two  3rd party systems which are repeated in a loop to make the money. The 2 systems are:


– The national wealth centre is a type of M.L.M.An M.L.M. is a legitimate from of business. To avoid being a Pyramid Scheme, there must be a product sold and the scheme must not rely on recruitment payments of 100%. i.e. There should be no payments for recruitment alone. Since this would mean it would one day reach a saturation point when there is no-one left to recruit? It appears that the National Wealth Centre offers 100% commission on recruiting – this is unsustainable in the long term and potentially illegal. Usually only people at the top of these schemes make real money.


-Traffic Monsoon offers to pour traffic to your website. You purchase packages depending on how many “visitors” you want to your website. There is a profit sharing system.


The claim is that you can recruit new people through the traffic through your website, however, if the traffic is created by others, like yourself, clicking on 10 ads per day – then no-one is buying services. It smells of a money pyramid. Getting your money out is proving difficult – they claim (March 2016) that they are struggling with Paypal. Our advice – stay


For more infomation on how to achieve steady online business and stop struggling:

  1. Build your own website
  2. Drive traffic to your site
  3. make money from this business




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