Clickbank Reviews 2021

Clickbank reviews 2021

Clickbank Reviews – is the largest affiliate’s and vendor’s network for digital products. There are a range of products promoted, such as eBooks, software and a wide range of other categories. Clickbank is the leader in digital ecommerce; they handle over $3 Billion in sales. If you are looking for products to promote in your website or blog, then Clickbank is one of the affiliate marketing networks for you to choose from. Clickbank have tens of thousands of digital content for you to market and make commission from. As you can see they also slowly start selling physical products on the market place. This gives affiliates and vendor’s more choice.


Clickbank vendors – promote their own products through the Clickbank marketplace. There are thousands and thousands of affiliates and consumers using the platform looking for products. You can sell your own products through the platform and they will have a huge audience. Clickbank is the third party between vendors and (affiliates +consumers), Clickbank handles the customer services, processes orders, confrms payments in order to secure vendors and affiliates. Credit transactions go smoothly. Clickbank charges a small fee for processing them.


Clickbank affiliates – an affiliate is an internet marketer who promotes vendors’ products and gets commission for doing it. When you sign-up to Clickbank affiliates, you can use the marketplace to find all kinds of products that you want to promote. The experienced vendors will provide you with marketing tools, such as sales banners, email marketing letters, sales letters and affiliate links.


Clickbank affiliates marketplace – There are thousands of products in many niches. They show you which products have high conversion rates. “Gravity” score shows you how many affiliates make sales with each product. The gravity numbers show you which products are ideal and popular.


Clickbank products – offer one of the highest commission levels and highest convertions of all similar platforms. This is an online industry with a good reputation. All products have a 60 day money back warrantee. affiliate


Clickbank pros and cons



  1. Anyone can sign up and promote: – clickbank is for anyone who wants to become an affiliate. Easy for you to sign up and promote any products you want to.
  2. High Commissions: – Companies often offer affiliates the highest commissions 50% up to 75%.
  3. Mutil-Language: – clickbank have a number of different languages. Such as English, Francais, Deutsch, Espanol and Itaiano etc.
  4. Wide variety of products: – Clickbank have a wide range of products you can promote so that you can easily find the products that suit your interest. There are no limitations for how you promote their products. You can promote their products anywhere you want, but not using spam.
  5. Clickbank’s refund policy: – All the clickbanks vendors must offer a 60 day money back guarantee on any products they sell. This is for the buyer’s protection.
  6. Clickbank’s payment: – Payment is very important for all the affiliates. Before you choose to join any affiliate program, consider the payment. Clickbank payment are quick and always on time. They also allow you to choose weekly payments. You can have the option to receive a check or direct transfer to your bank. Before you receive your first commission you will have two choices. 1. Your Payment threshold: – You can set a payment threshold between $10 and $100,000. The default setting is $100. This is the minimum amount in your account before Clickbank sends you on a payment. 2. Clickbank Distribution Requirement: – When you achieve a minimum of 5 sales then clickbank will make your first payment and after that after 2 of the following payments.




  1. Clickbank tools: – Clickbank do not have banners and conversion tracking tools for affiliates although some vendors will provide high quality tools for you to promote their products. Some vendors do not, but you can create them yourself if you really like their high quality products.
  2. Cickbank Support service: – This is not the best; you can quite often read clickbank reviews about their customer support team being a bit slow to respond to queries when they come by email.
  3. Clickbank Money Making products: – Clickbank have too many “make money quick” products that promise the world but often deliver nothing. It is better to find a niche and promote good products which you know.


Clickbank Reviews – legit or scam?


Clickbank is Legit: – Yes. Clickbank is a well-known digital marketplace for vendors to sell their products or for affiliates to promote vendors’ products online and earn commission. Clickbank probably have also developed their own physical products for their marketplace in recent years. Clickbank is the place for working at home, online business and for affiliates looking for new products to promote. It is a popular online market platform, available in over 200 counties.


Clickbank is not a scam: – it is a trusted and popular platform to promote products. Over the years they have had some issues about their customer service team being slow to respond to emails. Some products are terrible and do not deliver their promises. You have to research and choose carefully.






Clickbank is definitely a good place for affiliates to make money promoting products. Take time and choose carefully the products you want to promote. Good products will allow you to make a decent commission. Before you promote the products, you need to look at the stats shown below:


Initial $/sale: – This is the average amount that an affiliate will earn for each sale. This number also

includes the sales tax, refunds and chargeback’s.
Avg %/sale: – This is the average commission rate earned for all the sales of the vendor’s products

so far, including re-bill, one-time purchases and up sells.
Avg %/rebill: – This will only show if the Vendor offers a recurring billing product. It will show the average commission rate earned on rebills.


Avg Rebill Total: – This number will be shown if the Vendor offers recurring billing. Products like

subscriptions or memberships that bill customers every month will show up under this statistic. This

does not include the initial sale amount.
Grav: – This number shows how many affiliates promote the product. This shows how popular this product is with affiliates.






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