The Times They Are a Changing

The Times They Are a Changing

The Times They Are a Changing


Once upon a time there was Mail Order.


And Drop Shipping.


And the Exchange and Mart and cards in the Newsagents.


And ads in the local paper.


The times HAVE changed and the world has got bigger for us.


Once upon a time there was only your town to get Hair Dressing clients.


Now a hairdresser can sell products to the whole country as well, in fact almost the whole world.


There are over 750 million people in Europe, most of whom speak, read English at some level.


There are over 320 million people in the USA.


That is a potential market of 1,070 million people who could be your prospective customers.


Affiliate Marketing Guide




New World New Opportunities



If you can get .0001% of them to look at your website, that is 107,000 people and if 5% of them buy your product, that is 5,350 paying customers and you have not even opened your shop or advertised in a paper or magazine.


It’s a brave new world and the possibilities are beyond our imagination.

It means we have to think in different ways and dig deeply into what might be possible rather than “How did we do it before.”

All business people are working on a simple model of how to make a business:

Find a niche / Decide on the potential customers / create a “Pipeline” of business form customer input to sales output.

The part that has changed is the potential customers. Now that is more than a 100% bigger.

Of course, even an online business has to start somewhere. The start-up costs are potentially much smaller than a traditional business, though.

Property, equipment, staff, insurance, stock, advertising and complex planning were needed.

Not anymore.



A Simple Formula


With a simple formula, a computer connected to the internet, some studying and some courage, you can get moving with your own little empire.

Like any business, you may not make a fortune overnight. Overnight success takes a little time and effort.

The way to making money is paved with temptations to give up; you can only lose if you give up.



Scams and Scammers


The promises of easy or quick fortunes will certainly make fortunes for the sellers of the “systems,” and poorer wiser customers.

Are they all scams, these “Get quick Rich Quick” schemes? I have tried many of them and have learned that only the people who start them make a lot of money. Sometimes, it IS possible to make some money, working hard and long hours, but not often.



Rewarding Opportunity



Working for yourself can be fantastically rewarding, especially if you are doing something you enjoy doing. You can decide how hard to work and when to work and what direction to take your company in.


Of course, alongside the independence and freedom of choice comes the responsibility. If you have a bad day, if you are ill, if you have a hangover or just decide to have a day off, you earn no money. This is the downside of working for yourself. You do nothing, nothing happens.


There is a way round this. Set up a business which basically runs itself, which requires maintenance but not constant attention.


To succeed in this you will need to spend some real hard working hours and days studying, learning and trying out different aspects of the business. You need to have a niche, a business which focuses on something you are interested in or have prior knowledge of.



Getting Started


Start with a general interest and gradually narrow it down to a specific area. It is easier than it sounds and there is plenty of help. Later I will tell you how.


We all feel a little nervous or fearful of new unknown things. Be kind to yourself and gently move into the basics of a new business with someone holding your hand. I will explain how.


There are times in everyone’s life when we feel things are not going right or there just seems to be too much to think of. Help is at hand.


All these strings can be tied gently and firmly together and it is free.



Free Opportunity


I have received guidance, support, advice and inspiration from a community of like-minded people who are either doing the same as you or are further advance, specialists in the business.


They do not want your credit card; it is a genuine free trial with training and advice to get you started.


I can find nothing comparable on the internet or off it.


If you try it out and find you feel comfortable, supported and encouraged, you can jump in to the professional membership, which does cost a little money. Before you come to that point, you will have a good idea of what you want and how to get it. You will understand what is involved to build that online business. There are no hidden costs, no upselling of expensive seminars or courses. Everything is laid out, explained and you are in control.


You are in Control



Give us a spin, but only if you are seriously interested in making an online business, being independent and meeting a lot of really good people.

Try Wealthy Affiliate today.

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The Times They Are a Changing

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