Updated Profit Genesis


Updated Profit Genesis


Updated from Profit Genesis 2 promises to make you a fortune by downloading and pressing a button. Profit Genesis for wealth and no effort, can you believe it?


There are many ways to make money and there are many people looking for ways to earn money, especially online. You may well be one of them. I was.


This means there is a demand for “easy to start” or “out of the box” businesses. Many people like the idea of just following a simple formula for making money. Expressions like “passive income” and instant profits are often used to entice people into buying into a program.


Let’s be honest, if there were such a scheme or program, we would all be chasing after it, wouldn’t we?






Product Name: Profit Genesis 2

Website          : http://profitgenesisreloaded.com/

Price               : $37 plus upsells

Owner            : David Miller

Ranking         : 1/10 (Not Recommended)



Updated Profit Genesis 2 Overview


The Profit Genesis 2 is an updated version of Profit Genesis.


When you go to the site you will see a video with a lot of emotional hype about earning loads of money through this program.


There are some wild claims that the speaker has made over $200,000 per month in the last few months from this method. This is a typical ploy to persuade you to believe that you can earn this kind of money from the program you are about to buy.


I will not show you clips of these outlandish claims, but how about this: I guess you found this website by searching for something like “Make money from home,” or something similar. You probably found several and decided to look at this one, “Profit Genesis 2.”


David Miller claims that he will not give this system to just anyone:




Please tell me how this can happen? If you know the answer leave a comment. I would love to know.


There follow some testimonials from various people who I suspect are all paid to make a video testimonial.


Then comes a claim that really baffles me:




But that is exactly what he IS claiming. No experience, instant profit, anyone can do it, etc.


He then attacks so-called “gurus” who promise instant riches.


Perhaps he should learn a little English:





“To WENT from $0…”


By this point I was wondering what exactly this program involved. He did promise to tell me.


A “weird money making loophole” gets mentioned, but he does not say exactly what it is.


There follows a little story about how he found out about the method and spent a lot of money tweaking it.


The claim is that you can earn 365 days a year with just 15 minutes a day.


The claim is that you can earn mouth-watering amounts of money.


This is a typical pattern of:


  • Giving examples or testimonials
  • Stating that anybody can do it
  • Claiming there is a secret
  • Sharing that secret with only you.
  • Upsells after you have joined which are not made apparent before.



What is Updated Profit Genesis 2 about


If you pay the price, you can find out. This is a ploy often used by people who are more interested in getting your money than helping you to make money.


Profit Genesis 2 is about “drop shipping.”


Drop shipping involves:


  • Marketing and promoting someone else’s products.
  • You take the money
  • You pass on the order and money to the supplier.
  • They deliver the goods to your customer.


In itself this is a valid way to run a business. It is complicated by all kinds of complexities with supply and delivery of goods.


One way that has been used a few years ago was to buy off Ali Express and sell on Amazon or eBay. These are outdated and the competition is extremely high.


Another way is to learn the skills of “affiliate marketing and promote products or services which you will automatically earn a commission on. You do not need to worry about stock, imports, deliveries etc. yourself.


I use this and have learnt how to do it through another program.



Start Your Online Business




One thing these two methods have in common is that you will not make a ton of money overnight.


The key to both business forms is getting people to look at your website or promotion. It is called “getting traffic,” in the trade.


Getting the right kind of traffic that produces quality, paying customers is a long game. It takes time. It is not a “get-rich-quick” way of creating a business.



What Does Updated Profit Genesis 2 Do


You can learn some useful skills through the training they offer, but they do not have any “secret” high-speed way of making money. The hype in the videos is just to entice you in and get you to sign up for the training.



The Good in Updated Profit Genesis 2


  • There is a product
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The principal of drop shipping is valid but a bit outdated.



The Bad in Updated Profit Genesis 2


  • You can get this information free on the internet.
  • They are not honest about potential earnings.
  • There is no legal way to get started quickly and make a lot of money.
  • They give the impression it is easy and anyone can do it. It is not true. It takes time.
  • There are several other investments you have to make involved with drop shipping.
  • Personally I dislike programs that attempt to hide what the program is about.
  • Look at the sign-up / payment page:






When you pay, you will see a page like this.


  • First be careful to enter the correct country and currency because they add local taxes to the price.
  • There are 2 boxes for you to tick to buy “extras.” There is no explanation of what they are or how often the payments will be deducted from your bank.
  • The last box opens your inbox to persistent spam and “offers.”


Who is Updated Profit Genesis 2 for?


If you have a mailing list already and want some extra information about drop shipping, you might get some benefit from this.



Who is Updated Profit Genesis 2 Not for?




People who have a limited budget and will potentially lose a lot of money they cannot afford.



Updated Profit Genesis 2 Tools and Training


  • Courses in drop shipping. Information you can get free on YouTube.
  • Information about Affiliate Marketing which you can get free here:


my recommended program





They claim 24/7 support but it is only through emails.



Updated Profit Genesis 2 Pricing and Upsells


The joining fee is $37.


There are several other pieces of software you will need to run a business like this and they are not cheap.



Updated Profit Genesis 2 Balance Pros and Cons


I can find nothing good about this program because of all the hyped up sales patter and testimonials at the beginning.


This follows a common pattern of scammers and smart promoters of empty boxes.


They are preying on people desperate to earn money by implying instant, easy wealth.


I am sorry to tell you; it does not exist.



Updated Profit Genesis 2 Scam or no Scam


I would only call it a scam if there was no product. I do call it a deception, in my opinion.



Verdict: Updated Profit Genesis 2 Recommended or Not?


Definitely not.


Product Name: Profit Genesis 2

Website          : http://profitgenesisreloaded.com/

Price               : $37 plus upsells

Owner             : David Miller

Ranking          : 1/10 (Not Recommended)



Updated Profit Genesis 2 The Final Review


This review is my personal opinion based on some years of experience and a lot of really excellent training. I have made mistakes and I have learnt some expensive lessons. Those lessons have usually been due to believing the emotional hype that is used by unscrupulous people. Their attempts to draw people in to buying their programmes often follows a recognisable pattern.


You may find some reviews of Profit Genesis which recommend the program. They are usually created by the owner and people selling the program as affiliates. Just note how much real information they give.


If you have experienced similar problems, especially with the program reviewed here, please do comment. We welcome honest views of all kinds.


If you are interested in a genuine free trial of an excellent training platform, click the button below. No obligation.



my recommended program



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