Is Jaaxy a Scam


Is Jaaxy a Scam


If you are an online business owner or affiliate marketer and want more traffic for your website, this review will show you whether Jaaxy is a scam or not?


Jaaxy is not a scam. I highly recommend you use this product to help to get traffic to your website. If you have a beautiful website, but no one visits it, you can’t make any money from your website. If 10% of visitors to your site convert (buy,) then 10% of no-one is still nothing.


If you have 1,000 visitors a month, then 10% of 1,000 visitors is 100. That is a 100 customers paying you.


Getting traffic to your website is the most important and most difficult part of an online business.


Jaaxy keyword research tool is a great way to help your website articles rank on the first page of search engines.


Jaaxy keyword tool


That means that about 95% of searchers will see your entry in page 1 of the search engine. Some of them will click on it and come through to your article on your website.


Few people go beyond page 1. Think about what you do yourself, when you search Google.


Hopefully, a well written, helpful article will persuade them to read the article and maybe buy the product or service you are offering.


If your article ranking is no. 29, you will be on page 3 (10 entries per page,) and you will be sharing less than 5% of the visitors to the search engine pages.


Let’s look at how Jaaxy helps you get the traffic you want.



Jaaxy Review


Jaaxy is the tool that online business needs. It is the best keyword research tool for:


  • online business owners,
  • internet marketers and
  • affiliate marketers.




Jaaxy is the tool you can use to find high-density traffic keywords within minutes. You do not need to download any software, it is an online tool and suitable for any kind of computer, laptop or Mac.


It is possible to do the research manually and create your own spreadsheets to analyse the data. You can then compare the results and decide which keywords to use. It takes days and maybe weeks to do what Jaaxy does in seconds.


Using Jaaxy can save you a lot of time finding the low hanging and high traffic keywords. Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool to help your online business quickly stand out from the crowd and attract more visitors to your website.


It is a great tool to choose to use. From a long-term online business point of view, using Jaaxy would help you save energy and money. It is easy to use, without struggling.


What is Jaaxy About

  • Name                      : Jaaxy
  • Official website :
  • Jaaxy price         : Free 30 searches,
  • Jaaxy Owner     : Kyle and Carson (also Wealthy Affiliate owner)
  • Jaaxy Product   : Keyword research tool for any online business
  • Jaaxy                 : ( Recommendation)
  • Jaaxy Rate        : 95/100



Jaaxy Support


There is an efficient and lively support team to help with any queries and sort technical problems out.



What is Jaaxy All About?


  1. Jaaxy Keyword Search Within a Few Seconds


You may want to know what is Jaaxy all about. Mainly Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool for any kind of business online. Jaaxy can help you to find a high traffic keyword within a few seconds.


If you have a great website but not much traffic (visitors) to your website, nobody knows about it and you cannot make any money from it. Jaaxy can help you find your visitors (traffic) and help you to find FREE traffic (visitors) from search engines.


  1. Jaaxy Can Help Find Your Site Rank Position


Jaaxy has any other functions to help you find your website URL ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo, the 3 big search engines. You can analyse your website URL in the search engines ranking position and see what is working for you and what needs some attention.


Find Keywords for a Website


  1. Jaaxy Affiliate Program


If you are a blogger, an online business owner or affiliate marketer. Jaaxy is a great way for you to make some extra money. Jaaxy has an excellent affiliate program for you. You can use the Jaaxy keyword tool to help you to find high traffic keywords while you can also make money from the Jaaxy affiliate program itself.


Jaaxy is such a quality program that it is a joy to promote to others.





If you are new to the online world, do not worry, you have come to the right place. I will guide and help you to have the right information, how you can learn to create your own business online and make money like other online businesses. Don’t let the “learning new things” stop you. You can do it, anyone can do it, and enjoy it.


Of course, you need to do some hard work; this is the right way for you to make money online.


my recommended program


If you are already on the internet and have your own online business to run, there are a few important things you need to think about.


  • Do you have the best website hosting?
  • Do you have a great WordPress website builder?
  • Do you need to practical online business developing on-going training?
  • Do you need great technical support for your websites?
  • Do you need your online business training, websites, register your domain, Websites Hosting, Keyword research tool, website security, website technical support, community help and great support all in one place. Is this awesome? No great struggle. Can you focus on running your online business and use your time more productively?


You can sign up and login for a free test to try out the service they provide and lots more. Click the button below.





I hope this information can help some of you to get the right way to learn how to build your own online business and be your own boss. Kick out the scam. “Get Rich Overnight” schemes only take your money and give you little or nothing back.



Jaaxy Help


Let’s get back to talking about Jaaxy. You can have a lot of great help from Jaaxy. There are training videos to walk you through how to use Jaaxy, how to find keywords, analysis, and management of your keywords. To help affiliates, there are videos to walk you through how to get your links for your websites or blogs.



Who Needs to Use the Jaaxy Keyword Tool?


  • Internet marketers,
  • online business owners,
  • affiliate marketers
  • Any business with an internet presence


need to use Jaaxy keyword research tool.



How Much Does Jaaxy Cost


Jaaxy keyword research tool is affordable for everybody. The costs are reasonable for small online businesses and affiliate marketers. There are no hidden cost and no up-sells.


best keyword ranking toolReview




Jaaxy Free Account


Jaaxy gives everyone a chance to sign up the free account and get 30 free keywords searches. You should try this out and get the benefit from it. When you try it you will get to know Jaaxy quickly and see the enormous benefits to using it and you have nothing to lose.




Jaaxy Pro


The most used and most popular. It is for the professional who needs to write content and build up a competitive website which ranks high in Google and brings traffic to the site.



Jaaxy Enterprise


When your business really grows and you are beginning to outsource and get others to do some of the work, you can plan complex campaigns using Jaaxy Pro.


This for when you are already making money and want to plan campaigns and keyword searches and analyse the impact they have on your business.



Jaaxy Helps All Levels of Online Business


Jaaxy keyword research tool helps at all levels of the business. You can start with the FREE starter trial – 30 keyword searches. After that, you can upgrade to the Pro version and get more tools to help your online business needs. When your online business grows bigger, then you can consider upgrading to the Enterprise version.


Find Keywords for a Website


Is Jaaxy Worth the Money?


When you are busy building your online business,


  • Jaaxy helps you to find high traffic keywords.
  • Jaaxy helps you to beat your online competitors.
  • Jaaxy helps you save TIME and TIME is money.
  • Jaaxy helps you do efficient work.


That is why I say Jaaxy is really worth the money for your long-term business goals. The Jaaxy price is also affordable for all online business owners, affiliate marketers and internet marketers.


I believe that every online business needs a keyword analysis tool and I also believe that Jaaxy is the best.


You might leave here now and go off and do some research to see if there is a better or cheaper way to do the keyword research. I do not want you to waste your time looking, because Jaaxy is the best, you will only end up back here anyway.



Does Jaaxy Really Work?


You can use the Jaaxy keyword tool to search for your niche keywords, save lists of suitable keywords you would like to keep for future use. It is easy to forget things when there is so much to remember and searching for one particular keyword, you will often stumble on other good ones for future use.


The Jaaxy keyword tool can also help you to analysis your search keywords and see who your competitors are and how your competitors are wording their keyword phrases. You can see what works and what does not.


Here are 2 videos you can watch



  1. Using Jaaxy Like a Boss






  1. 21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps – Ranking your website in the search engines first page




Remember this: once you have a successful, functioning business, you will want to duplicate and expand and make more money. Jaaxy saves you so much time that you can spend more on growing your own business empire.



Jaaxy Affiliate Program


Jaaxy is the best top keyword research tool for online business owners and affiliate marketers. You can promote Jaaxy with the Jaaxy affiliate program.


If you are an affiliate and this is the first time you have come across Jaaxy, then it is better that you get started with the 30 FREE searches to gain some experience.


If you are completely new to the online business world, here is the world’s best top training platform to get you started. There are over 800,000 members enjoying the training. They will help any level of the business online to get started and succeed in the online world. If you are struggling, they can help you. You can also start here for free, as well.



Jaaxy Affiliate Income


Jaaxy Affiliate Income



Your Opinion of Jaaxy


You can start with the 30 FREE keyword searches here. If you feel the Jaaxy keyword tool really is helping your online business, you can leave your honest opinion below, in the comment area.


Your opinion can also help more people to benefit from the Jaaxy keyword research tool.


Thank you for reading this article. Good luck to your online business.





  1. Bibian

    Jaaxy has always been the best and foremost keyword research tool since I registered with affiliate wealth.
    And the joy that comes whenever you’re been rank by Google, it’s another thing, it gives encouragement for more effort on one’s site..
    You really did a nice review..
    It’s cute for recommendation at least it will help many.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Bibian.

      I do try hard to be open and honest and give as much information as I can without getting too technical.

      To avoid readers drowning in detail, I have left out several other useful assets in Jaaxy. I find that once people start using it, they realise how powerful and essential it is.

      I hope the review will help people find a way to increasing the Search Engine rankings, which is the most important part of marketing on the web.

  2. Michael

    Great review about jaaxy. I also use this keyword research tool and absolutely love it.

    Just today I used the site rank feature on it, and was able to see that one of my keywords got to the first page of Google — which is pretty exciting.

    Also I like that it gives me very accurate data that’s easy to understand — and does it quickly.

    So if anyone is looking for a keyword tool to use — I would high recommend this one here.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Michael

      It is something that becomes so important in any online business that you wonder how you did without it.

      Jaaxy is almost like a partner brainstorming with you to help find keywords and a host of other information vital to internet business.

      Glad to hear you are finding it useful.

      Good luck with your own projects.


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