What is 30 Minute Money Methods



What is 30 Minute Money Methods


This is the 30 minute Money Methods to make $600,000 in a year. There appear to be several methods and you can bank up to $500 every 30 minutes. It is a mighty big claim. As money making methods go, this is one of the biggest claims I have ever seen. Make money at this rate and you could soon be a multi-millionaire.


The 30 Minute Money Method Program


Let’s open up the claims and see what it is about.


Product Name                                                   : “30 Minute Money Methods.”

30 Minute Money Methods Website                : 30minutemoneymethods.com

30 Minute Money Methods Price                     : $37/- and upsell. Plus any taxes. In the UK there is

                                                                              VAT to pay and the cost is £34.91.)

30 Minute Money Methods Refund                 : 60 days Money Back Guarantee

30 Minute Money Methods Owner                  : Shelly West. (Not sure if this is genuine. She is

                                                                             the lady speaking in the opening video.)

30 Minute Money Methods Rating                  : 24/100 (Not Recommended)


Type of Business: Not revealed, only that there are several methods involved.

Money Back Guarantee: Not specified. 30 minute money methods offer 60-day Money Back Guarantee.

Equipment needed: Laptop / PC / Phone or tablet. (broadband, I assume.)


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What does 30 Minute Money Methods Involve


There is an introductory “30 Minute Money Methods” video where “Shelly West” assures us we can make $500 every 30 minutes and $600,000 a year.


Kind of strange that, because I did a bit of maths and to earn $600,000 a year, you will have to work:


2 hours a day for 300 days, (assuming $500 every half an hour,) earning at the rate of $500 per half an hour.


Here’s the thing: if I could earn $500 every 30 minutes, I would be working more than 2 hours a day. So maybe here is the first real chink in the image. If, (and it is a big “if”,) it is possible to earn this money in this way, maybe it is not every 30 minutes. Maybe there are some particular set of circumstances needed?


Shelley now claims that anyone can do this and that there are lots of people using these 30 Minute Money Methods. (Still no hint of the methods.)


3 video comments with “happy” successful clients appear.


“No special skills are required.” She declares.


“You can make thousands of dollars from just half an hour a day.” She proudly boasts.


“You can use a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. There is nothing to download and you can get started on the 30 Minute Money Methods, right away.” She says.


“I consistently make more than $2000, every single day.” She claims.


O.K. Finish with the quotes.


Shelley carries on with a long protracted personal story. (No I am not going to pass it on, you have heard it all before.) She continues to refer to a “secret” website. Then she refers to a few more “secret websites.”


O.K. Now I will tell you a little trick I use when watching these types of videos:


I point at the video and right mouse click.


Then click on “properties.”


This video came up with: “30 min CB V2 from Ian Ross on Vimeo.” (Not Shelley.)


I thought: “Do we have a crossdresser here or a case of mistaken identity?”


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How Can a Secret Website Make You $500 every 30 Minutes – i.e. using this “30 Minute Money Methods.”


Now, when I see offers like this, I recall the scams I have fallen for over the years and some scams I have heard about, from friends.

30 Minute Money Methods is typical of so many of them.


I am not willing to risk even $37, on this, to find out what these secret websites are.


Every tiny thing about this site screams “scam” at me, in my opinion.


All the “30 Minute Money Methods” testimonials in the video are false. There are video testimonials by well-known Fivver actors.

“Fivver” is an online service where you can get 5 minute “jobs” done for $5. You can hire these actors for a few dollars to make a testimonial for you.





There is a banner scrolling across the bottom claiming names of people who have “just” earned money with the 30 Minute Money Method. It runs on a loop – I made a note of two names and saw them pop up again and again while the video was running.





The “Comments” below the video are obviously fake since there are no names, dates or any information regarding the people posting the comments.


Finally, if there were secret websites which could earn you this kind of money, thousands of people would find them and they would no longer be a secret. In fact, you get hold of these site names and sell them for $500 a time.


I found one guy who had paid the £37 for the “30 Minute Money Methods” membership. He complained about the various upsells which he refused to buy.


The 4 secret websites were, in fact, 4 cheap PDFs which introduced 4 methods of earning money online which are definitely NOT secret.


They are well-known methods and require a website and a lot of hard work to turn into a business. Shelley does not supply that training.


30 minute Money Method Revealed


There is a way of creating a business online, with all the training and support you need.


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It cannot be done in 30 minutes. I can reveal the program used. It is open, honest and you can try it for free. There are no upsells and no scams. Yes, I did say for free.


In fact, you do not need a bank a/c or credit card to sign up for the free membership and start small business online.


You will also be contacted by the owners of the business who will give you free advice in the first 7 days to help you get started. I am a member of this community and I vouch for it.



One Way to Make a Lot of Money, revealed:


There is one way to make a lot of money quite fast on the internet.


Here it is: Create a program of 4 PDFs, like the 30 Minute Money Method, which explain the basics of what can be used to make money on the internet.


Get someone to make a real flash website with fake testimonials.


Write some complimentary comments with fake names.


Claim that you can make big money TODAY.






30 Minute Money Methods bases everything on a “secret” system that people will only have to pay $37 for.


Sell 10,000 of them a month. 10,000 x £37 = $370,000 per month.


Once it is up and running, there is little to do except bank the money – change the name every few years and repeat the process. It should be illegal.


30 Minute Money Methods – Scam or Legit


I have a strong name for this kind of miss-leading program.


  • They have a product to sell.
  • It is not what they imply in their promotion.
  • It is not worth $5
  • It will not ever make you $500 in a half an hour.
  • You will be lucky if you make any money at all from it.
  • 30 Minute Money Method Score: 24/100


Summing up this 30 Minute Money Method


In many years of business and several internet businesses, I have never found a get-rich-quick scheme that really worked.


The people who get rich are the organisers/ owners of these schemes. Note that here we have no idea who the person behind this really is.


There is no clue as to who the real owners are. I think Shelley is a “stage” name for an actress who was given a script and read it out.


Because so much is secret until after you have paid, it makes me very suspicious that 30 Minute Money Method is not legitimate.


30 Minute Money Method Scam or legit: legit (only because there are some products.)


30 Minute Money Methods Price: $37 plus upsells.


30 Minute Money Methods Possibility of earning money: yes, but not much.


30 Minute Money Methods Possibility of making $500 per month straight away: never.


Product Name                                                   : “30 Minute Money Methods.”

30 Minute Money Methods Website                : 30minutemoneymethods.com

30 Minute Money Methods Price                     : $37/- and upsell. Plus any taxes. In the UK there is VAT to pay and the cost is £34.91.)

30 Minute Money Methods Refund                 : 60 days Money Back Guarantee

30 Minute Money Methods Owner                  : Shelly West. (Not sure if this is genuine. She is the lady speaking in the opening video.

30 Minute Money Methods Rating                  : 24/100 (Not Recommended)


My advice is to stay away from this kind of program unless you are very curious and very rich.



I believe you will lose your money.


Please feel good about this review. I hope it has saved you some money and be re-assured that you can make money legally on the internet, It takes time and hard work, like most good things do.


If you want to start your business online proper way and for long-term business plan, this is my no.1 recommendation online business training platform for you. You can learn while you make money. The training platform also offers for beginners getting started free and you also get 2 free websites. Click the link below to get started.



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If you have any experience or opinion with the “30 minute money methods” software product, please leave a comment and your point of view, this can help me and others to get understand better and judge whether or not it is a scam.


 Thank you for reading my article. I wish you all the best.





30 Minute Money Methods












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