Win money playing games online free

Win money playing games online free


Thousands Of Games Online Free


There are thousands of free games to play online. Usually the games have pop-up adverts or banners which advertise products or other games web-sites. This is how the games manufacturers make their money.

Then there are the games of chance, where you can play for money. There are so many that the competition among the games companies is fierce. They will offer incentives for you to go to their sites by offering a number of free games or turns. Sometimes they offer to double or treble your initial investment.

This way they get your financial details and hope you will become so interested in that game that you will play on after the free games are used up.


Free Money Playing Games


The games which offer you free money in your account or a number of free turns will usually have such strict rules for using their money that it is nearly impossible to gain from the free money.

Firstly, you cannot draw the money out until you have gambled your own investment and completed a number of attempts at winning yourself. Usually the requirements force you to put even more money in and risk it by playing more games. They will often give you a limited time to play the games using their money. This forces you to risk more of your money in a short space of time and increases the risk of you losing.

I have seen roulette games where they promise to double your initial deposit up to £200. i.e. £200 from you and £400 from them = £600. You must then use up all of this £600 within a month to be allowed to withdraw any of your winnings. This means you have to play a lot of small risk games or several large ones before being allowed to take out any winnings. The more often you play, the more often you can lose as well as win.

All games of chance are loaded against the player, after all, the companies are a business and want to make a profit.

For those of you with a little knowledge of roulette, you will not be permitted to play “Odd / Even” or “Red / Black” with the bonus money. These give you odds of 50/50. If you bet £1 you can win £1.That would give you a small chance of keeping some money in the bank long enough to be able to withdraw your winnings.


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If you have some money to burn and enjoy online games you could have some fun with your money and theirs. The difficulty is knowing when to stop.

There are some online games where a degree of skill can be used: poker, for example, in games where you play against other people. You need to know the way to maximise your chances, play fast and probably play several games at once. The online poker games where you play against the computer are set to allow you to win a limited amount over a period of time. With these games you will generally lose slowly to the computer in the end. After all, people make mistakes and computers make fewer ones.

The high stakes Poker games are for very experienced players with a large bank of losable money. Even world class poker players lose sometimes. There is no guarantee you will always get a hand that is playable. Of course, there are situations in poker when you can bluff a human being, but how do you bluff a computer that knows what your cards are? The low stakes games often have inexperienced players who make mistakes and this where you can win sometimes.

To win at poker you will need to study the rules, the odds of winning and when to bet and when to throw your hand in and take a small loss. There are plenty of books and a lot of forums online to help you get started.

If the idea of getting locked into a cycle of gambling your rent money scares you, there are safer, limited ways to play.


Do Not Gamble Or Play Money Games Online


An easier game to control is the various lotteries, where the betting is on single lines at £1 or £2 a

In the end, all games or gambling depend on luck and, no matter how clever you are, the result is chance.

If you flip a coin, Heads or Tails there is an even chance it will come down heads. That means if you bet on heads each time you will win 1 time out of two, right? No! Wrong.

The odds of you winning depend on a lot of attempts. Try it now. Flip a coin and make a note of how many times you have to flip it before the number of Heads is equal to the number of tails. This is because each time you flip the coin; the coin does not know how many times you have done it. You have the same odds each time you flip. The odds do not swing in your favour because you do it more often.

Remember to play wisely and never bet more than you are comfortable losing.

Mentally set aside your maximum amount and always assume you will lose it all. Then see how you feel. There is often a temptation, if you are losing, to keep going because your “luck” must turn. Control that feeling or do not gamble or play money games online.


You Can Play Games Online Free – Fun


There are some fun games you can find online that are free and do not lose any money. There are a lot of different types of games. For example: funny games, flash games, sports games, car games, dress-up games, makeup games, shooting games, arcade games, racing games, and many more. Whatever games you feel like playing, they can all be found on the internet. You also can check out the games reviews and ratings which will give you a good idea what the game is about and help you decide which one to play. Often one site will have a large collection of games with reviews.

Be careful if you download anything that you have a good anti-virus because free games can sometimes have naughty bits of code you do not want. Some games are played directly online and are generally safer.

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