Best WordPress Hosting Review

Best WordPress Hosting Review

Best WordPress Hosting Review


Best WordPress hosting is so important for your online business. Before you start building your online business, review where the best place to host it is.


I have heard a lot of nightmare stories about WordPress hosting. Good hosting will save you a lot of headaches.

Bad hosting can give a lot of problems with

  • Websites becoming unstable,
  • Not being backed up,
  • Technical and
  • Security issues.
  • Problems with appearance on mobile phones and tablets.


If you are reading this article, you will have realised that it is necessary for you to be aware of the issues around online business WordPress hosting.



Learn from this Hosting Review


Why WordPress? Because if you are not a programmer, know nothing about any coding then WordPress is for you. Even though you are a beginner at building websites, WordPress is the easiest way to start building your business online.


WordPress is the most popular website building tool in the world and has thousands of free design themes to choose from.


Best WordPress Hosting Review


A theme is like a ready-made suit but you can change the colour, size and switch off and on facilities, as you need to.


The best WordPress hosting will offer you:

  • website security,
  • good website speed,
  • daily website backups,
  • 24/7 access to server admins,
  • 24/7 support,
  • 24/7 website monitoring,
  • website email accounts, etc.
  • Easy management of your websites.



Do You Need Hosting for a WordPress Site?


If you want to build your business online, yes, you need hosting for any WordPress site.


A website is like a shop with no site to put it in.


Because it has no site, it is invisible, no-one can find it.


A hosting company will make room for it on a “server,” which is connected to the internet day and night and all year round.


A server is like an ordinary PC but permanently connected to the internet.


If you ran your hosting from home, you would lose contact with the internet every time you switched your computer off.


A good hosting company will help reduce a lot of problems.


For the long term, the price of hosting is in fact very reasonable. You can leave the technical issues and security issues on the hosting company and just focus on building your business.


If you are just starting an online business and building your first WordPress website, I really do recommend Wealthy Affiliate.


Best WordPress Hosting Review


This is my number 1 hosting platform. Let me show you why you should join this number 1 online business training platform:


  1. They don’t have any hidden prices
  2. The price is clear to see and understand.
  3. You can get a basic membership for nothing,
  4. All the benefits are shown below.


There are 2 kinds of memberships.



How Much Does It Cost to Host a WordPress Website?


If you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, then the starter members get 2 free websites and free hosting.


Premium members will get free hosting too, (25 of your own domain websites + hosting and 25 free websites hosted as subdomains.)


There are loads of other benefits, as shown below:

Starter member:


  • Free to get started
  • No limit on how long you stay a free member
  • No credit card details needed
  • Beginner’s training courses
  • 2 free websites and hosting
  • First 7 days’ live help
  • Website backup
  • Personal affiliate blog
  • Affiliate Boot Camp Training
  • Video walk-throughs
  • Keyword research tool – 30 searches
  • Training classrooms 1-2
  • Affiliate Program
  • Earn while you learn
  • 1-on-1 coaching – first 7 days


Premiums Member:


$19 for the first month only. (This is a special bonus when you upgrade to premium membership, within the first 7 days.)

$49.00 per month / 30days = $1.60 per day

$359.00 per year / 365 days= $0.98 per day


  • Unlimited Live help
  • Private messaging from the owner
  • Website security package
  • Website backup
  • Beginner training course
  • Personal affiliate blog
  • Affiliate Boot camp training – all phases (1-7)
  • Live video classes
  • Video walk-throughs
  • Unlimited keyword searches tool (SEO)
  • Training classrooms 1-12
  • Affiliate program 2xhigher pay-out
  • Earn while you learn
  • 1-on-1 coaching – unlimited
  • Private access to owners
  • 24/7/365 website support
  • Website feedback platform
  • Website comment platform
  • Website analysis
  • Great training – suit for all level of online business and affiliate marketers, no method you are beginners or experts.
  • Domain register
  • Website hosting – You can host 25 websites on Wealthy Affiliate, and 25 free domain websites.  (Free for premium member)
  • Domain privacy provided
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Spam free provided
  • Free domain email provided
  • Community help (nearly a million people with all kinds of expertise and experience.)
  • Website space is 30GB
  • Bandwidth of 500K visitors/month
  • Unlimited data transfer


Best WordPress Hosting Review





Best WordPress Hosting Comparisons


Of course, anyone who is a beginner will always like to compare Wealthy Affiliate with a few other companies’ best WordPress hosting conditions.


Only then can you make a decision about which hosting company you will choose. Here I will share with you some of the other WordPress hosting companies/providers and what services they can offer you.


Best WordPress Hosting Review

Bluehost Web Hosting


Check Bluehost WordPress Web hosting prices and services below:

Best WordPress Hosting Review

WP standard WP Enhanced WP Premium WP Ultimate
Price $19.99/month $29.99/month $39.99/month $49.99/month
Visitors/month 100million 300 million 600 million Unlimited
Storage 30GB 60GB 120GB 240GB
Backup 30GB 60GB 120GB 240GB
Included domains 1 1 1 1
IP addresses 1 1 1 1
Promise 30 days money back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee 30 days money back guarantee
Support 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
cPanel Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced Enhanced
Free SSL Included Included Included Included



Hostgator Web Hosting


Check HostGator WordPress Web hosting prices and services below:

Best WordPress Hosting Review


Hatchling Plan Baby Plan Business Plan
Signup price $2.75/month Signup price $3.95/month Starting at $5.95/moth
Monthly renewal price: $6.95 Monthly renewal price: $9.95 ???
$79.20/per year $113.40/per year $???/year
To be honest HostGator prices are not very clear on the web sell page???

Easy to get confused?

To be honest HostGator prices are not very clear on the web sell page???

Easy to get confused?

To be honest HostGator prices are not very clear on the web sell page???

Easy to get confused?

Single Domain Unlimited Domains Unlimited domains
One Click Installs One click Installs One click installs
Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth
Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate
Free Upgrade to positive SSL
Free Dedicated IP
Free SEO tools



Siteground Web Hosting


Check Siteground WordPress Web hosting prices and services below:

Best WordPress Hosting Review

StartUp GrowBig GeGeek
Special price: £2.75/month Special price: £3.95/month Special price: £7.95/month
Regular price: £8.95/month Regular price: £14.95/month Regular price: £24.95/month
Excl. VAT Excl. VAT Excl. VAT
One website Multiple websites Multiple websites
10 GB Webspace 20 GB web space 30 GB web space
Suitable for – 10,000 visits monthly Suitable for 25,000 visits monthly Suitable for 100,000 visits monthly
Essential WordPress features Essential WordPress features Essential WordPress features
Premium WordPress features Premium WordPress features
Geeky WordPress features



Godaddy Web Hosting


Check Godaddy WordPress web hosting prices and services

Best WordPress Hosting Review

Basic Deluxe Ultimate Developer
Signup price: £2.99/month Signup price: £3.99/month Signup price: £6.99/month Signup price: £10.99/month
Renewal price:£5.99/month Renewal price: £7.99/month Renewal price: £11.99/month Renewal price: £19.99/month
1 website 1 website 2 websites 5 websites
10 GB SSD storage 15 GB SSD storage 30 GB SSD storage 50 GB SSD storage
25,000 monthly visitors 100,000 monthly visitors 400,000 monthly visitors 800,000 monthly visitors
SFTP access SSH/SFTP access SSH/SFTP access SSH/SFTP access
Free domain with annual plan Free domain with annual plan Search engine optimization for 2 site Free domain with annual plan
Prosites multi-site management tool One-click staging site search engine optimization plugin Free domain with annual plan One-click staging site
Pro sites multi-site management tool One-click staging site 1 SSL certificate – 1 year free (£54.99 renewal annually) 1 SSL certificate – 1 year free (£54.99 renewal annually)
Ongoing malware scan & removal for 2 sites Need more sites? Call for support.
Need more sites? call on support Pro sites multi-site management tool
Pro sites multi-site management tool





SSD = Solid State Hard Drive. No moving parts and very fast. Was Expensive but is dropping in price as more people use them.


SSL = Secure Sockets Layer. This vastly improves the security of your website and protects users viewing it in browsers.


SSH = Secure Shell. Another form of security for networking or connecting computers together.


Of course, with big companies and the rapid changes on the internet, prices and offers can vary. These are the most accurate I could find at this moment in time.



How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting


Everyone needs WordPress to run smoothly and have a secure web hosting environment. One major concern is technical support. Long-term online business owners need to have affordable prices.


There are a lot of online bloggers, WordPress website owners and affiliates, who need a long-term, secure and stable hosting environment. This means they can focus on running their business, without worrying.


If you are considering transferring your WordPress web hosting from one provider to another, you can read this article “Setting Up Your domain NDS”, before you transfer.


Alternatively, you can ask for help in the following discussion area:


Thank you, so much, for reading this review and I hope it has helped you decide.


There is a lot of jargon in internet business and it is not always easy to translate the technical terms into meanings.


You are not alone so always ask for help and meanings, whenever you can.


If you have any comments on this article or would like any more information, please feel free to leave a comment. I will help if I can and if not, point you in the direction of someone who can help.



Best WordPress Hosting Review



  1. Bibian

    That’s really an awesome Review on the best WordPress hosting review, I normally use Namecheap to host my sites though their prices are compromising but can’t be compared to wealthy affiliate Hosting. The best part I loved about hosting with Wealthy Affiliate is their 24/7 tech support it’s pretty cool and great.

    Nice review.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Bibian.

      You are right, Wealthy affiliate really rocks when it comes to hosting.

      All the extras like SSL and other security stuff is included in the price and that saves us a lot of money and hassle.

      As website owners, we are dependant on the hosting company to keep our websites running 24/7 and keep us safe from hackers etc. . Wealthy affiliate does exactly that. The hosting is fast, stable and secure.

      Like you say, in my experience also, their Technical support is superb. Many problems fixed with in hours.

  2. Gary

    I’ve been building WordPress sites for years now for myself and clients and I can’t stress enough how important site security is. Normally, it’s handled through adding security plugins to your site and maybe using Cloudflare as your nameservers.

    Wealthy Affiliate is worth joining just for the web hosting option. Your sites get server-level security (better than plugin-level) and better caching features than plugins provide along with free SSL certs. I only wish I knew about them sooner as I’d have built more of my sites there.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Gary

      That is really helpful. I knew about the plugins but server level security is something I was not aware of. Getting very deep into the technical side there. SSLs I looked up and can understand.

      I will have to research Cloudflare as well.

      We learn something new all the time.

      I assume that by Server level security, that means the hacking and malware gets stopped before it ever reaches the individual website?

      It is certainly is a delight to leave that to Wealthy Affiliate and get on with the development side of the content. It is certainly a cost effective way of developing sites for me.


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