Auto Tweets Review


Auto Tweets Review


Auto Tweets is an automated, passive, money making program. This Auto Tweets review shows you this impressive way to make money on Twitter, but, does it work?


To make money online, you must understand how internet marketing works and learn how to become a serious marketer.


You can then promote anything you want online, and make a success of it. A success means making money.


There are a lot of people attempting to do the same thing, you will have a lot of competition.


The good news is that a lot of the other people are rubbish at what they do.


You can be better. You can learn how to do things right and make money.


Social media is an important tool these days and AutoTweets fits right in that category.


If you are interested in the training which I am taking, leave a comment and I will get back to you.


Auto Tweets Review


Product Name           : Auto Tweets

Auto Tweets Website:

Auto Tweets Price     : $19.99

Auto Tweets Owner   : Steven Hall

Auto Tweets Ranking: 85/100


Auto Tweets Overview


It is possible to set up several Twitter accounts to


  • Do a lot of research daily,
  • Tweet to your followers with useful and interesting subjects.


Once you do the initial setup, Auto Tweets will do the rest for you.


Feeding the odd link to relevant, useful products which you have an affiliate link to, will build up a good income over time.



What is Auto Tweets About?


Auto Tweets can automate a lot of the work in retweeting and finding relevant information to tweet to your followers.


Since the trend in Social Media marketing is towards quality and varied content, blasting out the same content to a lot of followers can get you into trouble with Twitter.


It takes a few hours to set up Auto Tweets, following the detailed video instructions.


The daily “maintenance” takes a few minutes.


If you really want this to work, you will need to pay attention to not getting yourself regarded as spamming. You do that by varying the content and keeping the number of Tweets down.


Auto Tweets is a “bot” which is short for “robot” which does a lot of work automatically.


Auto Tweets Review


In the landing page for Auto Tweets is this picture making a strong claim for Auto Tweets that I feel is over exaggerated.


The internet is evolving and changing all the time. What works today, may well not work next month.


Spammers and con merchants are constantly exploiting the power of the internet and people are getting pretty fed up with losing money and data.


Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are getting stricter. This can affect genuine business people like you and me.



The Good in Auto Tweets


  • Once Auto Tweets is set up, Auto Tweets runs almost automatically.
  • Thorough training leading you step by step through set up.
  • You do not need to know a lot about internet marketing to get Auto Tweets started.
  • The price is low enough to seriously test Auto Tweets out.
  • There is a ClickBank 60-day guarantee.
  • There is a discount for buying quarterly upfront, instead of monthly.
  • Auto Tweets is a slow burner and can accumulate good followers over time that will be interested in your niche.
  • Auto Tweets is hosted on a dedicated server which will eliminate problems of exceeding your bandwidth with other hosting companies.
  • The software works but Tweeting the same message out to a lot of people can get you banned or suppressed.
  • Auto Tweets has an affiliate scheme which means you can market Auto Tweets itself.



The Bad in AutoTweets


  • Auto Tweets needs to be part of a larger plan to build an internet business. This is only one part of driving traffic to your business.
  • Twitter is beginning to restrict the use of bots on their platforms.
  • Auto Tweets will take more time than they claim to really make money out of this program.
  • Auto Tweets is a slow burner. You will not get rich overnight.
  • Because Auto Tweets is hosted on their server, you will lose your hosting if you close your account, so you will probably have to start over again, without the software.
  • There are certainly free versions of bots on the internet which claim to do the same thing.



Who is Auto Tweets for?


  • Someone who is already doing internet marketing and wants to incorporate Twitter into their campaigns.
  • A beginner who wants to get the feel of marketing through Twitter and does not have the time or expertise to do it manually.
  • If you have a marketing campaign on Twitter, Auto Tweets can save you a lot of time and time is money.



Who is Auto Tweets Not for?


If you


  • Have no clue what you are doing
  • Want to create an online business which makes money
  • Are prepared to put in some study and work
  • Would like to try a genuine training program for nothing


Auto Tweets will not make you an overnight fortune and you may well struggle with the internal politics of Twitter.



Tools and Training in Auto Tweets


Onboard video training to walk you through the use of the Auto Tweets software, step by step.


The way to use the videos is to watch and then press pause and do what you have just been taught. Personally, I like to watch all the way through, go back, and do the step by step bit. It makes it easier to understand the whole picture, for me.


You can do it whichever way you want.


Twitter is only a part of the whole internet marketing business. If you would like the professional training I have received and would like to try it for nothing, click the banner below.




Support in Auto Tweets


There is an email support and live chat.


The email address for the support is on the landing page.


On the Auto Tweets main website, there is an email address for Auto Tweets owner Steven himself.


I emailed him and asked about the Twitter restrictions on bots like Auto Tweets. I have had no reply yet, after a few days.


If and when I get a reply, I will post an update and post the Auto Tweets owner Steven’s answer, if it is helpful.



Auto Tweets Pricing and Upsells


Option 1: $19 / month


Auto Tweets Review


Option 2 $47 per quarter.


Auto Tweets Review




When you sign up Auto Tweets and pay, if you are outside the U.S.A., you may have to pay a local tax. (Red arrow.).

The renewal monthly appears to be the amount without tax. I found this a bit confusing. (Blue box.)


Auto Tweets Review


Inside the U.S.A., there is no tax to pay.


There are no upsells in Auto Tweets.



Auto Tweets, Balance Pros and Cons


Unlike many programs of this type, Auto Tweets does not take your customers email addresses or filter off data and sales you have made. Everything is yours.


You are in control and can expand the business as you have time and energy to do so.


You probably will only make a little money after a while using this method, but it can be part of a larger, more effective campaign. Want to know how to do that?


my recommended program



Auto Tweets, Scam or no Scam


This Auto Tweets program is not a scam.


There are some issues that need resolving about the clampdown on bots in Twitter.



Verdict: Auto Tweets Recommended or Not?


Yes, pending the issues regarding bots on Twitter.


Auto Tweets can be used as part of a Twitter marketing campaign, with care.



Auto Tweets Review


This Auto Tweets review is my personal opinion based on some years of experience and a lot of really excellent training. I have made mistakes and I have learnt some expensive lessons. Those lessons have usually been due to believing the emotional hype that is often used by unscrupulous people. Their attempts to draw people in to buying their programmes often follow a recognisable pattern.


Product Name           : Auto Tweets

Auto Tweets Website:

Auto Tweets Price     : $19.99

Auto Tweets Owner   : Steven Hall

Auto Tweets Ranking: 85/100


If you have experienced similar problems, especially with the Auto Tweets program reviewed here, please do comment. We welcome honest views of all kinds.


If you are interested in a genuine free trial of an excellent training platform, click the button below. No obligation.



my recommended program


We welcome comments, of any type and would love to hear other people’s experiences of this Auto Tweets program.


Thank you for reading this Auto Tweets review.





  1. Albert

    I Tweet every day but I never used a Tweeter bot before. I am interested in automating my Tweeter tasks while having the opportunity to get more traffic and to earn more passive money.

    But I don’t understand how does Auto Tweet exactly work. If it can bring more traffic on autopilot, then it’s a must use service.

    However, I am a bit skeptical about the way it works and I think it would be great if there was a free trial so that anyone could see how it works in action. Thanks for your review.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Albert.

      Auto Tweets works just like you would do if you were doing things manually.

      It signs you up to groups with similar interests to you and sends automated tweets etc. The problem just now is that Twitter does not like this kind of marketing so it is difficult to use.

      Things may change in the future but at the moment I am staying clear.

      I agree, a free trial would be great, just to see if it works without getting my account closed down.

  2. cpascal

    Auto Tweets looks like the kind of thing that might be useful at first, but can suddenly become useless if Twitter changes their rules on bots. There’s the monthly $20 payment, which is $240 a year. It seems like too much of a risk to be worth trying out. If it did suddenly stop working, it might be a hassle to stop the automatic payments.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      thanks. Yes it is a bit of a gamble with Twitter at the moment. The political pressure is such that the rules can change very fast.

      You can, of course, do the whole thing manually and that can be very time consuming.

  3. Brian

    Thanks for the review of Auto Tweets. I hadn’t heard of it before until I read this review. It’s good to know that you it is not a scam, but I am not too familiar with Twitter so there would definitely be a learning curve for me. Sounds like though it’ll be excellent for Twitter campaigns if they can fix the bot problem as you said. Do you know a lot of marketers who are using Auto Tweet?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      The problem here is not the bots themselves. It is more about the abuse of the bots which ends up flooding peoples accounts and groups with spam. people get fed up and leave twitter.

      The heavy handed reaction is to block the bots. This leaves genuine marketers with fewer tools to do their work.

      I knew a lot who had used the bots and were doing well out of it.

      I am sure someone will come up with another solution in time. and then there’s Pintrest

  4. Onlinepharmacy

    Thanks for the review. I was wondering if you had had a reply about the new twitter rules.
    It is not useful if I get my accounts blocked as soon as I run Auto Tweets.
    Otherwise, it looks like a useful element in an affiliate campaign.
    Do let me know if you get a response. Thank you!

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Not a word.
      I think that speaks volumes.
      I did email both the support and his personal email.
      Would have thought a response was appropriate.
      Sorry .
      One thing brilliant about Wealthy Affiliate, you always get an answer and usually a very helpful one.


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