Top Affiliate Marketing Program 2024

Top Affiliate Marketing Program

Top Affiliate Marketing Program 2024

Top affiliate marketing programs are always the top of affiliate marketer’s list for adding to their business. Affiliate marketers like top products where they get paid month after month.

Recurring payments like these can earn you a really good income from specific affiliate programs. You can choose between digital or physical product affiliate programs or even do both.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program

My suggestion is that you choose one or the other to start with; either a physical or a digital product. You can pour all your energy in to one of them and make a success of it and then use your internet marketing experience in a different niche (speciality area,) and expand your business.

You can then use the money you earn to hire someone to help you do a part of your work better and faster.  

A basic necessity for all businesses, to survive, is to make money. Otherwise, sooner or later, the business will fold and disappear. Survival means making money.

Making money will not always happen straight away, in fact, that is rare. Eventually all businesses must make money and make a profit, otherwise there is no point in it.

Affiliate Marketing Guide

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you are a beginner, in the online business world, you will not necessarily know what affiliate marketing is. According to Wikipedia; “Affiliate Marketing” is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer they bring in. This depends on the affiliate marketer’s own efforts.

Top Affiliate marketing program 2018

In effect, an affiliate marketer has a business relationship with another company. The affiliate marketer promotes a product or service offered by the other company and gets paid a commission when a sale is made.

There are many businesses offering affiliate relationships and millions of products sold this way throughout the world.

Becoming Affiliate Marketer

Anyone can join an affiliate marketing program. Even if you are a beginner online, do not worry, there are top affiliate programs where you can learn all the beginning steps to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketer

You can learn while you make money.  It takes:

  • a lot of determination,
  • hard work and
  • patience,

especially if you are new to internet business. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it does take a lot of hard work and some time to make it work.

I would rather be honest with you and not pull the wool over your eyes with false promises of overnight wealth and automated wealth systems. (There are, however, no limits to how much money you can make.)

Get-rich-quick schemes do exist but the only people getting rich are the people who set the programs up.

You can learn how to build your blog and become very successful online. Eventually, you can make a passive income from your blog (website). This will only come once you have

  • learnt the various stages of the business,
  • earned some money and are
  • able to pay others to do parts of your business.

For example: companies like

  • Amazon,
  • eBay,
  • Facebook etc.

all began as small online companies. Do things in the right way and you can also grow big. You cannot imagine how big you could make your own business because there is almost no limit. If you want to do the work, the rewards are there. 

The Upside About Becoming An Affiliate Marketer.

      • It is free to join affiliate marketing programs (most). Some need you to have some online marketing experience and some welcome beginners.
      • You can become your own boss and your time is under your control.
      • You do not need to own your own product (you promote other people’s products).
      • Some affiliate programs offer you training and support to get you started.
      • There is almost no financial risk for affiliate marketers
      • You can Work from home or anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.
      • You can choose the affiliate programs you like, and not, they choose you.
      • You can make a passive income from affiliate marketing – with the right products, the right method, the right way to learn: on the internet, you need to keep yourself up-to-date and learn new things all the time. The right internet marketing strategies are vital.

The Downside About Becoming An Affiliate Marketer.

    • Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick overnight system.


    • You will need to do a lot of hard work.


    • You will need to learn a lot of online business skills and knowledge and keep yourself up-to-date.

How and Where to Start

  1. Your first step is to join the world’s top, no.1 training platform and community, to put yourself in the right position and get started in the right direction.
  1. Choose your niche, what products you would like to promote. (A good training program will help you here. It is easier than you think.)
  1. Build your own blog (website) – a quick and easy way is to use SiteRubix WordPress website builder to set up your own blog (website,) can be created in just 30 seconds.
  1. After creating your blog (website), you need to add your content (articles, reviews etc.) to attract readers (customers) to come and read. They will often share your content with other people and you will get more visitors to your blog (website). The more visitors the better.
  1. You can make money from your visitors by helping them to get what they want. This is a win-win situation for you and your visitors (customers).
Wealthy Affiliate


Top Affiliate Programs for Bloggers (Especially Beginners)

  1. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent platform for bloggers (website owners) / internet beginners. Wealthy Affiliate owners, Kyle and Carson, are very successful online Affiliate Marketers in their own right. They set up this training platform to share their successful affiliate marketing knowledge and help more affiliate marketers to succeed online.

This training platform is the best for beginners, and small online business owners, who want to take their online business to the next level. Here is the right place for you to get all the knowledge you need, and more.

  • Wealthy Affiliate – Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate – Their affiliate program helps experienced affiliates and affiliate beginners to go through the training and earn while you learn. They have an affiliate Bootcamp training, 7 phases to train you how to make money online. It is a trusted, reliable product to promote.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program
Top Affiliate Marketing Program

The best thing about this program, for affiliate marketing, is that this affiliate program allows you to earn income through recurring sales. You can make money every month as customers renew their memberships.

Learning online business is a long-term plan and a long-term business. You will make money as long as they still need to learn and keep up the internet technical improvements to their online business.

Most people find the community so supportive and the support so good, they do not leave but keep renewing. 

You can, of course, choose to promote other products, you are not tied to Wealthy Affiliate in any way. The skills required are the same.

  1. Jaaxy Keyword Tool

What is Jaaxy About? The Jaaxy keyword tool is the best tool to help internet marketers find powerful keywords and build up their SEO.

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. This means getting your website or article on page one of Google and the other search engines.

People, searching for something, rarely go beyond the first page and that is where you need to be to get visitors to your site, (traffic,) and paying customers. This applies to beginners and professionals alike.

All internet marketers need this, all the time, so content marketing and SEO are always needed. To get this, use this excellent tool: Jaaxy keyword research tool. Many professional businesses use this tool since it is one of the best available.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program

Jaaxy also has an affiliate program, available online, and affiliates can make money by referring people to Jaaxy.  

You make money by referring people to Jaaxy. If your customer joins the Jaaxy pro-program and pays monthly, you can make about $20/month. If they join the Jaaxy Pro-program and pay yearly, you can make about $200/yearly.

If your customer joins the Jaaxy Enterprise-program and pays monthly, you can make about $40/month. If they join the Jaaxy Enterprise-program and pay annually, you can make about $400/year.

This applies if only one single person joins. If you have more customers signing up to use this Jaaxy keyword research tool you will make even more money. This affiliate relationship can help you to make more money every month. The recurring sale will help give you a passive income stream every month.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program

You can join and try JAAXY free and get 30 keyword searches a month. You will benefit enormously from this and get some experience in using JAAXY.

Get The Jaaxy Free account now.

Top Affiliate Marketing Program


Top Affiliate Network

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the top affiliate network. You can get help and support from others within the community. Whether you are learning or have technical problems, you need never get stuck. All you need to do is to ask for help. With over 850,000 members, there is always someone in the community to give you a helping hand. If you have technical problems, their “Tech Support” is effective and very fast.

If you want to know more, you can get a free member account.


  1. Smith

    Hi HappyB,
    Thank you for great post. I read you articles and found them really helpful especially for beginners looking for help.
    I got here looking for guidance as well, was searching articles on affiliate marketing and ended up here. As a new blogger i am grateful for all the information i got and can get.
    I am trying to make some money from blogging as well but the competition is on rise and it is tough just working with adsense alone.
    If i may ask you some relevant question, i would like to ask you about affiliate programs, you even mentioned and discussed some a little too.
    Thing is I want to integrate with this monetizing method too but i am having some hard time choosing an program that suits my need.
    There are so many out there in the market but so many different policies and rules, some do not accept new comers and some are just too complex to work with as starter.
    My content is based on multi niches products and that being that i need multiple niche product feed too so if you can suggest me something that would be great.
    I’ve been doing some research and came up with many programs on my engine. I’ll mention one here like this UK based company that is offering free CMS and 100% commission rate but they are selling data of stores. I’ll try to address you to their list of tools so if you can look and give me some insight on this too that would be helpful. Else any sort of help and recommendation is awaited and appreciated.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment.

      In my opinion, there is no easy way to earn money on the internet. Hard work and time are needed.
      The most direct and honest way is to join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to become a professional affiliate marketer.
      They teach you how to do the job properly and you can apply the skills to any niche, any product or service you want to monetise.
      The skills you will learn in Wealthy Affiliate can be used to market any product or service.
      Study the courses and apply the training and you will succeed.
      Do all the courses.
      I do not know a better training on the internet than Wealthy Affiliate’s.
      I would be very suspicious of any company offering 100% commission, please be careful.
      Companies, like Amazon, like you to have a website with a theme, some content and some traffic to the website before they will give you an affiliate membership.
      They teach you all this in the Wealthy Affiliate courses.
      Within the Wealthy Affiliate community, there are some really clever people who are willing to help and advise people with problems. There is a lot of support.
      You can start Wealthy Affiliate membership free with some basic courses and 2 hosted sites. It is a good way to get a feel of their excellent training.

      Good luck with your projects.
      I hope this helps.

  2. Brett Payne

    Hi after reading your views on affiliate marketing you explain the process in great detail, this gives us some great insight on how affiliate marketing is carried out and how different programs work.
    A good insight into the WA affiliate program and im impressed on how you’ve pictorially shown the workings within the program.
    JAAXY as we all know is a great search and research tool so really useful to have in your armour.
    Good site very informative

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Brett.
      Affiliate Marketing has become a wonderful way to build a business online. It is possible for almost anyone to set up an affiliate business without much starting capital.
      There are some essentials to being successful and Jaaxy is one of them.

  3. Cathy

    Hi there, I just started blogging and looking for some affiliate programs to join when I come across your site. Never heard of these two programs before, but I am keen to learn more about this keyword tool called Jaaxy.

    Seeing that I am new, keyword research is still a foreign topic to me, but I hope to pick up the skills as soon so that my posts can start to rank on Google. Have you used Jaaxy yourself and does it really work?


    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Cathy.

      Jaaxy has a lot of facilities in it and they are all based around Keywords.

      In order to get people to read your blogs, you need your articles to be on page 1 of Google or any other search engine.

      To get your articles (blogs) on page one you need to use good keywords.

      Good keywords are the words that people often type in to Google to search for something.

      There are millions of people on the net and so there is a lot of competition to get on page one.

      Ideally you want strong keywords that have little competition.

      Jaaxy helps you test your keywords to see how strong they are and what kind of competition you have.

      Jaaxy also offers a range of search tools to help you find close alternatives to your keywords that might have less competition.

      The real strength in a good keyword tool is the amount of time it saves you doing all this analysis.

      there are other ways of driving traffic to your blog but they usually coat money and produce low quality visitors.

      Yes, I use Jaaxy and have also done research using Jaaxy for every blog, article or review I have ever written. I would not be without it.

  4. Chris

    I like the idea of earning residual passive income.

    I currently have rental property that gives me a residual income every month and I would very much like to duplicate that with affiliate marketing.

    If I take your advice and try Wealthy Affiliate would you have an estimate of how long it might take to start earning passive income?

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Hi Chris.

      Thanks for the comment,

      I wish I had a $ or a £ for every time I have been asked that question.

      There are so many variables to take into account. The biggest is the time you are able to commit to learning the business.

      I would recommend you do ALL the training and action everything in it.

      That will give you a sense of your level of time commitment and your niche.

      Most people find that once the money begins to come in, everything starts going faster and bigger.

      For some people it is months and for some it is longer.

      There are also different approaches to the niche side of things. Some people like to go for a really narrow niche and others are prepared to do battle in the more competitive areas.

      Quality websites with quality content and really good keyword structure will always succeed in the end.

      Google likes active sites and so traffic is important.

      a regular adding to of content and updating gets a good response too.

      The real answer is: how long is a piece of string. I would be lying if I said anything else.

      Good luck with your projects.

  5. Timothy

    The information you share with your audience is valuable. The first two paragraphs are choppy and hard to follow. There are some grammatical errors that mare the main contributors of this.

    There is more of this in the next paragraph throughout the article. the wording used is confusing and very difficult to follow. I will only suggest that you take some time and correct theses issues. Your audience will go to another site that they can follow easily and understand.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Timothy.

      This one slipped through. It was the raw note version which has now been updated with the correct final one.

      Thanks for pointing it out.

  6. Heidi Yates

    I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and I strongly endorse your review. I think it is very important that people understand there are no “get rich quick schemes”, all they do is take your money, some in the thousands of dollars, they get rich and you get poor.

    Good on you for pointing this out.

    Great review, very thorough and I hope more people try WA. As you say it’s free to start and you get 2 free websites to get you on your way.

    Just wondering if it is worth upgrading to Jaaxy Pro? I’m still on the Lite version – appreciate your thoughts on this if you have time.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Heidi.

      I have written a review of Jaaxy:

      Jaaxy review link

      I have used the lite version and upgraded to the Pro version some time ago.

      If you are writing a lot of content or reviews, then it is essential.

      I have found that one review needed more than 6 searches before I found a good keyword or phrase.

      If you are not familiar with JAAXY, it is a keyword search tool. It gives very clear indications of whether the words you are using a title for your content will be picked up by Google or other search engine.

      Without this ability, it will be difficult to get your article on page one of Google.

      I write content or blogs almost every single day and could not do without JAAXY.

      Obviously I do not know your situation or time schedules, so it is difficult for me to explain anything except within my own experience.

      Hope this helps. If I have missed the point somewhere, please do comment back.

  7. Kate

    I personally have been a Premium WA member for around 2 years now, and honestly, Wealthy Affiliate offers more tools and training than any other Affiliate marketing program. It’s not a “get rich quick” scheme which most of us now know that something like that is not going to happen. If anyone wants to start an online business should give it a try cause there is not another program with the amount of training WA offers.

    1. HappyB (Post author)

      Thanks Kate.

      You are right although I have done some research and found that there are companies offering similar courses and support.

      Each course or “support” program costs a lot and by the time you add the lot up, Wealthy Affiliate is far cheaper.

      The support from the community and the ideas and sharing is unsurpassed.

      It does take time to build a business, unless you have a large bank balance but the knowledge and experience can only be gained by study and practice.

      I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who can use a computer and has some time each day to study and learn.


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