Virgin America Airways Sold?

Virgin America Airways Sold?


Richard Branson sad and promises to ensure a Virgin presence in

Virgin America is to merge with Alaska Air and Richard Branson cannot stop it.

He has not got enough shares to block the sale and although he will make a lot of money from the merge, he did not want to sell. Branson has less than 25% of the voting shares.

He will make money out of the deal but that was never his goal. A vastly improved customer service was his aim.

Branson has vowed to keep the Virgin brand alive in the USA. His Ethos of adventurous business, well treated staff, fun and good service is one he believes in and wants to survive in the U.S.A.

Branson hopes that Alaska will treat Virgin as a separate, “sexy” identity and he will continue to help promote Virgin America in this way. There are doubts but there is no doubt that Virgin have set a standard others can but aspire to: putting the customer first.

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