I want to build my own website for free

I want to build my own website for free


I Want To Build My Own Website For Free


I have found lots of different ways to build my own website for free. As a beginner, I do not have any coding skills to build my own website. Using WordPress is the best way to build a website without any coding knowledge. Nowadays, a lot of top companies use WordPress to build their websites. WordPress also provides a lot of free themes for their users. Their themes are for different business needs and are easy to customize. Every time I come across a website I really like it, I start thinking if I can build my site like that it would be wonderful. So I decided to build my own website with a professional look and exactly how I want it.


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To Build My Own Website for Free





Starting to build my own website in my mind, I thought: How do I start? To be honest, I was actually afraid of anything related to the internet. Maybe many people in my generation are. I have some of the friends who a do not like to touch the computer, because it makes them crazy. We did not learn I.T.at school when we were young.


I did not have any knowledge about website building. I started searching in Google, looking for how to build my own website for free. I do not have a budget to spend on something I am not sure I can do or not? I need something free for a beginner and which gives me a chance to see what I can do, what kind of knowledge I need to acquire. There were a lot of difficult challenges for me. Do I really need to pay or is there something I can actually get for free.



#1 Resource


I found the #1 resource to help me get started. Before I found this #1 resource, I actually struggled for years and also lost money. Also, I still could not get any real support to guide me and lead me in the right direction. I lost time, money and I became anxious. Luckily I did not lose confidence. I learnt a lot from my mistakes. In the end I found my #1 resource: Wealthy Affiliate. Not bad, right?



What I Can Get From Wealthy Affiliate?


When I first came across the Wealthy Affiliate article, my head was still spinning from the previous bad experiences. I found a lot of websites which had lots of lovely words and made fantastic claims to help me. They often made me get excited and want to sign up and pay. In the end I lost money, they never replied to my questions and they spammed me like crazy. Wealthy Affiliate is different, they said what they could do and kept their promises. When I signed up I had 2 free WordPress websites, ( this is what I wanted), 10 free lessons for beginners ( this is what I wanted), 7 days access to get help within the community, one to one coaching and if I had any questions they responded straight away. There was always an experienced member available to help me. During these 7 days I got the best help and support for free. I am very pleased with my decision to join.


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What The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Members Say?





I learnt a lot from WA free membership. I became more confident in this WA community and got lots of help and support. I wanted to start building my business dream. There were many premium members sharing their knowledge and experiences with me. I was happy to join the premium membership. I could see so many people who had started here and had become successful. Those successful people were also willing to share their knowledge with me. So, I decided to join the premium membership. I had received a wonderful start for free. Now was the time to get serious and develop a really good business.


Wealthy Affiliate premium membership payment method. The first month I paid $19, then $47 per month after that, but I chose a yearly membership for $359 per year (works out at $29 per month). 



What Are The Added Benefits of The Premium Membership Over The Free Membership?




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I want to build my own website for free

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