Internet Surveys that Pay


Internet Surveys that Pay


Click 4 surveys, internet surveys that pay. Can you make a living with internet surveys that pay? do they pay or not? Click 4 Surveys offers internet surveys for pay.


The truth about internet surveys, are the surveys that pay or not? Can Click 4 Surveys deliver? Is it a scam? Can you make a fortune from Internet surveys?



Product Name : Click 4 Surveys

Website            :

Price                 : $34. $19

Owner               : Daniel Cooper

Ranking            : 20/100


Internet Surveys that Pay, Click 4 Surveys, Overview


They say a picture tells a bigger story. Here are some clips from Click 4 Surveys’ website with their claims:


In the opening video, there are the usual video testimonials and claims that Click 4 Surveys have a secret inside connection to get exclusive surveys. They claim only a few people know about this.


I doubt that since you can try Googling “paid online surveys and focus groups.”






Let’s look at some truths and some not so accurate truths.


  • It is true that a lot of companies do market research by getting people to complete surveys and discuss products in interest groups.
  • It is true that people who complete these surveys correctly often get paid for it.


There are some other truths that are not quite so nice:


  • It is true that you will have to complete applications and “pre-surveys” before actually doing the surveys. (I will explain why later.)
  • It is true that the surveys themselves can take from 10 minutes to an hour to complete.
  • It is true that the payments for these surveys is often very low.
  • It is true that you may not be accepted. Even after you have completed a survey. (Explanations later.)
  • It is true that there are lots of surveys but they do not come in a steady flow. It depends on what is needed at the time.
  • It is true that some surveys are very time constrained. You may have to apply as soon as they become available.
  • It is true that even after you have chosen a survey, you might not fit the profile of the market research company. For example, if they are surveying water drinking habits of young females and you are a 50-year-old male, they will not want a survey from you.
  • It is true that you may find even after you have completed the pre-survey and fit the profile they want and you have completed the survey, they might still reject it afterwards because they had a target of say a 1000 completed surveys. You were 1001.


Looking at the claims made by Click 4 Surveys, I wonder how even $500 a month is possible when many surveys pay only $.50 to $1.50. when it may take you 10 minutes to complete the pre-survey and register then 10 minutes to do the survey.




When I searched through available surveys they were all in the region of $0.50 to $4.00. I could only find 1 that was $10.


It is quite clear that Click 4 Surveys is misleading people with claims like this:





Is Click 4 Surveys an Internet Surveys that Pay Program?


What Click 4 Surveys do is collect together a list of available surveys and focus groups for you to read through and choose the ones you want to fill in.


You can see from their claims that click 4 Surveys have no limits or preconceptions of who you are, they will take anybody who pays. The survey companies are more fussy.


There is no secret about earning money on the internet by taking surveys.


In fact, you can Google surveys and focus groups and find lots of groups who will share the latest Companies needing surveys. It might well be quicker and more up-to-date than going through Click – Surveys.


There are companies that pay in $ or sometimes in product vouchers and a variety of non-cash rewards, so this clip from the video introduction of Click 4 Surveys is also misleading:




Click 4 Surveys give the impression that THEY pay you. They do not.


Money or goods as payment for surveys comes from the individual survey company.


Most of the reputable ones who pay cash will pay into a PayPal account when your credit reaches a certain level. They are often reluctant to transfer amounts less than $5 because of the administration costs incurred.


Tucked away at the bottom the “Disclosure” section is this paragraph:




So the people/companies, who promote Click 4 Surveys, have had free access to the site and are affiliates and make commission when you buy through their website.


THEIR claims to earnings might be correct but it is not from doing surveys. It is from selling memberships.






I challenge any survey company like Click 4 Surveys to show me one survey that pays $150 for one hour’s work.



Internet Surveys that Pay, The Good


The good in Click 4 Surveys is that there is a product.


You can make a little money by doing surveys.


They have a price, although it is discounted from $97 to $34 to $19






It is a one-off fee and there are no obvious upsells.


There is a 60-day money-back guarantee with all Click Bank products.



Internet Surveys that Pay, The Bad


All the information, Click 4 Surveys supplies and sources, can be obtained on the internet, free.


The earnings claims are inflated to a ridiculous level.


It is doubtful that you could live off doing surveys and focus groups.


It is quite hard work and you have to be very prompt replying and reliable to get repeat business.


There are better ways to make money on the internet with unlimited long-term earnings.






Who is Internet Surveys that Pay – Click for Surveys, For:


If you feel you cannot be bothered to do a little research yourself, you probably do not have a suitable attitude to working for yourself on the internet. It would suit you more to get a part-time job locally.


I cannot see anyone really benefitting from this except to help you get started doing surveys.



Internet Surveys that Pay – Click for Surveys, Tools, and Training


There is no real training and really there is little need.


Each Survey company has a different set of rules and guide lines for doing their surveys.


As you get more experienced, you will find it gets easier.


It helps to have a good routine to follow daily.



Internet Surveys that Pay Support in Click 4 Surveys


There is a support tool but it is just an email connection. There is no live chat.


Internet Surveys that Pay – Click for Surveys Pricing and upsells


$97 / $34 / $19

When you get the $34 offer, just close the browser and it will offer you a one-day special of $19



Internet Surveys that Pay – Click for Surveys, Balance pros, and Cons


It is not a scam since there is a product and you can make some money from surveys.


All the information and a lot more can be obtained with a couple of searches on Google and YouTube.


In fact, I would think you would get more up-to-date surveys by doing it yourself.



Verdict: Internet Surveys that Pay – Click for Surveys Recommended or not


I cannot recommend this program to anyone except as a quick way to lose $19 and learn the basics of doing surveys. It is not rocket science and if you are struggling doing the research yourself, I think, in my honest opinion, you may well struggle to put together a good survey.


Product Name : Click 4 Surveys

Website            :

Price                 : $34. $19

Owner               : Daniel Cooper

Ranking            : 20/100



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