Is Gold Opinions a Scam

gold opinions

Is Gold Opinions a Scam


Gold Opinions, a program claiming you can make a lot of money doing surveys online. Is Gold Opinions a scam or not, here’s an honest review of Gold Opinions.


 Can you make money giving your opinions online? Is there Gold or just pennies in opinions? Gold Opinions, Scam or not, fantastic or not. Continue to read and find out.


gold opinions


Product Name: Gold Opinions

Website          :

Price               : $1 for 7-day trial then $27 per month

Owner             : Paul Parker (if that is a real name.)

Ranking          : 15/100



Gold Opinions Overview


First, I would like to stress that this review is my opinion. I have been working online for over 3 years now and like to help other people do the same thing, safely, cheaply and successfully.


During that time, I have found a lot of scams and “near scams” and they can cripple your economy if you are not careful.


There is a need for surveys, opinions, and reviews. It is a way for companies to find out what people like and what they do not like. It is part of market research.


It is very expensive for a company to launch new products, especially if customers don’t buy them. Obviously, the idea is to produce and sell the things people want. This where surveys and market research comes in.


  • Yes, there is a need for people’s opinions.
  • Yes, you can be part of it.
  • Yes, you can earn some money from doing surveys.


So, where is Gold Opinions in all this? They claim to be the “middleman” who pulls the names of companies offering surveys together into one place and you can then choose which ones you will do and collect your fee.


Is gold opinions a scam

gold opinions, scam


What is Gold Opinions about?


Their landing page suggests there is a multi-million-dollar pool of surveys available paying really high fees.

Is this true? No.


Each survey you do, you will have to “apply” and the company will be looking for specific demographics (age, nationality, gender, car driver etc.etc.) Their marketing is often targeted at a specific group of people.


e.g. If they are selling car-seat covers, they will want car owners to fill in their surveys. They may even have a specific range of vehicles or a specific region in the world they want to target.


  • If you want to do a survey, you may be turned down because your profile does not fit.
  • The company decides what they will pay for the survey. It is often cents and not much more than $1,50.
  • The surveys will take at least 10 minutes and often longer.
  • The higher paid surveys are very popular and often very specialised.


The truth is that if you worked very hard and had a bit of luck, you might earn $100 to $200 a month.


 What does Gold Opinions do?


They do the same as you can do for yourself, except doing it yourself it is absolutely free.


Gold Opinions collects together some contacts who have a need for surveys being done.


They offer them to you and charge you for doing it. There are a start-up fee and a monthly subscription.


They infer that you can earn $1000s of $ per month doing surveys.


By using terms like “Eight Million Dollar Gold Mine” they give the impression that this is an easy way to just dip in and choose high paying surveys and make yourself a fortune.


The truth is this:


  • There is money to be made.
  • It is a few $ a time and you will not always have suitable surveys available to do.
  • The company issuing the survey can reject you if you do not fit their profile needs.
  • The secret is to sign up for as many sites as you can. Some sites pay a small bonus for signing up and completing your personal profile. These are never very large bonuses.



The Good in Gold Opinions


  • There is a “product.” They do supply a service.
  • Through ClickBank, you can always claim a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • There is a 7-day Free trial for $1. (This is not returnable.)
  • There is live “support.”
  • There is a long list of potential survey companies. Unfortunately, some of them are non-payers.



The Bad in Gold Opinions


  • The product or the service is not really worth the money, in my opinion.
  • You can get the same information, and more, on the internet. Try Googling “Surveys for money.”
  • The 7 day $1 trial will automatically turn into a monthly subscription if you do not cancel before the 7 days are up.
  • The “live” support is just an email connection. It is not live chat. (I tried it at various times of the day.)
  • You would be paying the first $27 a month of your hard earned money to Gold Opinions.
  • Some companies pay in points or credits and you have to redeem them with vouchers or exchange for goods. It is not always cash.
  • Everything I can see inside Gold Opinions is available free on various websites, interest groups and other places on the net.
  • In the FAQs, they claim you will get paid every 15 days. I have no idea where they get this from because you will get paid directly by each individual survey company. They all have different payment systems and will often have a threshold of a minimum amount you must earn before you can take money out.


gold opinions


Who is Gold Opinions for:


Someone who has money to burn and cannot be bothered to do their own research on the internet.


In my opinion, there is nobody who would actually benefit from a subscription in Gold Opinions except the owners who collect a large amount of money for a service which you get elsewhere for nothing.



Who is Gold Opinions NOT for?


Gold Opinions is not for anyone needing a full-time income or a proper online business that can grow as big as you like.


If you are serious and prepared to do some hard work for your own business, then try this:


my recommended program


Tools and Training in Gold Opinions


There is some information although very little training is really needed to fill in surveys. Each survey company has their own set of rules and guidelines. If you do not comply with their rules, they will reject your survey.


Support in Gold Opinions


They claim to have “Live” support. I could not find it. The “Live” chat is an email system.


There are some FAQs which are quite useful.


A list of sites which pay a sign-up bonus. This is the “$400 sign up” bonus part.  Gold Opinions do not pay these bonuses. Each company pays a sign-up bonus and the total comes to $400 for all the companies. Remember, you will have to fit the profiles they are looking for. They might not all accept you.



Pricing and upsells in Gold Opinions


They are upfront regarding their pricing and so just one word of caution:


If you want to cancel the 7 days $1 trial, check out their procedure for doing it and do it before the 7 days are up. You may find that they start charging the $27 a month on the 7th day of your “trial” period.


There are some quite clear instructions as to how to cancel and how to request your money back within the 60-day period.



Balance pros and Cons of Gold Opinions


In one search I found 2 websites offering a free list of sites which pay bonuses for signing up. The smallest bonus was $1 or £1.


In one search I found 3 interest groups which helped people find surveys and reports on surveys. They share information about which survey companies pay and which do not. Yes, there are some survey companies which have a bad reputation for not paying you.


I can see no benefit from Gold Opinions, although it is not a direct scam.


If you are short of money and have time on your hands, surveys are a way to make money. You will never be able to live off it but might be able to make a little extra money.


You do not need Gold Opinions to help you do this. In fact, they charge you a monthly fee!



Gold Opinions, Scam or no Scam


 Not a scam but unnecessary.


Product Name: Gold Opinions

Website          :

Price               : $1 for 7-day trial then $27 per month

Owner             : Paul Parker (if that is a real name.)

Ranking          : 15/100


Verdict: Gold Opinions Recommended or not


Not recommended.


An alternative way:

Thank you for reading this review. And remember, if you have any questions, do leave a comment below.


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  • Build a good business on the internet.
  • Learn all the skills you need,
  • Put them into practice,
  • Get support and encouragement from a large community of good people,
  • Have fun doing it.


Try this, BTW there is an unlimited time free trial as well.



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