Fast Earners Club Review

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Fast Earners Club Review


The Fast Earners Club is the apparent title of a money making scheme for you to join, click on a button and sit back and watch The Fast Earners Club make money for you, instantly. Is it a scam? This review will explain how the Fast Earners Club is set up and what the Fast Earners Club has to offer you.


Product Name   : Fast Earners Club

Website              :

Price                   : $39 one off price

Guarantee          : 60-day money back if bought through Click Bank

Ranking             : 10/100 (Not Recommended)




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Fast Earners Club Overview


There is the usual video sales pitch which promises the earth without having to do any serious work.


I hope this review will help you to see what it really is about.


There are video testimonials from a few people about how Fast Earners club has changed their lives and they made instantaneous money. (Something strange here, see later.)


What is inside is nothing like the promise of 3 steps and sit back and make money.


There are some PDFs and some training videos. There is nothing about easy steps and a quick set-up.


(E-commerce takes time and work and it is impossible to start from scratch and make money within hours.)


Fast Earners Club Review

This clip from the video talks about being “taken in” by a salesman promising riches. This is exactly what they are doing.


The reality does not live up to the hyped up promises from the video.


Inside are 4 PDFs and some training videos. All linked to



This is strange because the opening video promised that this was nothing to do with e-commerce or driving traffic to a website. The video promised that the Fast Earners Club was nothing to do with getting traffic to a website.


No matter what niche you choose, you will need to


  • Write content on your website. (People come to your website to get information.)
  • Attract people to your website. (Usually SEO or social media.)
  • Turn your visitors into paying customers to get your commissions.


There are PDFs on:



There are a few references to things associated with Forex and trading which is again somewhat baffling.


Here I must ask you to consider these unbelievable points:


  • This video is almost identical to the ones I have seen on two other sites.
  • One was a Bitcoin-related one and the other was related to e-commerce and Affiliate Marketing.
  • All had the same video testimonials and the same pricing (initial.)
  • The testimonials were by the same people and almost identical scripts.
  • Two of those people can be found on Fivver offering their services to help promote products.
  • I think the owners re-hash the same video marketing and use it for a range of similar products with slightly different names.
  • I believe this Fast Earners Club was intended to be a Bitcoin or Forex trading product.



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Fast Earners Club Videos


Apart from the 4 PDFs, there is access to nine short videos on:


  • Blogging
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Affiliate programs
  • Video Marketing


Although the videos give an overview of ways to make money online, they do not actually train you in how to do it.


I have found free videos and other training on the internet which is really useful and relevant. Simply Google your interest and check out the information available, free.


If you are interested in a genuine training program with open, up-front explanation of the courses and support, try my article on “What is Wealthy Affiliate About?” Here you will learn all about the subjects listed above and how to actually do it.


I am afraid that the PDFs, in Fast Earners Club, appear to be rather out of date and were probably copied from another website.


The videos might as well be a list of ways to make money with no training in how to go about it. I have put some lists above that you can have for nothing. I do not think there is any more value in Fast Earners Club “training” than these free lists here.


There are no instant buttons to press and sit back and let the cash roll in. In fact, there is no instruction in how to achieve the promises in the video at all.



Fast Earners Club, The Good


  • There are products for you to buy.
  • There is a 6o day money back guarantee.
  • This is a typical fake program and you will be able to see how to identify a scam in the future.



If you want to build your own successful business online and make money the link is below :


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Fast Earners Club, The Bad


  • The promotional video is psychological manipulation and has no information whatsoever.
  • The products are poor quality.
  • They bear no resemblance to the promised “click a button” and sit back and make money.
  • The video promotion is a copy of others used in other scam sites.
  • There is no real information about the program before you buy.
  • Once inside the site, there seems to be some confusion about what product they are actually selling.
  • You cannot make money fast from either e-commerce or affiliate marketing. It takes time and hard work.


Who is the Fast Earners Club for:


I could not recommend this product to anyone except a researcher into scams on the net and how they are produced.


It is not even a well-produced website. The whole thing is cobbled together using second hand material. There is no real information given until you have paid the initial fee.



Fast Earners Club Tools and Training


4 PDFs and 9 short videos are available.



Fast Earners Club Support


I could see no evidence of support at all.


Fast Earners Club Pricing and upsells


The pricing is basically a one-off, lifetime membership with offers of upsells to increase your non-existent sales.


The inference is always that you are not making money with their program because you are not good enough, so pay more and get the “real” secrets to how to make money.



Fast Earners Club Balance pros and Cons


There is little good I can see of this product except for the Click Bank 60-day guarantee.


It is a shame that so many bad products like this are around because it gives Affiliate Marketing a bad name.


Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to build a business from almost nothing, make it sustainable and earn a very good living.



Fast Earners Club Scam or no Scam


There is a product. (I have seen other scam sites where there is not even a product.)


There is no way I can recommend paying for basic, generic information which can be obtained free on the net, (or even from this article.)


Product Name   : Fast Earners Club

Website  Link    :

Price                   : $39 one off price

Guarantee          : 60-day money back if bought through Click Bank

Ranking             : 10/100 (Not Recommended)


Fast Earners Club Verdict: Recommended or not


Fast Earners Club is not recommended.


I would stress that this is all my opinion and based on my personal experience. If it Fast Earners Club website is all just a major mistake and someone got confused setting it up, they are welcome to leave a comment here.


For an honest and genuinely free trial of a program which really can take you step by step through e-commerce and internet marketing; you can learn all the things mentioned here in this article, (and a lot more,) and learn how to really put them into practice.



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F:\Peony-Buz\20 reviews from John May Fast_Earners_Club_Review

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