Meaning Behind Dreams


Meaning Behind Dreams


Everyone has dreams, but the meanings behind dreams can be very different. Some are sleep dreams and some are real life goals which also mean they are a kind of day-dream.


When I was a child at school, I had dreams and all my classmates had dreams. Some of us had similar dreams. We dreamed of becoming teachers, doctors, nurses, etc. Most of my classmates never got to be rich or achieve their goals or dreams. Only a few of those people had their dreams come true.


Knowing what you want in the future is a powerful driving force towards success and happiness.


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Dreams Change

Some of us, when we grow-up, have our dreams changed. There are a lot of reasons behind dreams being forced to change. It can be family reasons where they need you to help to earn an income to cover home expenses and bills.


Some of us may have a lot of younger brothers or sisters and you are the number 1, the eldest, so you need to be responsible and help the family. This can mean going to work to support the family and sacrificing your dreams to necessity.


Some people get married and have a new family life. There can be many reasons for giving-up personal goals or dreams.


Some people just cannot concentrate or focus on studying for new skills; like learning how to be a hairdresser, making clothes, make-up, beauty, and setting-up your own business, etc.


In real life, you sometimes have to change your dreams to adapt to new situations. Some goals can be unrealistic in your own personal circumstances. There are, though, all sorts of things you can do to make a living.


New Dreams


In our life, dreams can change quicker than you able to plan for. Sometimes, when you are looking for a job you cannot always find one related to what you have learned or what you are good at.


In this case, what can you do? Maybe in the beginning you refuse the current job- offer and wait for the right job, something you would like to do. In the end, that wished-for job might not turn up.


You still need the money to pay for your food, transport, bills etc. Perhaps your family need you to take care of them. So you end up taking any job offer that comes along, just for the money.


Many people in life are working for money even though they are unhappy in their work.


It is true that some people live to work and immerse themselves in their daily job, although most people work to live, to pay the bills.


This means you may need to create new dreams, keep doing what you are doing now to support your basic needs. Give yourself a chance to pursue your old or new dreams. Continue your education, and keep improving yourself until an opportunity comes to you that you have the ability to take.


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Develop Your Dreams


When you have a job, but it is not your ideal job, what can you do about it? Continue or give-up? In real life you cannot always afford to give up your current job.


From another point of view, if you take an offer of a new job, you might gradually develop new skills and gradually start to like what you are doing.


You can then take courses to learn and master the new skills that you need and grow into the new situation. Keep learning and keep doing it until you become an expert in your new work.


That can make you feel good and help you gain a lot of confidence. Even if you find the new work challenging, the sense of achievement you can gain from learning new skills and improving yourself, can give you a sense of personal well-being.



Do You Like What You Want To Be?

If your dream comes true, then congratulations to you. You are lucky. In this world not many people can keep their first goal or dream and have that dream come true. Some people do very well. Some people just go in the opposite direction to their initial goals. Everybody’s life can never be the same, even if they are twins.




Do you believe that you are lucky? I believe I am. This is something I cannot explain. Can you decide which country and family you want to born into?


Can you choose your parents, your brothers and sisters? No. There is a saying “some things can never be explained and some things can never be changed.” There are plenty of things which can be changed. By dedication and determination, humans can achieve fantastic things.


It is also true that we can make our own luck by being focussed on our goals and dreams. This increases the chance of you noticing opportunities that will move you closer to your goals.


If you believe you are unlucky or that you will fail, that is what will happen.


Of course, you still need to try hard. Never give up. The meaning behind dreams is that when you decide on your dreams, you must work on them, use difference methods to try to achieve them, until your dreams come true.


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The Thought Comes First


There is a simple thought that before any action is taken, there had to be a thought, a decision to take that action. Thoughts often come from a need. Inventors have created things to solve problems they have been thinking about. Research, today, follows the same principle.


If you think about your dreams and how you can achieve them, you have a better chance of success than if you think about failing and the impossibility of your goals.


Many people think they have to ask the question “Why?” actually, a more useful question is “How?” or “What?”


“What are my dreams?”


 “How can I fulfil my dreams?”



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Meaning Behind Dreams

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