Thinking Bigger

Thinking Bigger

Thinking Bigger


See our article “You Get The Money.”


So what can we do to thinking bigger?


Maybe we need to look at the reason behind it and what difference it makes to you.


Picture a situation: I give you 10 products to sell, each cost $5 and you sell them for $20.


It takes you one day and you are happy, you have made 10 X 15 = $150 in one day.


Are you happy? Probably yes. You know you can sell 10 every day and make $150 every day. You have weekends off so that is 5 days X 150 = $750 each week.


Or 750 X 50 weeks = $37,500 per year. WOW! Exciting.


However, how long will it take you to earn $1,000,000? (Calculator out and burning rubber.)


Start Your Online Business


Let me do it for you: 28 years and 8 months. Ah you say, but I have to pay for my food and accommodation, transport, taxes etc, etc. You are right. So, let us assume you have $10,000 a year to save. (Smell of burning rubber again,) that is about 100 years to save a million. Oh! “burnt rubber smells!”


Now let us imagine another scenario:


Sid has offered you a product which is cheaper and you can sell 200 each week at $8 profit each, which is $1600 per week profit. Wow! That sounds better than $750 a week. So you buy a new car and a dog. Your expenses go up as your life style improves.


It will take you over 20 years to make a million.


BUT. You say – I cannot do more work each day, I cannot sell anymore in the time I have.



Internet Scenario


If you had 20 people working for you and each person earned you $1,000 a week, then you would earn 20 X $1,000. That is $20,000 per week. That is 20,000 X 50 = $1,000,000 in one year.


So, you ask, “How can I employ 20 people?” and, of course, have products for them to sell etc. Is it really possible? Yes.


The internet has millions of people buying and selling every day. Can you access that market? Yes.


Do I need to employ 20 people tomorrow? No.


There are dozens of ways of paying for services, paying people to work for you, only for the work you need doing. Short skilled jobs can be done using Fivver. $5 or £5 for a small one-off job.


You can get help finding a product and marketing it on the internet from Wealthy Affiliate and other sources. Then use Amazon to market and sell your product or service. There are thousands of people at Amazon, straining at the leash to help you sell your products. You do not need to employ them.


Start Your Online Business



Small Acorns


The opportunities that come with the internet are enormous. You will need to develop a process for your business which you can repeat.


Decide what general area of life you are interested in and specialise in it.


Find one product to sell.


Sort out the practical issues of setting up the accounts and permissions.


Get your marketing and sales responses organised.


Make some money.


Now that may seem like a lot, but there is a lot of help to be had, both free and paid for.


Once you have 1 product selling, find another, and another.


4 or 5 good products per year being marketed and sold by Amazon, for you, and you have a viable business.: all without employing anyone.


Think bigger and start small, then repeat.


I have often sold at car boot sales on a Sunday and even worked a market for 6 months. If it rained or was cold the customers stay at home. I was dependant on “footfall,” that is the number of people who walked past my stall.

One day, a regular customer of mine stopped by and asked me what I was doing? He saw me on the same pitch every week. He said “the only people who always make money here are the organisers.” The traders have to pay for their stall even if they are sick, it rains, or they need a holiday.


The market organisers always get paid. We only earn money if customers buy. Thinking bigger.


My customer asked me if I would like to go into business with him. He had identified 5 field where we could run car-boot sales. I had just started a new job and had little money. I stupidly said no. I could have thought bigger.


A website is like a virtual shop on a virtual high street. You have to tell people where it is and direct them to your website for them to look at your products. The potential customer base is enormous.


It is estimated that over 70% of Americans buy things online. (2015.)


In 2014 there were over 3 billion people using the internet. About 46.1% of the world’s population and it is growing fast.   Thinking bigger.


Retail outlets are converting to a model of large logistics centres (distribution centres,) and online marketing.


Start Your Online Business


You can become part of this evolution and share in a new way to do business, without massive investments and employing large numbers of people.


You can access this giant market. Start small and repeat, repeat, repeat, and thinking bigger.

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